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  1. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    I’ve seen more Chubb at 1.02 then Jones or Michel, but not nearly as much as Guice.
  2. Waivers aren't on calendar

    His opportunity would still be there next week. I'm not after the player and don't care, but MBC was just provided a waiver opportunity I and everyone else was not. I do not leave waiver submissions hanging out there if nothing is showing on the calendar. Just my
  3. Waivers aren't on calendar

    The better move here would of been to schedule waivers for the next Wednesday and let them all start there. Anyone that may have been after that player and didn't put in a waiver after checking the league calendar and seeing nothing was scheduled just had the opportunity taken away from them.
  4. Waivers aren't on calendar

    Why did a manual waiver process just run?
  5. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Here's some other BoTH leagues that have just recently finished up. FDSB - 12 Team ConFusion - 16 Team Dynasty Wars - 16 Team Dynasty Wars II - 16 Team Dynasty Wars III - 14 Team and for good measure here's a 12 team Devy - Another F'n Devy
  6. Rashaad Penny

    I've seen Guice, Penny, Michel, Jones, and Chubb drafted at 1.2 across various leagues.
  7. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Safety in the first round...
  8. Seminoles 2018 Roster moves

    This is correct, easy mode has been enabled for those that can't do deadlines.
  9. Which WR should I move?

    I'd honestly move whoever gets you the most return out of Funchess, Lee and Robinson. Out of the 3 I think Robinson has the most potential for success and wouldn't hesitate losing either Funchess or Lee. Carolina has ranked in the bottom half for pass attempts for 4 or more years now and don't see Funchess getting a large share of those with a healthy Olsen/CMC and a new rook in town. Lee could be one of the starters, or could be the 6th WR on a team that is full of mediocre wideouts (and QB for that matter).
  10. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I'm in favor of this regardless...10 is kind of a small number.
  11. Trade AGB/Beirut

    Angry Groper Brewhounds gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 6.08; Year 2018 Draft Pick 6.12 Beirut Shisha gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 6.03
  12. Rashaad Penny

    Honestly, monitoring the BoTH forums and Other League forums is probably the best way since the openings don't always reach the Find a League forum. Most dynasty leagues are already into the season (tend to recruit in February), but the keeper/redraft leagues will probably start recruiting around late July/early August. I'd browse through and see if any have a format you like (most have rules stickied at the top). The 32 team leagues are always looking for people for sure and usually there is 1-2 openings in the various 12-16 team leagues. If you see someone post they are out this year in the typical "Rollcall" type threads, I'd PM whoever is running it if you're interested. Most GMs hate recruiting so its nice when they don't have to fish for people. I'll be back in Redraft Wars (12 team IDP) and 32 HomARRRRRRS (32 team PPR) this year but have diverted mainly to dynasty leagues these last couple years.
  13. Rashaad Penny

    There's openings in BoTH leagues every year ya know...
  14. C.J. Anderson released

    Until he catches a pass while breaking at least an arm and a leg and hangs on to that pass while in the endzone preferably scoring a game winning TD, he will never be as great as his father to me.
  15. trade hounds/drag

  16. tl;dr - looks fair for back in the day so no.
  17. Devy Player Tracker

    Tell that to 2.3...waited 12 hours just to be sniped from my wife's alma mater player. Going to hear about it tonight.
  18. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 2.4 - Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina
  19. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

    Will be offline for the next 2.5 hours due to physical therapy. Just an FYI in case I hold anything up.
  20. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 1.4 - Cam Akers RB Florida State
  21. Rashaad Penny

    Fluker is poorly rated with an injury history. Not sure how more time will help Duane, don't think he was really having problems running the appropriate blocks last year. I know Fant was having a good camp last year, but that's all there is at this point. He was not good in 2016 and is not assured to even be a starter this year as it looks like he'll be competing with Ifedi who was again not good last year. I guess that's my major hang up here, other then Duane its been two years of bad line and all those players are still there and expected to be used. I'm glad they have more blocking TEs now, but that still doesn't fix 4 bad starters. If it turns out differently I'll come back here and eat my words, but at this point I think any runner behind that line is (the really bad word)ed, and worse worry they will get Russel killed.
  22. Rashaad Penny

    Care to explain this one? The only O-line move all off season is a 5th round draft pick.
  23. Rashaad Penny

    Dead man are any others that try to run behind that line.
  24. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I think the language looks alright too...think you've done lost your mind.
  25. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Not gonna lie, I'm confused here. Everything with the draft order looks good to me.