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  1. Andy Dalton benched

    about (the really bad word)ing time! i know the Oline needs help, but his decision making has been terrible this year. not to mention he's been underthrowing way too many passes.
  2. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    CGNQ plundarrrs Kyler Murray from the Redondo Jolly Rogers
  3. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    do you want to have both divisions in the same thread or break them out into two to avoid any confusion?
  4. fantrax

    joined a league and am using fantrax for the first time... it might be user error, but i cannot find a way to receive email updates on weekly scores and/or waivers (like MLF has). are these options available and i just cant find them? any experts out there?
  5. whats the difference between the "weekly cheatsheets" and the "weekly player rankings"?
  6. Start Bench tool not up yet?

    is there a way to make that not the default?
  7. MB League #3 8-man

    sorry guys. new job this week, been pulled into orientation meetings. will try to stay on top of it.
  8. just a heads up- i start a new job monday, not sure about my availability will try to preselect.
  9. MFL or Fantrax

    i have never used fantrax, but support the idea of doing do for this league.
  10. Rolling Th' Bones

    On August 6, 2019 dug rolled 5D1000 dug chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [976, 119, 32, 201, 923] 2251 This roll is for Black Sails Dice Roll dug also wanted to tell you: let 'em roll...
  11. MFL or Fantrax

    did we pay you already? (i cant remember)
  12. MFL or Fantrax

    and... do we each pay a portion or do we contribute to due that pay for the site?
  13. MFL or Fantrax

    never used fantrax... how do you join the league?
  14. Privateer waiting list

    Yarrrrrrrrrrrr. i be interested in buckin up.