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  1. Official QB domino thread

    Checkdown Teddy is perfect for CMC. Could see the all time receptions record broke by a RB.
  2. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    I don't see Brady to Tampa for this reason. I think LA is a better fit for his lifestyle and staying upright.
  3. Shenanigans. Even if its because a team doesn't want to pay him, you don't give him away for a ham sandwich. The trade is being labeled appropriately. BO'B has now managed to move two elite players (Clowney and Hopkins) for next to nothing while at the same time trading 2 1st round picks away for an average (at best) tackle in Tunsil. Bad is bad.
  4. Bill want's to be remembered in the same breath as Herschel Walker. This is the dumbest (the really bad word)ing trade I've seen since I was old enough to comprehend the management aspect of football. Well done Bill, well done.
  5. Except of course they are thinking of delaying the start of the season because basically the optics of it are bad. I would think something running normally would be a good healthy distraction, but no lets all just focus on one depressing thing until it consumes us.
  6. Starting to wonder what is going to be worse, the suicide rate during this hysteria heightened time or the actual death rate for Corona in the US. Just to note: Not saying concerns are bad or unwarranted (near life long Type 1 diabetic that stupidly smoked for around 25 years), but there's a line between reasonable and extreme and can't help but think maybe we have crossed it.
  7. March Madness Bracket Contest

    So much for that...
  8. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    We BOTH people have become a secretive bunch since we're all in multiple leagues with each other.
  9. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    You see what you want to see, as do others including myself. Maybe if you want to have a productive conversation with Steve, you could focus on countering the opinionated points he brings up instead of resorting to attacking him personally or ganging up on him. Maybe, just maybe, he will then do the same. Doesn't work out, hey there's an ignore button for a reason.
  10. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    You're an anonymous forum handle so naturally everyone knows your race, sex, sexual orientation, political voting affiliation, social security number, and bank account routing. The better question would be, who (the really bad word)ing cares? It makes no difference in matters of football opinions and isn't likely to be verified one way or another anyways. People here judge on your posts.
  11. Greg Robinson Arrested

    JFC, could you both just put each other on ignore already.
  12. Playoff Expansion

    I've remember hearing on the radio that there was a bump amount already planned but honestly couldn't tell you all the details or if the talk was even factually correct. I'm sure that's already factored in with the additional amount of money going to the players in this proposed CBA. Minimum salaries were for sure being bumped by somewhere between 200-250k with the proposal but not sure how that affects larger contracts.
  13. Teams in need of new owners

    A to be aired episode of Judge Judy. She's got this.