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  1. Sketchy Trade

    You know what's sketchy? Hit and run posters. Sketchy as (the really bad word).
  2. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Problem is when he's used too much or incorrectly he tends to break. He's been pretty brittle so far.
  3. And down go the Patriots

    Just hoping this crap fluke play doesn't cause another year of Tannehill, Gase, and whoever the (the really bad word) the GM is. Blow it up already you pretenders.

    Yes, and No (in tackle heavy anyways).
  5. 2010 must of been a down year, I don't remember Sam ever being any good.
  6. James Conner ruled out for week 14

    The scoring should match the position. So if for instance you had a 5 point bonus for 100 yards rushing as an RB, if he was started as a TE you would not see that bonus. Only some type of weird bonus like that could make me consider not putting him in the TE slot though. Generally rushing, receiving, and touchdown scoring is the same across RB/WR/TE and in some PPR leagues TE even get more per reception which would make him a very appealing TE play.
  7. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Well the disparity between those who think he is being colluded against and those who just think he is not a good QB with extra baggage is for some odd reason quite large.
  8. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    It would be great if Steve and others could just ignore you, but since the system is literally broke and doesn't allow anyone to put you on ignore we're all stuck watching you bicker with people constantly. @DMD, anything we can do to fix this?
  9. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    manurety league reflects manurety management. Theme of every thread from the OP.
  10. PLAYOFF BRACKET Question

    ESPN defaults give 1 spot to each division champ and the rest to best records overall regardless of division. It also uses total points if there's a tie for those spots.
  11. AGB - Trade Board

    Heading to Vegas this weekend so hit me up before Friday if anything interests, may or may not respond this weekend otherwise.
  12. AGB - Trade Board

    Allen, Josh BUF QB Mayfield, Baker CLE QB Barber, Peyton TBB RB Drake, Kenyan MIA RB Henry, Derrick TEN RB Howard, Jordan CHI RB Doctson, Josh WAS WR Hollins, Mack PHI WR Watkins, Sammy KCC WR Westbrook, Dede JAC WR Burton, Trey CHI TE Ngakoue, Yannick JAC DE Sheard, Jabaal IND DE Tuitt, Stephon PIT DE Williams, Leonard NYJ DE Hicks, Jordan PHI LB Jack, Myles JAC LB Milano, Matt BUF LB Walker, Anthony IND LB Jackson, Adoree TEN CB Diggs, Quandre DET S Edmunds, Terrell PIT S Jones, Josh GBP S Still the same, picks, pick moves, and/or players/prospect upgrades for a package. No cash only deals.
  13. Gus Edwards

    Yep, Lamar Jackson.
  14. Hey your league does its thing that's great, but the above drives me nuts. Its really not any more complicated, its just different than what your doing now.
  15. As far as I know all the freebies now have it as an option as well as any pay site. The amount you want to use is arbitrary though $100 seems to be common. If there's a tie then it would go to the tiebreakers which may or may not be altered depending on website but usually are record than overall points.
  16. Seriously, it is the most fair way setup and is no harder than prioritizing which round of waivers needs to go where in order to get the guys you want. All three my locals were skeptical too, but after trying it for one season they all voted unanimously to keep the setup and not one person has ever since said they liked priority waivers better. Just food for thought.
  17. AGB Roster Moves

    Moved Lawson, Carl and Kirksey, Christian to IR.
  18. AGB Roster Moves

    Moved White, Kyzir to IR
  19. Local I'm in was 1 for 25 before we went to decimal, so .04 per yard. Surprisingly enough,we've had a tie since switching and the closest win was by .02 though I couldn't tell you the break down on how that happened now.
  20. Nice, that breaks down to what? 1 passing yard? Hope you don't have to worry about stat corrections.
  21. Bears

    No offense but this is another variant of these "if you take away this play" statements. You can't give them losses that didn't happen and say "look how bad they are!" It simply does not work that way. You are what your record says you are. They are a contending team in the Norse.