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  1. Wait till the deadline and go with whichever one is not hurt or suspended.
  2. Bad trade offer, you are not getting the value for Olsen. Keep shopping.
  3. 6 - top 5 WR contract year RB 7 - top 2 RB inconsistent WR 5 - Green returning from injury, WR overload 4 - Baldwin meh 3 - consistency but no *pop* 1 - again no pop 2 - no pop and 2 RB - pass
  4. Just saying, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning then correctly prognosticating what will actually occur in a real draft using a mock from of all places ESPN. I think asking us to rate it is completely useless as it does not help you in any way. You would probably get a better discussion talking drafting plans/philosophy or who is worth more/less their ADP then you will by having people rate a draft that will not actually occur. Best of luck to you though.
  5. Rating draft posts can be annoying enough, now we're suppose to rate mock drafts that means absolutely jack?
  6. Lead/GL back vs CoP back, regardless of where in the round its still Crowell very easily. Unless something happens to Crowell or Freeman (aka injury), there is no reason to keep a 5-10 touch player over a 15-20 touch player.
  7. Honestly I think Reed is a definite with that round pick and past performance (when on the field). Both Hill and Montgomery have large bust potential due to changes/additions around their teams, but looking at your other options I agree that you'll want to go with one of those two due to the risk/reward. I'd go Hill due to potential ceiling/starting lineup reqs, and treat him as he's probably my WR3 when drafting.
  8. Crowell is a definite in a standard, I'd go Winston for the other. Need TDs in a standard and Miami's spreads the ball too much. Odds are better that Winston becomes a top half QB1 then Parker becoming a WR2 at this point.
  9. In a standard scoring league, I'd be very surprised if your able to get either MGIII or Howard for Hopkins without adding something to the trade.
  10. For the season, as it adds the strategy of managing how to spend your cap throughout the year. My local redraft/keepers do hybrid, Blind Bid Waivers run around 2AM on Wednesday then it opens up to First Come First Serve till the start of games on Sunday.
  11. Ugh should of asked how many teams too... Having never done an auction with IDP its a little hard to say, but Crowell and Adams are way too cheap to pass up. I'd lean towards Gordon as the 3rd cause he's probably a little cheaper then current value. You can probably reobtain ODB at that price if you really want to, no TE requirement so Rudolph is out, White and Prosise have injury and team concerns (whether its competition or bad situation), Coleman is intriguing but unproven and again team concerns. Hopkins I think will bounce back this year but favored recent history for Gordon.
  12. Blind Bid Waivers...there is no fairer system for everyone involved.
  13. Crowell pretty easily at this point.
  14. PPR/Standard and what are the offensive starting lineups?
  15. Agree with Thomas and gotta go Perkins and ARob at that price. The 4th is a bit more flexible. Both Miller and Reed have concerns, but I'd probably go with one of those two. Bortles even at $1 wouldn't be a consideration for me since he's shown no signs of developing since entering the league and the offense plans changing to be more run oriented.