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  1. Colts vote NO
  2. Yes, all free agents are available to be bid upon during free agency. That was why we eliminated this waiver run.
  3. Get those dues in!
  4. When you are so good that coaches do dumb things or take bad risks to try and beat you, you've won psychologically as well. My level of respect for the Patriots, and Belichick/Brady in particular was high heading into the SB, but anyone that argues they aren't the best of all time is truly delusional. Outstanding coaching and player development. Inexplicably the Falcons (and the Seahawks) made terrible decisions that play directly into the hands of the Patriots. Taking risks that provide the Patriots with the only possible blueprint to make an improbable comeback. Third and one? Deep drop back results in strip sack. FG range? Deep drop back, don't throw away the ball, big sack. Why do coaches do these things? Major props Hoodie and Brady. I hate you with every fiber of my being, but was truly in awe last night.
  5. puddy
  6. 15th overall TE in 2016 and only 28 years old! You will have to franchise him to keep him in 2017. Send d'em offers!
  7. what teams are available?
  8. Giants said they were in on the first page.
  9. 2 years for James please
  10. Gilchrist and Robinson to IR please
  11. done
  12. done
  13. promote Eric Swoope IND TE with a 5 year deal and place Rhodes on DTS.