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  1. Joe Mixon owners rejoice!!!

    Uh...what? I think your confusing Gio and Hill.
  2. I went with Blount as a TD vulture. That and he tends to stay healthy unlike Murray.
  3. Crabtree cut, Nelson signed

    I think there's a cream for that...
  4. Sherman out in Seattle

    Lots of places pointing out something different... Sporting News PFT Hell even another player Joe Thomas And that is just the first couple entries into a Google search. I also liked this from the Boston Globe Basically it looks like he's betting a lot on himself to not only come back from injury fast but also to play at high snaps and playing level to unlock incentives each year in order to reach anywhere near the top end of that contact, all while having little to no protection against a team releasing him at any time for any reason. Lynch probably loves Sherman because he was gifted one of the most team friendly contracts out there.
  5. This is the type of manure I don't want.... Ugh...lost season already. Getting rid of any talent and signing crap. Can already see the house clearing coming after the season. May as well bottom out now I guess.
  6. Cleveland is dealing today

    Man...I've spent the last 20 years trying to forget the 90's.
  7. Cleveland is dealing today

    See kids, this is what happens when you smoke the Josh Gordon
  8. Free Agent Thread

    Actually neither...but I don't know how to phrase it well. Maybe "burnt #1 on a DE last year" would be closer to what I meant.
  9. Free Agent Thread

    You crazy Seriously though, Browns just wasted #1 on a DE last year. Really can't see them doing that again. Indy trading back makes more sense though.
  10. Free Agent Thread

    Bah...why sign a DE if you're just going to draft Chubb anyways...
  11. Lions release Eric Ebron

    I think everyone but the management team knew about Thomas.
  12. Lions release Eric Ebron

    Dolphins will sign him cause he sucks and will cost more then he should.
  13. Free Agent Thread

    Jacksonville is going to be a headache to figure out wideout wise...quite frankly I think their best two receivers are the ones that didn't agree to a contract today.
  14. Didn't think the Browns need another WR...specially one that allows DB to stick to him like saran wrap.
  15. Sherman out in Seattle

    When you represent yourself, you have a fool of a client.
  16. Landry to Cleveland

    I agree Landry was probably not assisting in the process...but Miami also kinda dug themselves a hole. Piss poor management to begin with and being over the cap once he signed the tag lead to a hasty PoS deal. Its been really hard to be a Dolphins fan for quite some time now.
  17. Tyrod Taylor traded to Cleveland

    This....all those wideouts and you trade for a risk adverse noodle armed running QB. Well done?
  18. Taz check

    Would also help if they had something resembling an offensive line...
  19. Titans release DeMarco Murray

    Kind of concerning it took him so long to be seated...
  20. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Hey man, think what you want to think in regards to Luck. All I was trying to point out is that if... aren't... then it falls in the categories of... which are open to a fair amount of criticism (and rightfully so IMO depending on the plausibility of the rumor). Do I think there's truth to it? Hell if I know. Maybe there's some truth there, but regardless I'm not going to get upset if someone does or doesn't believe in this rumor/hypothetical. I'm not sure what makes you so incensed by those that put very little stock in this.
  21. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I'm actually in one of the best local markets for sports talk. If you want to believe they're journalist then by all means have at it. I'm sure they're willing to cite the source and provide the evidence of what they say...they never provide hot takes or anything like that, just the facts right?
  22. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I've always kind of thought that is exactly what sport talk guys on the radio about news, rumors, and speculations pertaining to their market. Mix in some sound bits, take some calls from generally uninformed people, throw in some hypotheticals here and there and got yourself a sports talk show.
  23. Next up we just need someone telling us how pineapple belongs on pizza and the circle will be complete... Also the mashup we all want to see, pizza and pot pie...Believe it!
  24. Maybe they're confused on the purpose of this thread...I know I am now...
  25. Taz check

    No other nuts were ever hugged so tight...then end of an era.