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  1. KC/OAK Game Thread

    I feel your pain brother. I sat Carr in the 2 I have him in favor of Wentz. One of them is a performance league setup with bonuses for length of TD and yardage marks, so a 50 burger is sitting on my bench.
  2. KC/OAK Game Thread

    Both Carr and Cooper were benched in my 3 local keeper leagues.
  3. Luck update?

    Only in keeper leagues.
  4. Maybe its time to go with the ole sleep with his wife option. That hasn't been mentioned yet right?
  5. Murray vs Henry

    Then they're doing it wrong...RBs have the shortest length of career now a days and in 2-3 more years odds are he'll be spent. It is the easiest position to start playing out of college, there is no reason for the team to pamper him.
  6. What to do with McFadden and Morris?

    No one knows. You do what you think you must.
  7. Dallas awarded 2018 NFL Draft

    Anyone else think Goddell was like "Hey J. I know your still upset at me about the whole Elliot thing, so how about I make it up to you and let Dallas host the draft? How's that babe? Are we cool now?" Just sayin...
  8. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    I'm going to laugh if the suspension ever does take place and they trot out Rod Smith. It would be strangely fitting with this whole manure show.
  9. Bragging rights

    My mother always told me when you ain't got nothing nice to say, to make manure up. Then she'd send me outside to play in the street. Yes there is...
  10. Bragging rights wife left me, i crashed my pickup truck, and the dog pissed on my cigarettes. But on the flip side I'm hung over and its not even 5pm yet, so I got plenty of time to start drinking again. Put that in a song and smoke it.
  11. Murray out?

    I'm having deja vu here, swear we had this same thread before week 3.
  12. PHI/CAR thread

    Small is Sproles, Cohen, Thompson...but whatever. I'm not going to try and counter your looks and guesses.
  13. PHI/CAR thread

    When did 5'11" 205lbs become small for a RB? He's essentially the same size as McCoy.