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  1. This would probably be a better topic to review. Many don't venture into the Advise forum for various reasons which are not important.
  2. Jordy hasn't been getting separation for a couple years though, notice how Adams hasn't been affected too badly. Not to say Alshon and Ertz won't take a hit, but don't think their play overall is anywhere close to the level of decline Jordy's is so really shouldn't take anywhere near the same hit.
  3. Wentz Injury

    Can only weather so many injuries....probably an easy out now in my two local leagues now.
  4. Can we talk about Greg Zuerlein for a second?

    So you have a way to prognosticate kickers or D/ST? Isn't that why most (including myself) don't put much stock in drafting these positions high? Zuerlein was on most waivers wires as are a bunch of other top 10 kickers and defenses were. Rather spend on potentials/sleepers and waiver wire kicker/DST if needed. That 12th round pick could of been Kamara, and then would you really feel bad about not drafting Gostkowski? Of course I'd rather play in leagues that don't have kickers to begin with cause again they are just a complete crapshoot year to year.
  5. Cowboys and Redskins

  6. checking in

    Panicked for a moment when I misclicked on this thread, but thankfully Ignore still works after all these years.
  7. Steve, c'mon man. Not one single post above literally saying they should not have been suspended. This would be more on target.
  8. Playoff tie-breaker question

    Team in offense only keeper league just scored roughly 450 points over a two week span in a league where the weekly average is 125. To put it in perspective, its 27% of his total points for the season. That's 2 games out of 12 so far. It is possible to Chad Johnson total points (and seems to happen a decent amount in my observations over the years). Mark me down for the all play crowd. Match ups should mean something, otherwise why even join a H2H league. Plenty of bestballs out there if your just looking for total points.
  9. Josh Gordon

    If this thread shows nothing else, let it be that if you own Gordon you should absolutely try to sell high right now (provided trading deadline hasn't passed). There are those out there that will overpay based on name value and stats from 4 years ago.
  10. Josh Gordon

  11. Josh Gordon

    You're odds are off. Betting on black is roughly 47% chance. Realistically the odds are probably more equivalent to putting the $200 all on one number.
  12. Blah blah blah... Yet in the closest incident I can think of somehow OBJ only got 1 game and Norman a fine. Keep up the good work Goddell!
  13. Josh Gordon

    The odds of anyone 3 years (yes, three) removed from playing being successful are slim at best. Stash if you want to stash, but starting blindly would be foolish.
  14. Eli Manning benched

    Agreed, its not like your looking to see what you have in Geno...he's a known and he's manure too.