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  1. Did anyone watch the Denver Game?

    Hey, I have a lot more faith in Anderson than Dayne. If I am going to take a flyer on one of them, then it will be Anderson. It makes sense to me to take a shot at which one you believe will be the main guy, but doesn't make sense to hold the whole running back corps on your limited fantasy roster. Tell you what, I would gladly go pickup Dayne and trade him to you for Anderson. Betcha wouldn't do it. S. T.
  2. Did anyone watch the Denver Game?

    What did I ever do to him??? As an Anderson owner, I had the chance to pickup Dayne last week, and looked right past it. Anderson is the guy hands down when healthy. I'm not willing to empty another roster spot for such a slim possibility. I bet Dayne has never been called "slim" before. I'd rather take a chance with one of these waiver wire pickups than pickup Dayne: Brandon Jacobs (if he is still there) Ladell Betts Derrick Blaylock Shaud Williams Lamar Gordon S. T.
  3. Pick a WR for this weekend...

    Awe, come on now. It's tied. That doesn't help much... Gotta bump this one up a little. Please VOTE
  4. Pick a WR for this weekend...

    Yeah, I should know how to do a poll properly by now! Don't vote for S. T.
  5. Pick a WR for this weekend...

    Woops, please don't vote on my initials! haha
  6. I guess it is a good problem to have for my #2 WR! :-)
  7. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Maybe she was in a keeper league like mine? The flavor of keeper league does really matter. In our league, since I picked Willie up in the 13th round, he will be an 10th round keeper for me next year. Every keeper is -3 points from the previous year. So this is how 'ol Willie would look for me in upcoming years: 2006 - 10th round keeper 2007 - 7th round keeper 2008 - 4th round keeper 2009 - 2nd round keeper If he becomes a first round type back in the drafts next year or the year after, I am in the money...meanwhile Holmes will be dust in the next couple years. Would I trade him for Holmes in my league? Nope! If that lady you mentioned was not in a keeper league, then I agree, she is nuts! S.T.
  8. Which QB To Start?

    I had to make this very decision, and I went with Harrington. Either him or Pennington are almost guaranteed decent numbers this week IMO. S.T.
  9. New "Top 100" Rankings

    Eh, some good some bad. :-) 2004 Rankings 1 Holmes RB 2 Green RB 3 Tomlinson RB 4 McCallister RB 5 Alexander RB 6 Portis RB 7 Moss WR 8 Edge RB 9 Taylor RB 10 Lewis RB 11 Davis, D. RB 12 Culpepper QB 13 Henry, T. RB 14 Harrison WR 15 Johnson, R.RB 16 Holt WR 17 Owens, T. WR 18 Ward, H. WR 19 Brown, C. RB 20 Dillon RB 21 Barlow RB 22 Johnson, C.WR 23 Gonzalez TE 24 Manning QB 25 Faulk, M. RB 26 Martin, C. RB 27 Jones, T. RB 28 Davis, S. RB 29 Mason, D. WR 30 Smith, SteveWR 31 Jones, K. RB 32 Johnson, AndreWR 33 Moss, S. WR 34 Jackson, D.WR 35 Moulds, E. WR 36 HasselbeckQB 37 Horn, Joe WR 38 Westbrook, B.RB 39 McNabb QB 40 Suggs, L. RB 41 Griffin, Q. RB 42 Bennett, M.RB 43 Chambers, C.WR 44 Brooks QB 45 Coles, L. WR 46 Wayne, R. WR 47 Staley, D. RB 48 Walker, J. WR 49 Smith, J. WR 50 Favre QB 51 Pennington QB 52 Price, P. WR 53 Rogers, C. WR 54 Heap TE 55 Wheatley, T.RB 56 Vick QB 57 Porter, J. WR 58 Duckett RB 59 Winslow, K.TE 60 McNair QB 61 Garner, C. RB 62 Green, T. QB 63 Bulger QB 64 Minor, T. RB 65 Palmer, CarsonQB 66 Robinson, K.WR 67 Barber, T. RB 68 Brady, T. QB 69 Burress WR 70 Jones, J. RB 71 Smith, Rod WR 72 Dunn, W. RB 73 Foster, D. RB 74 Terrell, D. WR 75 Boldin WR 76 Johnson, KeyWR 77 Fitzgerald, LarryWR 78 Stallworth, D.WR 79 McGahee RB 80 Bruce, I. WR 81 Toomer, A.WR 82 Lelie, A. WR 83 Crumpler, A.TE 84 Smith, E. RB 85 Gates, A. TE 86 Jackson, S.RB 87 Shockey TE 88 Carr, D. QB 89 Lloyd, B. WR 90 Jones, F. TE 91 Garcia, J. QB 92 McCareins, J.WR 93 Manning, EliQB 94 Taylor, T. WR 95 George, E. RB 96 Pittman, M.RB 97 Leftwich, B.QB 98 Morgan, QuincyWR 99 Delhomme, J.QB 100 Kennison, E.WR
  10. New "Top 100" Rankings

