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  1. 27,604 posts...

    you were a "freshman" once too
  2. 27,604 posts...

    im thinking that the cowboys offense in general is going to shred the the momentum of monday nite and the inductees...i think him, bledsoe, and witten are gonna have the most success ~ i would say keyshawn too, but the skins secondary from what ive read is pretty good, so i think that witten is going to have alot of slant receptions. also, jones is supposed to be used in the passing game more too...i started him with confidence as well, however its not going to help...ive lost, unless he can get me 43 points i will be wishing i started bledsoe as well maybe even crayton too, he could steal some of wittens catches. good luck!
  3. 27,604 posts...

    for the internet and the highways!
  4. 27,604 posts...

    it would be nice to have a members only forum...there has been talk of it before.
  5. Trade help needed

    and grits could you please explain what that means? i get the "you have chose..." but then the "view this post Squeeze me a little harder" makes me scratch my head.
  6. Trade help needed

    i dont see your team....huh?
  7. WDIS! fast plz!

    i say keyshawn....but im a cowboys fan...he's gonna be big monday night!!! if i had him, id start him!
  8. pick up big ben?

    he's available in my league...i drafted plummer and depending on his play, will determine if i pick up big ben... out of these which would you choose: plummer bledsoe big ben i had picked up anthony wright earlier this week, gonna be dropping him...should i pick up big ben, or just hang tight with bledsoe and plummer ~ who have yet to play, so i wont really know till late monday night. i could use wr pickup if i dont get ben, but would also consider dropping plummer/bledsoe depending on their play today/tomorrow. just wanting some early feedback bout big bens play and projections for the year.
  9. GRR!

    put plummer and lelie back in the lineup.... i hope they pull thru!!! gawd, i hate this, and then i love it, and hate it...all my nails are gone!!!
  10. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    what more could you ask for in a rb? get him cheaply in the draft (was goin in the last rounds ~ or free agent pickup!) i know i wish i would of passed on barlow and picked parker instead!
  11. GRR!

    its all good....yanno what they say....always start your studs!!! it was my ultimate decision!!!
  12. GRR!

    the running game (or lack of) is what scares me about the denver game....although last week it was the chargers that dallas had alot of success with in passing, but like you stated dallas has a running game. so looking at their offenses, i would give the edge to the boys ~ and the fact that it is a monday night game and against the skins. the skins had a low scoring week last week, and did hold chicago to 6 pts, but that isnt saying much ~ chicago really has no offensive studs imo. the skins will have thier hands full this week with the boys. i know on paper it denver might look appealing, but i am doing a gut check here...i appreciate your thoughts, thats why i looking for all the what ifs i am overlooking.
  13. I dropped Mike Anderson

    can i get a hell yeah!