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  1. Leonard, Darius

    Both Houston and Chicago are bottom half of points allowed to linebackers. Regardless I'd still go Leonard, mainly because Davis may not see as many snaps as normal with Chicago's abysmal offense. Also provided the Bears didn't fix anything in the bye, it will be a good game for Orlean's line to get some sacks and/or backfield tackles. Think there will only be scraps for the backers. Just an IMO though.
  2. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Completely agree Mixon is probably the biggest bust so far this year. Just brutal.
  3. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    You both drafted a certain position to high...sorry.
  4. Waivers 10/16

    Johnson - 2 Murphy - 1
  5. AGB Roster Moves

    Johnson, John LAR S to IR
  6. AGB Roster Moves

    Tuitt, Stephon PIT DE to IR
  7. Veto Advise

  8. AGB Roster Moves

    Please refund the year for Jaiquiski Tartt SFO S being acquired in waivers. Thx.
  9. John Ross to IR

    Ya sorry, I love Shula. But that Monday night miracle game was absolutely brutal. We’ll definitely never live that one down.
  10. John Ross to IR

    See, you'd think we'd be friends. But no, damn yorkies gotta come in here with their holier than though attitudes telling you what you can and can't do. Don't talk, don't eat that pizza. Guess what, your pizza is (the really bad word)ing paper with red colored water on it. Anything you have to roll should only be smoked. Suck on that limp yorkers! (As a side, the last Jets/Dolphins game I was at was a good time. Me and two Jets fans were drinking beers and badmouthing both our teams and all the stupid fans getting in fights at the stadium around us. Course it was @ Sun Life stadium, same guys advised avoiding New York cause the hostilities were ten times worse during visiting Dolphins games.)
  11. John Ross to IR

    Screw that Jets fan, your tears will continue to nourish my soul!
  12. Roquan Smith

    Know Barstool had something on this and came back later to state their sources said it was complete bs.
  13. Huge trade

  14. The teams keep information close to the vest and do not divulge everything. Reporters can only report what they can credibly confirm because you know journalistic integrity and all. Surprisingly enough, neither the league, the teams, nor even probably the reporters believe we are entitled to every tidbit of information just because we play make believe football. Not saying all reporters are good cause they're not; but if a team's multiple reporters aren't saying much different than each other, odds are it's all that they can confirm. If there is a problem with how injury information is divulged it starts and stops with the league rules and the teams, not the reporters.
  15. VENTING!!!!!

    Let us know who you're going against this week.