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  1. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Think there needs to be at least a minimum enforced, or else what's the point of a devy league if only 6 people do it. Was thinking more along the line of having a 14 player DTS, 10 for rookies 2 for devy, and the last 2 flex for whatever you choose (rookie or devy) with a minor stipulation of a max of 3 offensive devys on any DTS (so if carrying 4 devy you need at least 1 defensive player). Give flexibility to owners to choose how they build but keeps the intent of the league. Just my
  2. Ongoing Rules Talk

    So what we got on docket this year? 1. DTS Size - suggestions mentioned so far include increasing number for rookie spots, having flexible DTS spot(s), adding a defensive devy spot, and Heisman cash 2. Franchise Tag - did we need to revisit anything on it after the setup last year and it's currently missing in the rules. 3. Clarifying Dates - Clarifying rules for a specific day yet flexible date for events like off-season waiver runs, rookie draft, and roster deadline. Had mentioned schedule generation but will see how that works out after divisions are realigned. So will skip that for now. What else we got and when we going to get conversation started here? April and RFA are not far.
  3. The New Rotoworld Format

    You are not alone brother.
  4. Finance thread

    Well Harley's friend wanted Bo's team (Wolverines) no? This seems like a win-win!
  5. Tannehill traded to TEN

    Not draft eligible till 2021 though, ain't no fans waiting that long.
  6. Tannehill traded to TEN

    He's too far out. Tua is their goal.
  7. Tannehill traded to TEN

    NO! No QB! The tank is here my friends. Bring on garbage time Bortles! We need losers here till the 2020 draft! Oh and ya, its gonna be a long shameful year.
  8. OBJ to Browns

    That. Was. Awesome.
  9. No worries, figured so. Tanking is the hope for the 2020 class, but it is also the Dolphins who find new and inventive ways to (the really bad word) everything up each year so guess we'll wait and see. Hopefully things improve for the Broncos once the ownership problem is resolved. Might seem callous and possibly even a bit morbid, but by this point I believe Dolphin faithful will have to wait for old man Ross to keel over before they'll see a change in Miami. You know, provided the jackass hasn't moved the team to somewhere else or some other chalupa move to destroy the team before then.
  10. Sorry, I don't see this as a problem this year.
  11. I'm confident Fournette and Foles have enough in them to fill the void (of complaints that is).
  12. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    As others have mentioned, good trade for the value on the Raiders end. But the win/loss is going to come in paying him an extra $30mil. He performs over the next 2 years than good on them; If not it'll be just another poor decision by a franchise classified as dysfunctional. The safer bet is the latter at this time. Do think its very interesting that only a couple of teams were in at that small draft pick cost.
  13. Really beginning to doubt he plays at all this year.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Pretty sure scoop is referring to a rookie draft and not the NFL draft. Think that maybe the confusion.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

  16. Finance thread

    May want to PM or email Darin, I see him active elsewhere so hopefully he'll respond. Maybe @Tford can advise on our status or help out with this?
  17. Landon Collins

    Also he'd be a waste in the Pats system IMO. Rather seem him in a true box safety scheme.
  18. Landon Collins

    Think its just $. Giants don't have much room and almost 12 mil for 1 year maybe too much. I think the recent safety contracts the past 2 years have not been very large either so the tag maybe a little on the high side, but I haven't broken down any numbers to confirm that.
  19. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    This draft is going to be a lot of fun for those in IDP dynasty. So many ways you can go with this one.
  20. Finance thread

    @darin3 Any updates? Saw you had responses else where, did those not pan out?
  21. Ravens cut Alex Collins

    UDFA tend to be jags. Gotta be honest, don't expect this case to be any different. Ravens will have a different back everyone will be speculatively coveting by then end of next year. But here's the thing, you want a BAL RB? Draft the (the really bad word)ing QB, cause he can't throw for manure.
  22. Rivera make me laugh. Last year its all "oh ya we're going to give him as much as he can handle", now its "we need to lighten his load". Well ok then...
  23. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

  24. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

    It is a pretty manurety attempt at a nickname. Just IMO though.