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  1. He has no real leverage this year. Would be more concerned if this isn't handled by next year.
  2. Connor and Chubb absolutely present value but they also have more risk. Would still rather have the talent of Barkley easily. Unless you are picking 1.01 or 1.02, I would not pass him up.
  3. One contract to rule them all...
  4. Draft advice please

    Pretty sure doesn't belong in this forum, but ya get the 1 and lock up Barkley for your next 3 years. Advantageous in a required 2 RB league to get a young potentially generational talent that doesn't have any current discipline concerns.
  5. Need Help Selecting keepers

    Drake and Miller offer little to no value at those rounds. Just not far off from where they'd go in a 10 man anyways and they are shaky at best in terms of prognostications for the year. Barber is ugh...even at that round. Is he the back, is he not, does Arians even care? He's not the gamble I'd want. Leaves Cohen, Godwin, and Moore. Cohen is massively intriguing in a PPR based off last years numbers. Of course it's not last year and Montgomery could possibly get in the way, but regardless you kind of have to take that chance with that super low cost. I like both Godwin and Moore to step up this year, but it's a coin flip on deciding between them. Godwin in Arian's system and with that cost is great, but he has a lower floor and higher chance of being a bust than Moore. Moore's 10th round cost is a bit more prohibitive to me and I have concerns about both team and QB stability in Carolina could diminish his return on investment. So where to put the risk? /shrug Personally I'd probably go Cohen and Godwin, but wouldn't fault any combo of Cohen/Godwin/Moore.
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    WTF is wrong with you? Link to where anyone said beating a child is acceptable? Know what nevermind, you are not worth the effort. I hope you'll be better in the future, but I won't be viewing your posts anymore.
  7. Tyreek Hill again...

    And others can have opinions about your opinions and will even judge you for them...especially when you say stupid manure like that. I'll leave you to your hypocrisy.
  8. Tyreek Hill again...

    And yet here you are, still playing fantasy leagues and giving the NFL what they want (clicks, ratings, whatever gets them $). Sad to say, but as long as you keep supporting the system while you rage on you're not going to get far brother.
  9. Probably why Cowboys and Pats top this list. Single biggest factor for popularity across all sports in my opinion. Its why the GD Cubs fans are everywhere (WGN) and Notre Dame football still doesn't even need to join a conference. Hell, outside of possibly Antarctica there isn't a single continent that hasn't broadcasted a Manchester United game.
  10. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Who exactly did he develop? Also something to consider is any QB "success" he had was when he was a QB Coach or maybe OC.
  11. Oh I know...and that's one of the reasons I'm not for it in anyway. But gotta be realistic brother, they simply cannot handle an 18 game schedule. Whether its because of the minimum amount of game time practice they've negotiated into the CBA or because players are simply bigger/faster/stronger (supposedly), adding more games is just going to expand an ever increasing IR situation. Just can't see it happening without 2 bye weeks to give some kind of regular rest interval.
  12. Only see it working with 2 bye weeks per team.
  13. river city reform roster moves 2019

    Can drop multiple players using the Owners - Drop Players option on the website.
  14. Dynasty - Hunter Henry vs Zach Ertz

    Offer is light, would not sell Ertz for that price.
  15. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    Jets drama feeds my soul...
  16. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    In 4 rookie drafts as we speak and 5th start next week. Hmm...maybe it would have been better to ask what type of league this is for. Honestly other then dynasty rookie drafts or dynasty startups just don't think it does much now to prognosticate this far for redrafts or keepers. Maybe if you want to draft a bestball this early but ugh...better off joining a dynasty league instead IMO.
  17. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    Kind of early for this question no?
  18. Tyreek Hill again...

    Rae Carruth would like you to hold his beer...
  19. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    Thx. Still good with that little cost.
  20. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    62nd pick instead of the 48..well done.
  21. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    Arizona with little leverage. Dolphins apparently balked at the 2nd round price.
  22. Tyreek Hill again...

    When it rains...