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  1. Brady getting a new Target??

    blowhards gonna blow...uh...hard There's no one to get and real news only comes on the twitter
  2. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Don't know, Pace may have had someone hold his beer before he traded up one spot for Mitch. At least it was logical at the time since Martz never was capable using the position appropriately.
  3. AGB Roster Moves

    1 year on Jonathan Williams.
  4. Trade AGB/Allen

    Angry Groper Brewhounds gave up Burns, Brian CAR DE Onwuasor, Patrick BAL LB Diggs, Quandre SEA S Year 2020 Round 2 Draft Pick from Angry Groper Brewhounds Allen's Team gave up Heyward, Cameron PIT DE
  5. That's what happens at all modern day message boards (the few remaining active ones anyways) when a thread is hidden or deleted. Just how the software works.
  6. Thread was probably hidden by creator or deleted by mods.
  7. Tannehill's Titans

    Plus he's never been a model of consistent play. People want to pile on Miami for getting rid of talent, but really seems one these guys do an OK job they get over hyped for it because they came from Miami. Reality is different. Drake is not a feature back, Tannehill has more peaks and valleys than the Rockies, Tunsil is only a slightly above average Tackle (maybe). About the only questionable trade was Minkah but with the conflict between him and the organization can't be upset about it happening. I just find it funny because going into the last two seasons all fans were saying is how devoid of talent Miami is. Now someone will have one good game on another team and everybody is like "Look at all the talent Miami gave away!" Ok then...
  8. Trade - Keep Calm you silly Longhorns

    Roster is over limit...again...
  9. I hate my team

    Sorry but obligatory...
  10. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Most do not go to work interviews in "instigative" attire (for lack of a better word) and than make antagonistic comments directed to said interviewers when its over.
  11. Ajayi

    I merely insinuated its not a crowded backfield.
  12. Ajayi

    If you think this is a 2020 move well ok then, don't see it though.
  13. Ajayi

    Uh...Howard sounds shaky for the week with the stinger and both Sproles and Clement are on IR. Leaves Sanders and Scott. Sounds like they're kinda thin no?
  14. TNF

    I'll be honest, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Don't know what the hell Rudolph was trying to do to Garrett's head but he obviously didn't like it. Then while angry he's getting (appropriately) pushed away by an opposing lineman to see the guy he's having a problem with start to rush him, yep that's when bad decisions are made. Sure go ahead and suspend him for a game/two or whatever, but seems a little overblown to me.
  15. Playoff Sleeper

    He is an RFA next year so may get more of a look because would be easy to retain.