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  1. adding/dropping players one at a time is also a royal pain in the ass for commissioners
  2. Can you add me back as a mod for Hardcore Homers Fantasy Football League?
  3. When you are so good that coaches do dumb things or take bad risks to try and beat you, you've won psychologically as well. My level of respect for the Patriots, and Belichick/Brady in particular was high heading into the SB, but anyone that argues they aren't the best of all time is truly delusional. Outstanding coaching and player development. Inexplicably the Falcons (and the Seahawks) made terrible decisions that play directly into the hands of the Patriots. Taking risks that provide the Patriots with the only possible blueprint to make an improbable comeback. Third and one? Deep drop back results in strip sack. FG range? Deep drop back, don't throw away the ball, big sack. Why do coaches do these things? Major props Hoodie and Brady. I hate you with every fiber of my being, but was truly in awe last night.
  4. puddy
  5. I just called in. Asked for customer retention. I got 20% off the subscription price and Sunday Ticket Max for free. I didn't push very hard either.
  6. anybody seen these guaranteed contracts the NBA is handing out? Luck is a steal . . .
  7. Also Shaq Lawson needs shoulder surgery and will be out 4-6 months.
  8. I was trying to find my posts about this draft in regards to the Colts picks. I'm fairly certain I panned this draft but "trusted Grigson". That's how I stumbled on this thread. It's three years later and only one member of this draft class is still a Colt. That's pretty terrible.
  9. This is the 2013 draft by the way, which has turned out to be pretty darn terrible.
  10. bump . . . too funny . . . we are all a bunch of know-nothing idiots.
  11. No running back prospect either. Grigson is a yuts.
  12. Addressed the o-line but not a single pick on an edge player. This clown is so bad. Colts pass rush will be nonexistent. If you 're not going to address it, why cut Werner and Newsome???
  13. If the Colts draft a WR with the 18th pick, I am switching over to the Browns.