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  1. Crowell wipes butt with football

    Hope these 3 games for Tyrod are enough to show he is just not good. Hell playing in a Haley system which needs a QB willing to throw downfield made him look even worse.
  2. Not sold on Saquan

    Don't think I've ever agreed with you more.
  3. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    Quite frankly, I think Tomlin's doormat style of player discipline has not helped the cause there. Just my opinion so lemme know if I'm wrong, but things like this and the video in the locker room last year...drama keeps on happening there.
  4. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    Really need my manurety teams that are suppose to be losing to actually start losing. Looks like they'll both go 2-0 at this point and that's no bueno.
  5. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    Will again put out a general caution, that the Julio level of play was 5 years ago. He has not shown that level since. Hard not to think father time has already won here.
  6. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    Ya sorry, bad phrasing in the OP. Maybe he should of gone with a different pair.
  7. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    I just don't think there's a shot in hell he will come close to the level of a HoF Moss and 2007 Brady.
  8. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

  9. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    The amount of continuous hype Mary Jane Gordon has gotten over the past 5 years since he last actually did something is rivaling Huddle board favorite Christine Michael.
  10. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    May have been trying to drum up trade value or as mentioned something new has popped up. Totally agree the timing is odd.
  11. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    The timing maybe odd but this was a long time coming.
  12. Joe Mixon may need surgery

    2nd RB I've lost in one of my locals. Turning into a banner year for that league.
  13. Lock Team Down Or No?

    Ah memories...thanks BJ!
  14. Lock Team Down Or No?

    Thought that was AE not Tuna, unless they both did it (cause I don't remember Tuna too well).
  15. Stat of the Day

    Anyone else got any fun stats today?
  16. Not sure if Jonnu is ready just yet, but considering him in a local where I lost Walker over some of the other waiver fodder. Also another question is going to be who's getting him the ball? Gabbert this week?
  17. touching QB = roughing

    Watching Rodgers go out yesterday, I half expected them to just make another rule on the spot and red shirt all QBs. Seems like we're going that way anyways.
  18. Week 1 conclusions

    You're right, which is why I first mentioned the history of it. You know, those years playing in Buffalo where should of learned how to deal with wind/rain and all that.
  19. Week 1 conclusions

    Ben doesn't have a history of less then mediocrity, Tyrod does. The other two barely have a history, so ya sure he's better then a couple backups that have played much less then him. I get you want to defend your team, but Ben was still able to complete over 50% of his passes for a 8.2 yard avg in the same poor weather on a road game (and history has not been kind for Ben's home/away splits in recent years cause he has faults too) where as Tyrod did 38% and 4.9 yard avg at home. Blame weather if you want, but IMO that only makes it more apparent those that are not good. Isn't bad weather a staple of playing in the AFC North?
  20. Week 1 conclusions

    Not to diminish the gritty performance and all by Aaron, but that play really was just piss poor defense and mistakes by the Bears. I'd credit that and Cobb for that play and not so much Aaron.
  21. This particular poster does not contribute anything across all the forums he's posted in. All his topics/posts are about his very poorly ran league(s) which he spams and bumps over and over again. He has done it across multiple forums and has either been booted or stopped posting after moderators address it with him. Simply put he is not here for conversation about anything but him and due to the moderation snafu this forum has I just recommend adding him to ignore for all those that are uninterested.
  22. Week 1 Milk Carton

    That's Andy Reid's M.O., been that way since McNabb days.
  23. Week 1 conclusions

    When you have 6(!) turnovers and a differential of 5(!), you should not lose. Completely agree with these. For anyone that thinks Tyrod is a good QB, I have a bridge to sell you.