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  1. Would you bet Melvin Gordon plays or sits?

    Even if he plays, I think he will be very limited. I have Gordon on my team and am sitting him. The Chargers will need him to be healthy for the playoffs.
  2. I have both these guys and can't decide. Which would you start?
  3. Please pick which WR you would pickup off the Waiver Wire for the rest of season...
  4. Advertisements Have to Go!

    This rant is coming from a customer of over a Decade, just to put it in context. Sorry, but this is a pay site and there should be zero ads. I come to check the weekly Free Agent Forecast and Rest of Year Rankings...and the ads make me swear every time. As the page loads and I click on the links I want, I find that actually I instead just clicked on the stupid ad. Then I go reload the main page and try again, only to have it happen AGAIN! It is the most maddening thing I've ever dealt with on this site. So that drove me to come here and vent about it. So I must insist...please lose ALL advertisements for paying customers. Thanks!
  5. D’onta Foreman Return Projections?

    ok thanks a lot for your input!
  6. Hello Everyone, I am just curious if anyone has heard anything on him lately other than he was not ready to come back for week 7? I have him stashed on my IR bench, so he's currently not taking up a roster spot. However, I could really use another RB when my guys go on bye in week 8 and 9. Any insider info on the status of him returning?
  7. Is this a good trade to offer?

    I think I would do that deal...and I am a Packer fan homer too...only if you need a RB. I love Jordy, but I think he is going to continually get hurt weekly. Davante is slowly taking over as the new lead WR in GB.
  8. Is Josh Gordon a must start?

    I have him and am sitting him, despite how tempting it is. Luckily I can afford to do so with several other decent options. I would tell people to start him as a WR3 this week, and hope for the best! QB Jay Cutler QB | CHI RB LeSean McCoy RB | PHI WR Randall Cobb WR | GB WR T.Y. Hilton WR | IND WR Mike Wallace WR | MIA TE Larry Donnell TE | NYG RB-WR-TE DeAndre Hopkins WR | HOU DST Eagles DST | PHI K Chandler Catanzaro K | ARI QB Andy Dalton QB | CIN RB Fred Jackson RB | BUF WR Larry Fitzgerald WR | ARI WR Josh Gordon WR | CLE WR Andrew Hawkins WR | CLE RB-WR-TE Arian Foster RB | HOU DST Bills DST | BUF
  9. Let someone else take the high risk with Gronkowsky. Get yourself a top shelf WR, a QB1, or a RB2 at this spot instead of a TE with such a high risk. Good luck!
  10. Need much help

    I go Brown unless you know for sure that Beanie is completely out of the game. Here's my wdis...
  11. Need Some RB Help

    Goodson is good for at least "some" points with potential for big payoff. Might be fun to gamble on Goodson, but I personally would rather play it safe with Brown.
  12. I think all of these are decent flex-fill-ins for this week. Personally, I am leaning towards Mike Goodson. I want to know what do you all think? Mike Goodson, CAR, RB - because DeAngelo is out. Nate Washington, TEN, - because of the addition of Moss Tim Hightower, ARZ - because Beanie is having issues Thank-you very much! Twinky No point per reception 6 pt per scoring TD, 4 pt per thrown TD Otherwise standard scoring
  13. Packers vs Saints week

    My two favorite teams, gonna whooop it up!!! Woot! This is gonna be hugh!!!!
  14. i have a migraine

    This is exactly what I had going on. I found out that I had extremely high blood pressure (205/145). I started watching my salt and caffein intake. Also forced myself to sleep at least 6 hours per night. Before I would be ok with about 4 to 5 hours per night. In addition, the doc has me on three meds to control it. Now I am down to an acceptable 140/65 I have not had a migrane now in 3 months! I have only had 1 minor headache in that time. When I got migranes, I would slam a coke, take two advils, an aleve, and two tylenols all simultaniously. Then if that didn't help, I would slam a frappachino or a couple coffees. Continuously overload myself with sugar and caffeine. That usually helped keep me from getting nauseated at least.
  15. This woman may be a brick shy of a load.....

    I would love to give her a big hug. If only there were more people like that in this world...