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    So close to end it like this. My feet will be forever cold....
  2. They're all free agents. Its really out of the Vikings hands.
  3. What is going on with the Browns?

    Well 1 would be trending up. Sorry, low hanging fruit and all...
  4. I speak simply and I mean what I say. You have yet again taken your own bias and implied it into my posts. You then turn around and attack with your misconceptions. That is not how you debate a topic, and is quite frankly hypocritical you. You say you love to talk football, but I'm guessing many don't like discussing it with you because you are the type to shout until people simply stop talking. Blowhards I am willing to discuss with, but hypocritical blowhards are not worth the effort. Some friendly advise...start with the man in the mirror.
  5. This does not answer the question posed to you. Please advise, again, where I was anti-patriot or biased. Also please note on your side point, I will assume that all teams wish to either retain their assets they have deemed valuable or sell them at peak value, because it is hard to imagine any franchise would not want to do that. That is the very essence of asset management.
  6. Exact quote... Please again explain how this shows an anti-patriot stance or bias based on being a fan of a different team. The Pats did not sell him at peak value, and did not retain him if that was their intent. So again, I'd like to know where I am attacking the Patriots and making unreasonable observations based on my bias. It is possible to call a specific action, in this case the Jimmy G. trade, a mistake and indeed not imply the "doom of the franchise" as you so eloquently constantly try to force onto my opinion. I used lose/lose to show they did not achieve either objective in the trade (sell high or retain) and have not implied any other affect on the team from that. Again, will ask how this is an attack or a biased view based on the exact words stated.
  7. Bored this morning so I'll bite. Please show me where I have taken an anti-patriots stance or made a biased comment due to being a Dolphins fan.
  8. Well most were shouted away if they had a differing opinion, even if it was a reasonable one. Plus the topic has shifted from the original posted ESPN article and other things to how Pats fans view and value Brady, which was never a debated topic.

    I forsee cold feet in your future.
  10. Bears hire Chiefs OC Matt Nagy as HC

    Guess will find out if running Hunt only 10 times a game was Reid or Nagy now...Plus move for Cohen as Nagy should know how to use him. E2A - Should say know how to use him better.
  11. My apologies for pointing out your hypocrisy while you insult every poster that does not follow your narrative. Carry on...
  12. Oh the irony of this thread...
  13. Coaching changes

    Eh...just trying to broaden your horizons. Hate away my friend, I'd prefer other candidates too if the Dolphins were looking.
  14. Sigh... Jimmy Garappolo trade rumors from April Hard to say what you would of gotten when you won't even take any offers.
  15. Nope, not what I typed or implied...yet again. Not going to bother, you only read what you want to hear anyways.
  16. Sigh...You know it is possible to talk about one specific situation and show they made a mistake. Didn't say nor imply that it was going to doom the franchise. Guess this is you not wearing those rose colored glasses right? Was it absolutely the right move to hold on to someone even yourself admitted didn't think would sign a bridge deal only to get a refund? All while trading away your other "insurance policy" in September when it should be abundantly clear that you could not retain Jimmy?
  17. That Pats didn't sell Jimmy at his peak value and didn't retain him if he truly does turn out to be the next coming. Lose/Lose either way you want to try and frame it. Again, rare mistake for the Pats but definitely a mistake none the less in my view. Don't think being an "outsider" makes it any more or less black and white.
  18. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    +1, this is how you ruin franchises. I expect Carr will be going full goth by the end of the year.
  19. Down to 15....

  20. No matter how its framed, I don't see how the Jimmy trade is going to be considered anything but a mistake. Not that the Patriots have them often, but in this case it does appear so. Reports were in the offseason that Patriots would not talk about trading Jimmy and wanted to sign him to a bridge contract. Yet here we all were thinking that no way was he ever going to sign a bridge contract, that he wanted to start and showed he could during Tom's suspension. So in the end they hold on to him just to trade him for a refund. When they realistically and reportedly could of gotten more for him in the offseason from QB needy teams like Chicago, San Francisco, and Cleveland. That at best, smells of desperation. So in the end the results are: - Jimmy flops and the Patriots could of gotten more for trading him in the 2017 offseason or - Jimmy succeeds and the Patriots missed out on a successor for Brady But hey, at least they got that 2.9 or 2.10.
  21. Coaching changes

    He doesn't expect too Plus that article is 5 years really its like expecting Cowher to return at this point. Out long enough and the game passes you by. E2A - I honestly don't think highly of him as a HC.
  22. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    NFL Matchup? (Cut the cord some time ago so maybe wrong.) Regardless isn't Jaws currently a free agent?
  23. Coaching changes

    I get many Belichick assistants haven't panned out and/or many think he's a product of Tom Brady, but he was also the QB coach. Based off Jimmy G and Brissett's performances this year, his ability to fill multiple roles, and the maturation over these years since his first HC gig, there's reason to believe he has the potential to be a good HC. Not saying he will be, just saying wouldn't dismiss him so easily.
  24. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Starting to feel bad for any fans of either teams in the state of Ohio.