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  1. You're paying a little for youth, but that being said I'd pull the trigger. Lee is always a concern for injuries/age and Jones is just another safety in a large group of safeties that will all score around the same. I would advise being a little heedful about Jack's potential though as the very capable defense around him could eat in to his tackle number ceiling.
  2. That commish exempt list supersedes any of this.
  3. Think I'd rather roll with Ivory.
  4. So, Chris Ivory then?
  5. Ugh...Would you consider what AP did as vicious? I know there is people that do. Its all eye of beholder when it comes to adjectives.
  6. Keep Tyreek Hill or Brady

    If you only start 1 QB keep Tyreek. Brady's maybe one of the GOAT, but fantasy wise right now he scores the same as several others QBs.
  7. Jimmy Graham...........

    How many teams? Based off the large roster requirements, anything 10 teams or more I’d be diverting almost all my cash towards RB & WR.
  8. Pick best available DE

    Win now, I'd go Wake. Long term I'd favor Ogbah or Hyder.
  9.'s never good to have a dead guy in you house.
  10. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    Anything less then 6 games would be bullmanure. If you're going to (the really bad word) people over, then at least have the goddamn balls to do it equally. Just highlighting further how Goddell (the really bad word)ed up Zeke's case.
  11. FTSA Experts Draft

    Listen, I'm not trying to defend Henry but if you want conversation about it I can only reiterate what I've stated above. Who would you be picking at that point? What good is basing this 40% rate off statistics from different coaching systems? How are you coming up with these projections? If you're just doubling down on the position that's all well and good then too though.
  12. FTSA Experts Draft

    Ya but who you picking at that point? Can't really fault the thinking there too much as you're staring at depleted options and a glaring whole on the roster. Anything drafted at this point is probably at best an RB2 anyways. May help to know the starting reqs for the league, if it requires 2 RB than Henry is not a bad call. And just to note, looking at last year stats and PFF rankings is all well and good but they're better helping forecast consistent situations. With unknowns such as Vrabel and LaFleur now in charge, predicating anything with Henry based on last years numbers is murky at best.
  13. Chris Godwin

    Outside of Evans, no one else there should be considered vested.
  14. Gronk possible trade?

    Belichick. Belichick knows... and probably his buddy Satan.
  15. Julian Edelman facing 4 game ped suspension

    Anybody else thinking he may be done? It's been running across my mind.
  16. According to a Google search, the OP has posted here, FBG, FFToday, and Footballs Future. Can only guess how many other forums he's hit spamming the same topics that the Google search doesn't check.
  17. Eh...not sure I could see myself trading a young SS for an old FS and draft pick bump of 4 spots. Could depend on scoring, but as is just don't see much difference in options with the 2 picks to give up a young performing asset.
  18. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    I’ve seen more Chubb at 1.02 then Jones or Michel, but not nearly as much as Guice.
  19. Waivers aren't on calendar

    His opportunity would still be there next week. I'm not after the player and don't care, but MBC was just provided a waiver opportunity I and everyone else was not. I do not leave waiver submissions hanging out there if nothing is showing on the calendar. Just my
  20. Waivers aren't on calendar

    The better move here would of been to schedule waivers for the next Wednesday and let them all start there. Anyone that may have been after that player and didn't put in a waiver after checking the league calendar and seeing nothing was scheduled just had the opportunity taken away from them.
  21. Waivers aren't on calendar

    Why did a manual waiver process just run?
  22. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Here's some other BoTH leagues that have just recently finished up. FDSB - 12 Team ConFusion - 16 Team Dynasty Wars - 16 Team Dynasty Wars II - 16 Team Dynasty Wars III - 14 Team and for good measure here's a 12 team Devy - Another F'n Devy
  23. Rashaad Penny

    I've seen Guice, Penny, Michel, Jones, and Chubb drafted at 1.2 across various leagues.
  24. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Safety in the first round...