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  1. Just to completely (and more accurately) ignore the point of this post, the trade was actually: Calvin Johnson (1-year contract) Martellus Bennett (open contract) for Aaron Hernandez (3-year contract) 2013 draft pick 1.04 2014 1st round draft pick (...and the Hernandez side will grant taz's impressive WR group of Megatron / Cruz / Fitz but trot out A.J. Green / Julio Jones / Demaryius Thomas / Brandon Marshall) Okay, feel free to continue razzing taz.
  2. ConFusion - Openings

    The league is ten years old and there are quite a few long-time Huddlers involved along with several guys who have entered the league over the last couple of years and become great owners. A couple of the teams were playoff squads this past season and none of the teams require rebuilds (IMHO). Feel free to holler at Gopher or me if you have any questions.
  3. Solid BOTH dynasty IDP league team available with an excellent shot to make playoffs (aka, be in the money). PM me if you are interested / would like more information.
  4. BOTH League Opening

    Bump one more time (good grief people, it's free money!)
  5. BOTH League Opening

    http://www26.myfantasyleague.com/2012/home/47943#0 The league address is above. The team is the Carolina Panthers. Thanks.
  6. At this point (halfway through restricted free agency), we have the Rams and possibly the Seahawks open. The Rams were a playoff team least year and would need to be paid for ($50 per season - this season and we also pay one year in advance). The Seahawks are in rougher shape but have plenty of cap space and all of their draft picks. I believe this team is paid for this year and next. Here is the MFL site. We will finish RFA in the next two weeks and then move on to the rookie draft. PM me with any questions. Thanks!
  7. Panetta admits Iran not developing nuclear weapons

    Oil reserves that will last them 100+ years if no new oil is found + horrible economy (inclusive of high unemployment and rampant corruption)...doesn't take a genius to figure out what they are doing.
  8. Here is the forum: Hardcore Homers Fantasy Football League Here is the roster in MFL: Chicago Bears Roster The league is a salary cap league with a homer element to it. Starting lineups include both offensive and defensive players. Immediate attention is required as the roster has insufficient players to field a valid lineup for this weekend and is also short on the homer requirement. Preference given to Bears homers / long-time Huddlers but please PM me with questions or interest. Thanks!
  9. Chicago Bears Homer Needed

    So there are currently openings for: Pittsburgh Jacksonville Tampa Bay Carolina (if a homer can be found, otherwise I'll keep the team)
  10. Chicago Bears Homer Needed

    Bump... Looking at next season, we will likely have openings for Tampa Bay and Cleveland or Jacksonville. There may be other homer team openings as well after the season ends (hopefully not). If there are any Panther homers interested in taking over the Carolina team, that might also be a possibility. PM me if you are interested or want more information. Gracias ETA: Chicago is off the market, Tampa Bay is now available.
  11. Your opinion on the year so far

    It's all you buddy, you took the bull by the horns in making some bold moves and it should have paid off better than it has so far. But it's like BB said...strange year!
  12. Chicago Bears Homer Needed

    ...which is to say you'd welcome the opportunity to be in another (fantastic) league with some of your favorite Huddler brethren and the fact that you'll be minding your hometown boys is icing on the cake! Right?
  13. How can I get two Huddlers (and perhaps more in the future) added as mods for a BoTH league. What's the best way to handle this? Thanks!
  14. an approach to federal taxation

    Tax accountants and financial accountants alike live in la-la land. I agree GAAP is a lot closer to economic reality than the IRC but not sure how well massive impairment hits being deducted on corporate tax returns would go over with democrats.
  15. Down Goes Frazia (Chris) needs our prayers

