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  1. 2nd RB this Week?

    Anyone else on the WW? Shipp? Benson will get minimal yds. They won't be leading like they have been against Cincy. Tice hasn't named Moore the starter...thought I read on main page that he's sticking with Bennett, what ever that means. Probably Moore getting all the carries, knowing him. Jacobs will be good for 20-30 yds and possibly a TD Moore will be good for 20-30 or more and a TD if Tice gives him the rock. So either expect not much or take a chance, up to you.
  2. here's another wdis

    yeah go with Collins
  3. WDIS TE?

    LJ is the 3rd option where McMichael is 1/1A, go with him, he hasn't disappointed yet.
  4. RB issues

    Um, he's not.....
  5. here's another wdis

    Really tough choice, Collins and Moss should be good for a score or 2. It might be the TO v. Moss show with the last team to score winning. The only sticky issues is that Philly has a good D. Who knows if Shipp can carry the load. Warner should be decent with his stable of WR. Collins has a better chance to get big numbers but both will be decent. Clear as mud, right?
  6. WR Help

    Thanks for the input Tough one, Even though he's never really stepped up I think Taylor might against the Saints JMO Both other matchups could be playing catch up but I'd go with Lelie at home, Plummer will need to throw alot and the Chic D could keep the other game close. Good Luck!
  7. RB issues

    ok the priority news didn't have that yet. Shipp is gone. I could have gotten him earlier but I took Blaylock.
  8. RB issues

    problem, should have mentioned, I'm going to Baltimore for the weekend Sox series so changing my team on Sunday AM might be possible but certainly not right before the game.
  9. wdis

    Good info here
  10. RB issues

    Hi all, standard scoring. With Portis on a bye I need to pick one of the following to go with A.Green Martin v. Jac Blaylock v. Jac Suggs @ Indy Benson v. Cincy So do I chance it with Martin, play Blaylock and get something or Benson and get mop up duty. I just noticed that Bennet and Moore are on the WW. I thought I read that Moore will start do I grab him and hope for a good week agains the Saints. And I'm geting conflicting reports on Martin. Sportsline says he practiced in full pads today Help!
  11. In a bind

    I like Moore's chances in RBBC in Minny better than Daynes in DEN. Grab Moore and start him.
  12. The Wife took me to the game last year...only game they lost. I won't be anywhere near Pitt this weekend (although I have friends who will be) I'll be in Balt. extending my curse to the Red Sox
  13. Almost forgot, I'm in! ....for the Pats of course
  14. Searching Waivers for WRs

    me to in that order.
  15. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Alexander Caddillac. LT Missed last week.