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  1. Playoff Expansion

    I've remember hearing on the radio that there was a bump amount already planned but honestly couldn't tell you all the details or if the talk was even factually correct. I'm sure that's already factored in with the additional amount of money going to the players in this proposed CBA. Minimum salaries were for sure being bumped by somewhere between 200-250k with the proposal but not sure how that affects larger contracts.
  2. Teams in need of new owners

    A to be aired episode of Judge Judy. She's got this.
  3. Teams in need of new owners

    Ross and his batch of useless celebrities shareholders haven't done a damn thing for the Dolphins since they took over. Unless there's some improvements soon or Ross dies, I wouldn't be surprised if the team looks to relocate down the line. Just to note, I do not hope/wish Ross dies; he can however go (the really bad word) himself.
  4. Official QB domino thread

    Hill is a restricted, so he's really not going to have a choice unless NO screws up the round assignment. The supposed $30 mil for Checkdown Teddy would be surprising and an overpay IMO. He did decent enough this year in a couple games, but on the whole his seasonal stats aren't any different than what he already showed back in Minny. Gotta scream buyer beware here.
  5. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    If I understand you correctly, every fight that has ever occurred in any sport after the play/whistle is battery by your definition. Not one person here has dismissed what Garrett has done, some just don't share your hyperbolic view on it.
  6. The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020

    Wow, that "similar players" HOF list for Edge is complete crap. You want me to argue it I will, but if anyone thinks Edge is similar to anybody on that list bolded above its hard to believe there will be much discussion.
  7. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Grats winners...some year it'll happen...some year.
  8. The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020

    Wow...don't think Edge is hall worthy honestly.
  9. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Basically this...well done guys! Thx for hosting Irish, but couldn't help but give manure about those screenies.
  10. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Dear God man, what do you have against Windows Snipping Tool?
  11. All-Decade Teams

    USA Today did have the best box scores. Boss would send me out every Monday morning to run across the street to the grocery store to grab one so he could calculate our league's scoring.
  12. Eli Manning retiring...

    But he wrote a story that one time!
  13. Eli Manning retiring...

    Meh...I think you can honestly. Moon, Namath, even Griese tell more of a story IMO.