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  1. DJ or Zeek

    While I understand DJ's injury was not lower body (which is good); Zeke's youth, line, and consistent offense role/scheme wins out for me.
  2. Setup pretty much ensures majority of TE will never be drafted/picked up. Rest is all matter of league setup preference for you and your league mates.
  3. David Johnson or Antonio Brown

    What are the starter reqs and general format (standard or ppr)? Also no Zeke thoughts?
  4. Help me decide draft position

    Ya sorry, forums really can't compete with the likes of twitter and other social media.
  5. Mike Evans value for RB trade

    Mid-rangers most likely, roughly RB10-20.
  6. Interesting Mayfield observation

    Thanks, can't help but wonder if Mayfield also maybe tuning Jackson out a little cause honestly that man will not see another season there. Probably shouldn't of even seen this one.
  7. Help me decide draft position

    Sorry, its hard to answer these types of questions. If you got a debate between players skills or value/adp and such I'll chime in, but as to where you are drafting I really think that is a matter of personal preference and is up to you and how you want to build your team/what type of team you want. There's just too much guess work to advise what will happen in your draft. That is why I and probably others tend to roll on by those posts.
  8. Dynasty trade

    It's not so much about Evan's value vs the pick, its about his value over your already existing keepers. Does the difference between Evans and Cooks or Evans and Jimmy G make up the difference between Bell/Thomas over Zeke/AJ? If it does in your opinion then make the trade, but if it doesn't then hold off cause otherwise its trading just to trade.
  9. Need Help Picking 2 Keepers

    Ugh...tough call. I like Ertz, but I don't think he's going to separate himself from the rest of the pack this year like he did last. Since it's 2 RB I'd probably stick with Henry with the intentions of him being a RB3/possible flex with RB2 potential at what is probably an appropriate price.
  10. Need Help Picking 2 Keepers

    Howard is a keeper at that price. Wentz seems like value but is probably going to regress a bit so I'd let him go. The other two would depend on starter requirements, what are they for the league?
  11. IThe Hype About Barkley?

    He's real and he is spectacular.
  12. Dynasty trade

    I'm not seeing the benefit. In terms of this year, Bell > Zeke and Thomas > or = AJ. So the question becomes is Evans so much more valuable then 2.6? Looking at keepers I'm guessing right now you'd keep Wentz, Jimmy (cause Superflex), Bell, Freeman, McKinnon, Thomas, Baldwin, Cooks, and Gronk. If you make the trade you would have to sub Evans in for someone otherwise what is the point? Who you dropping at that point? Jimmy or Cooks? In either case, is there that much of a benefit? I'd stick with the flexibility of the pick 2.6 at this point, Evans is not that much of an upgrade in this setup over Jimmy or Cooks and I'd rather have Bell/Thomas than Zeke/AJ.
  13. Hopkins or Howard keeper

    I like Hopkins better. Howard in the 7th is good value don't get me wrong, but Hopkins is an easy top 6 pick in my book and potentially the top WR overall. Also in a PPR Howard downgrades due to stone hands.
  14. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Would like to review Head to Head schedule creation. Right now we play the same exact schedule year after year.