    Have never met Chris but have been in BOTH leagues with him for years. Stand-up, selfless guy here and in "real life." Get better soon buddy!
  16. Well, it is indeed difficult to refute the empirical data you have put forth. They are paying higher than the 35% "theoretical" tax. If you think some or all of their taxes should be repatriated, figure out which taxes are being illegitimately parked, if any, then go after them while also finding a way to reduce U.S. corporate tax rates so it doesn't happen in the future and/or so they don't raise prices domestically. You'll have to do something similar at the state level. By the way, the IRC has plenty of red tape regarding transfer pricing and APAs so any way you slice it, your best bet is still to simplify the tax law.
  17. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of sarcasm from either "side" in these little diatribes, hence the reason so many folks have gotten tired of The Tailgate.
  18. There are some...what...140MM individual income tax returns filed every year? And this article states that we should have beef with 105,000 of them? That's 0.075% of all of them. And the author goes on to state that there could be legitimate reasons for lack of tax liability for those 105,000. Heck, the IRS examination rate is probably a lot higher than 0.075% so some or all of those returns may in fact be investigated at some piont within the typical three-year window.
  19. How much credence do we want to give to a self-procliamed socialist? I didn't run down the whole list but I looked at his top five... Exxon: I can't find a "rebate" of any sort, nor am I even sure what a corporate tax rebate looks like. Exxon did, however have an effective tax rate of between 41% and 44% during the last five years. Unfortunatly for Senator Sanders' liking, most of Exxon's business is overseas and so that's where their tax liability is. B of A: Poor idea to accuse a financial services company of tax evasion or avoidance during the last few years. They had an income tax benefit of $1.9B in 2009, not 2010 as claimed by Sanders. Their 2010 income tax was actually a liability of $915MM on losses of $1.3B. Financial services firms have suffered from "below the line" expenses during the last few years, such as impairments and changes in DTAs and DTLs. GE: I can almost buy this complaint as their effective tax rate is very low but again - it's because of GE Capital, another poor-performing financial services firm. Chevron: Chevron's effective income tax rate during the last five years has ranged from 40% to 46%. Boeing: Benefitted in 2010 from a settlement with the IRS from an old audit. Other benefits in prior years stem from R&D credits. Still, their effective tax was between 23% and 34% over the last five years, including 27% in 2010. I'd be careful before citing Bernie Sanders as an expert on anything, much less financial and tax data.
  20. I rarely visit the Tailgate anymore but I've seen a couple of recent references to stockpiling cash and I'm not sure I understand it. U.S. corporations have roughly $2 trillion in cash sitting on their balance sheets...great! But people forget there are two sides to a balance sheet. Companies also have several trillion $ of corporate debt outstanding with nearly $1 trillion maturing over the next few years. Not so great. Banks still are not loaning at the same multiples or percentages from several years ago. Asset-based lending is still prevalent. So there is less assurance that companies will be able to refinance debt as it comes due. Default rates are down significantly from a couple of years ago but we’re not far removed from annual rates of 12%-15%. Bank covenants mandate certain coverage ratios (debt to cash flow, debt to equity, etc.). Violation of these covenants can require the debt become due immediately. The stock market is still very volatile and can impact covenants by turning capital structures upside down. Does anybody believe corporate America likes earning 0% to 4% on its investments? One-year LIBOR is what...75 basis points? Do you think investors are okay with this? Over the last 85 years, total annual returns for large companies have been double-digit. Investment hurdle rates are set higher. It’s silly to think companies want to sit on cash. Why is it misperceptions about corporate wealth bring the Keynesians out of the woodwork but when companies don’t build up cash reserves and go under, these same pseudo-economists lament poor corporate planning?
  21. That's not really accurate. From a 2006 NYT article... The Liberals' Beloved NYT Plenty of talking points for Democrats and Republicans in this article but regardless, I think you're incorrectly trying to draw a correlation between tax rates and tax revenues. It will be difficult to show a consistent pattern throughout the last 100 years where increasing tax rates led to increasing tax revenues. And obviously (or at least I hope it's obvious), increasing tax rates (or revenues for that matter) doesn't guaranty a balanced budget.
  22. Atlanta Huddlers

    I don't know the area like WVA but my in-laws have a house in nearby Blairsville and it is a wondeful area. Just make sure your friend owns a pickup truck. When I was younger and most concerned about hanging out with friends every night, the city is where I wanted to be; everything else was rural and boring. As I got older, suburbia was/is the best place to raise my kids, even if the commute was a bit longer. But places like Dahlonega are where I'll hopefully end up one day.