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  1. What do you need Monday Night?

    Sums it up.
  2. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

  3. Bradford Out

    Had Jax in there, and benched them for TB and their (the really bad word)ing donut. Will be washing my hands of TB now...
  4. Milk carton time

    Holy (the really bad word) all did Oakland take out a team photo for the back of the carton or what?
  5. He's a 32 year old RB. No one is trading for him.
  6. Top 5 RBs

    Think the same thing everytime I read this thread...
  7. Trade term Agreements

    Can comment on both the question and the settings behind it. It was put out there, so it is fair game.
  8. Trade term Agreements

    These "conditions" put in the trade seem to border closely to roster sharing. In the future, either accept the risk or don't (or ask for future compensation if said condition occurs like his 3rd for your 5th round draft pick). There should never be a possibility of a void/reverse on a trade 3-4 weeks later. Agree the owner looking to acquire Murray either accepts the condition as is or doesn't. Would also be very frustrated as that owner to learn of conditions after the fact. Those should of been disclosed to the league when the trade occurred.
  9. Snead or Buck Allen? (PPR)

    We shall feast on your soul!
  10. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    $16 out of $100 cap. But all our bidding is real dollars which tends to skew the price a little downwards (cause we ain't rich).
  11. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    I'd be amazed if any team in the NFL make a 5'6" 180lb (when soaking wet) back the starter. He's simply to small to survive.
  12. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    That doesn't make him a must have for Howard owners, just makes him a CoP back like Thompson, Sproles, or Vereen.
  13. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Hunter Henry
  14. MNF annoucers are horrible

    I decided to fill my kitchen sinks with bleach in hopes the fumes dull my brain enough to listen to this broadcast.