    Yeah, he has a tough schedule. It might be a little high to put a player on a new team, especially when he has never been the #1 option except for injuries sake. However, this is again one of those gut feelings that I went with. I think he will be top 10 by the end of the season, despite the things I mentioned above. Thanks for clearing that up Doc! :-) I don't think putting Rudi Johnson that far back is too much of a stretch. I am higher than some on JJ Arrington this year. I think he will have a lot of attempts at both receiving and he is the guy. Shipp will not be challenging at all IMO. Supposedly Cincy is going to use more running backs in the mix this season. Rudi has minimal upside that I can see. I feel the "healthy Chris Perry factor" will dip in to his stats a little this season too. Still, I have seen him taken at #13 by an experienced owner in my local. Go figure! Thanks for your input. S.T.
  11. New "Top 100" Rankings

    Thanks for your input. I can see all of your points here. Some of these picks are "gut" instincts. Jamal is one of those. He is hard to call this year. one draft I was able to get him towards the end of the second round in a 12 team! So obviously others feel as you do about his risk. I do agree with your opinion of Ward and Coles. I had totally forgotten about that toe. Again, thanks for your input. I always enjoy hearing what others think! S.T.
  12. No TE Required-but u can use them

    Here you go. I already ranked them for you and everything! Yer welcome. :-) S.T.
  13. New "Top 100" Rankings

    Now that all my drafts are over, I don't have to worry about other owners in my league stealing my rankings! :-) Here are the rankings that I used. Take 'em or leave 'em! Knock 'em or compliment 'em. Comments are welcome. 6 pt all TD's including passing TE not required 1 pt per 10 yds rushing + receiving 1 pt per 20 yds passing Roster active lineup limits min/max: 1/1 QB 1/4 WR 1/2 RB 0/2 TE 1/1 KI 1/1 DST My Top 100 Rankings 1 Tomlinson 2 Alexander 3 Edge 4 Manning 5 Dillon 6 Lewis 7 Holmes 8 McCallister 9 Jones, Julius 10 McGahee 11 Davis, Dominick 12 Jordan, Lamont 13 Moss, Randy 14 Jones, Kevin 15 Portis, Clinton 16 Martin, Curtis 17 Johnson, Chad 18 Jackson, Steven 19 Owens, Terell 20 Westbrook, Brian 21 Holt, Torry 22 Carnell Williams 23 Johnson, Rudi 24 Green, Ahman 25 Harrison 26 Walker, Javon 27 Horn, Joe 28 Culpepper, Daunte 29 J.J. Arrington 30 Barber, Tiki 31 Johnson, Andre 32 Wayne, Reggie 33 Burleson 34 McNabb 35 Benson, Cedric 36 Smith, Steve 37 Jackson, Darrell 38 Clayton, Michael 39 Bulger 40 Brown, Chris 41 Coles, Lavern. 42 Favre, Brett 43 Smith, Jimmy 44 Williams, Roy 45 Boldin 46 Ward, Hines 47 Lelie, Ashley 48 Gonzalez 49 Bennett, Drew 50 Hasselbeck, Matt 51 Chambers, Chris 52 Green, Trent 53 Brown, Ronnie 54 Foster, Deshaun 55 Bennett, Michael 56 Anderson, Michael 57 Evans, Lee 58 Collins, Kerry 59 Palmer, Carson 60 Dunn, Warrick 61 Taylor, Fred 62 Brady, Tom 63 Plummer 64 Barlow 65 Johnson, Larry 66 Driver, Donald 67 Bruce, Isaac 68 Mason, Derrick 69 Muhammad, M. 70 Fitzgerald, Larry 71 Moulds, Eric 72 Branch, Deion 73 Smith, Rod 74 Drew Brees 75 Vick, Michael 76 Brooks, Aaron 77 Johnson, Key 78 Harrington, Joey 79 Leftwich, Byron 80 Houshmandzadeh 81 Williams, Ricky 82 Gates, Antonio 83 Colbert, Keary 84 Porter, Jerry 85 Pennington 86 Stallworth, Donte 87 Parker, Willie 88 Staley, Duce 89 Moss, Santana 90 Lloyd, Brandon 91 Burress, Plaxico 92 Suggs, Lee 93 Witten, Jason 94 Kennison, Eddie 95 Williamson, Troy 96 Duckett, T. J. 97 Stokley, Brandon 98 Green, William 99 Shockey, Jeremy 100 Jacobs, Brandon
  14. The Official Erasmus James Thread!

    I hear Erasmus be having several large children with Harry Colon. How Erasmus hurt after dropping those kids off at the pool!!!
  15. Javon & his mom love the Pack

    So he makes $391,000 this year, so what? He made a total of $5,538,500 in the past three years. Divide that total by three and you get an average of $1846166 per year since he has been with the Packers. So don't feel sorry for the guy at all. If we look at past history with the Packers and players, we will see that Ferguson made nothing in his third year of contract either, but then received a nice bonus again in his fourth. Here is the proof: