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  1. Puddy Seriously though...just can't expect anything from JC with the age/injuries and DeAngelo is just tired. Guess I'll go with the Chronic in hopes of goal line vulturing.
  2. Honestly surprised at the $ involved. Don't see why teams like the Bears, Browns, or Eagles could/would not attempt to land Pryor over the ones they signed (Wheaton, Britt, T. Smith); especially with all the cap room the Bears and Browns have.
  3. Brock may soon be living in infamy for the rest of his life.
  4. Well as long as they make themselves some hats to get their point across...
  5. Bears? Maybe they slow down on the Glennon conversations now? Eh, who am I kidding. Who'd the hell would want to come to this crap hole of a state.
  6. The Giants should also go out and get smoking Jay to backup, that way each short circuit WR can have their very own apathetic QB to antagonize. If BMarsh is looking to retire in 3 years (hypothetically speaking), does he make it or will he need to go to yet another team?
  7. You know its the offseason when...
  8. fixed Anyone remember when PFT reported Bradshaw died? Ah the good old days...
  9. Many including myself share your sentiment upon reading about the hire.
  10. Because they love Jacoby Brissett (supposedly)?
  11. We're all thinking it, I'm just saying it. Looks like the next Matt Millen, or a talking puppet for Shanahan. Your call. I'll be amazed if they (Shanahan/Lynch) last all 6 years. Then why not just hire those people? What is Lynch really bringing to the table then?
  12. Just a note, Woodhead is a 32 year old Free Agent missing majority of 2 out of the last 3 seasons due to injury. Chargers new HC was a RB coach and heavy run OC with majority of the systems featuring 1 back. There is no reason to believe Woodhead will return and even if he does that Gordon will not continue to dominate the playing time in the backfield.
  13. I'll take 4 boxes on 2 sheets (8 total). Just putting it this way cause I know you'll hit atleast 2 sheets. Thx for running this again.
  14. I'M IN!