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  1. WDIS Brooks or Warner

    Brooks @MIN Warner @SEA I think both will be shootouts. NO has the better running game and Minny's offense stinks so Brooks will have plenty of time to rack up yards and hopefully not INTs. So I'm planning on starting Brooks. thoughts??
  2. WDIS

    True that!
  3. Trade offer for Harrison

    If I can get Westbrook, then my starters would be Green, Westbrook Bruce, Muhammad or Burress, Burleson (when healthy) Now the problem there is Green, Westbrook, and Shipp and Arrington are all on bye Week 6. So I would be pretty much guaranteed a loss that week. The only bright spot there is I am playing most likely the worst team in the league that week.
  4. Trade offer for Harrison

    Thanks Clubfoothead. Great analysis. I drafted Green 4 years ago and he's been one of my keepers since. I picked up Warner as a late round flier and he's performing just as good as Brooks. Granted I'd like to get someone better, but that's what I have to deal with. Within the next year I need to replace Green, while Harrison I think I can get a couple more out of. I don't think he's slowing down. None of the owners in my league think that though. I am going back to the owner and telling him to give me Westbrook and Muhammad/Burress for Harrison. Even then I think I should be able to get a better RB than Westbrook. If he doesn't then I'll sit back and see what my team does in Week 3. I might be able to get Portis but that team would be left with Alexander and Martin both on bye Week 8 and he'd be screwed.
  5. Trade offer for Harrison

    Westbrook is who I would do the trade for, but the owner doesn't want to give him up. Although I wouldn't normally keep Westbrook, I then use Green and Westbrook as my 2 keepers.
  6. Trade offer for Harrison

    Yes I also have Shipp. My RBs are Green, Arrington, Shipp, Bettis. Here's what out on waivers: Blaylock Suggs Tony Fisher Haynes Gordon All crap. There is nothing out there. The problem with my league is no one gives Harrison props. They don't think he's top a top 3-5 WR because he's getting old and has to share with Wayne and Stokely. nevermind he scored 12 TDs last year Other offers I have are: Thomas Jones and Rod Smith for Harrison Curtis Martin and Kennison for Harrison and Bettis See what I"m working with here
  7. I've been offered Stephen Davis and my choice of Muhammad, Burress, Keyshawn for Harrison and Bettis. Right now with Green and Arizona boys as my starters it's an upgrade at RB, but a downgrade at WR. We are a 2 keeper league so trading away Harrison leaves me with looking at Davis as one of my keepers. I am 1-2, losing a double header in Week 2. I am thinking of riding this out another week or 2 to see if GB can get the running game going and if Arizona can do anything. I'd like to try to get Westbrook but he, Green, and Arizona RBs all are on bye Week 6. My Team QB - Brooks, Warner RB - Ahman Green, Arrington, Shipp, Bettis WR - Harrison, Bruce, Burleson, Taylor, Reggie Williams TE - Witten, Baker K - Wilkins Def - Falcons His Team QB Palmer, Brady RB - LT, Westbrook, Stephen Davis, Ronnie Brown WR - Wayne, Muhamad, Keyshawn, Burress, Greg Lewis TE - Cooley K - Vanderjagt Def - Bears, Cardinals
  8. WDIS WRs

    Starting Harrison, Bruce and.... Reggie Williams @NYJ Travis Taylor vs NO Right now I've got Taylor in because MIN has to snap out of it sooner or later, and the Saints secondary couldn't keep up with Eli.
  9. WRs are Harrison, Bruce, Burleson, Colbert, and Reggie Williams. I need to pick up a WR because having to start Colbert or Williams in place of Burleson makes me sick to my stomach. Which one of those guys has more upside since I will be keeping one. I am thinking Colbert since he played well at the end of last year.
  10. Shipp or Blaylock

    Harrison, Bruce, Burleson, Colbert, Reggie Williams. We can only carry 4 RBs so I have to drop Faulk and/or Bettis. I'm also going to try to dump Colbert or Reggie Williams for Engram, Ferguson, Glenn, or Taylor. Which WR should I get rid of...Colbert or Reggie Williams.
  11. Shipp or Blaylock

    My RBs are A Green, Arrington, Bettis, and Faulk. I'm going to pick up Shipp first to handcuff to Arrington, but would I be better off picking up Blaylock in case Martin doesn't play. The Jets running game isn't great, but it's looked better than the Cards.
  12. My RBs are Ahman Green, Arrington, Bettis, and Faulk. I'm going to pick up Shipp and leaning towards dropping Faulk because Bettis may have more value as a TD hawk when he comes back. Whereas Faulk will only be of value if Jackson goes down.
  13. Marcel Shipp

    I'm putting in a waiver claim for him, dropping Faulk so nothing really lost if I get Shipp.
  14. Heiden or Witten?

    Witten has underperformed and maybe I'm jumping the bandwagon a little bit but Heiden looks like he would be a better play this week. I'd be dropping Chris Baker for Heiden.
  15. Arrington

    Is he over the flu and will he be starting this week? Can't find any news on him.