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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Dolphins supposedly tanking this year for next year's class. Shouldn't make a move up for Lock. But if they do I will go all left eye and find them and burn their goddamn houses down.
  2. Joe Flacco to Denver

    A question to that question, why did he have to sign anyone? When I have manure, and my only other options are manure, I'm not going to give up or spend more for different manure. Makes no sense when I'm use to the scent of the manure I have by now.
  3. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Was texting with my football buddies this same exact conversation earlier.
  4. Joe Flacco to Denver

    This line has been uttered for a few years running now. Fool me once and all...
  5. Returning for 2019?

    Posted in couple others leagues as requested.
  6. Browns sign Hunt

    No way he gets only 4 games. 3 different incidents being looked into. Absolute minimum is 6. If he doesn't at least match Zeke after that POS case last year, than the NFL is showing their abuse policy is a steaming pile of manure (like we all think it is) and they should be (the really bad word)ing crucified for it.
  7. bump SF WRs?

    Sure, you know, once they actually sign or draft some.
  8. Returning for 2019?

    So looks like we need 2 @darin3. In Huntington Beach Longhorns - Darin3 AGB - Def Favre Dollar Footlongs - Tford Maryland Blue Crabs - HarleyGTR Dragline - Dragline Beirut Shisha - Terminader55 Saskatchewan Yetis - buddahj River City Reform - southern lights South County Trash Pandas - RodneyRules Columbus Cocks - flemingd Out Hagerstown Seminoles - t-bone65 WW - rr23724
  9. Nick Foles

  10. Returning for 2019?

    Southern Lights rolled forward winnings for dues and Jon is making moves. So just looks like we need a heads up from @HarleyKR07 and possibly Bo (if keeping any leagues) @rr23724
  11. I am tired of the moaning

    Oh and some winning numbers for once in me out there @irish
  12. I am tired of the moaning

    I'm going to root for good food and good beer. Think most people simply do not give a (the really bad word) about either team. It's just not a compelling match up.
  13. Rashaad Penny

    Dynasty openings in ConFusion, Dynasty Warz II, and possibly some others as well if your still interested.
  14. Trash Pandas Free Cuts

    Just a reminder free cuts go till roster deadline in September (though probably doesn't change your mind much on those two.)