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  1. river city reform roster moves 2019

    Can drop multiple players using the Owners - Drop Players option on the website.
  2. Dynasty - Hunter Henry vs Zach Ertz

    Offer is light, would not sell Ertz for that price.
  3. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    Jets drama feeds my soul...
  4. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    In 4 rookie drafts as we speak and 5th start next week. Hmm...maybe it would have been better to ask what type of league this is for. Honestly other then dynasty rookie drafts or dynasty startups just don't think it does much now to prognosticate this far for redrafts or keepers. Maybe if you want to draft a bestball this early but ugh...better off joining a dynasty league instead IMO.
  5. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    Kind of early for this question no?
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    Rae Carruth would like you to hold his beer...
  7. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    Thx. Still good with that little cost.
  8. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    62nd pick instead of the 48..well done.
  9. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    Arizona with little leverage. Dolphins apparently balked at the 2nd round price.
  10. Tyreek Hill again...

    When it rains...
  11. I love Hollywood going to Baltimore. Don't even have to consider drafting the tiny guy now (unless a steep fall in ADP occurs).
  12. Tyreek Hill again...

    While I understand what your saying, I don't necessarily agree with how it's said. I also believe they probably share many similarities in how they were raised, but with that being said AP's actions as far as we know were to discipline his child. While I strongly disagree with AP's method in that instance, there has been no other indications of consistent abuse towards either that child or his other ones. Hill represents a whole different level then AP IMO. From the various information gathered on Hill so far be it past or present, I can only assume he is consistently violent to those around him for no other rationale than his own anger, issues, whatever. I just can't find him comparable to AP. I'd honestly put Hill's comparison level at Vick...maybe even Carruth but that may be a little extreme currently.
  13. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    Gordon just got bumped down even further. He's wire fodder in redraft at this point.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Happy Draft All!
  15. "Who's the most desperate guy you know?" ~ Draft Day

    And you're a better person because of that. Won't say it's Waterworld bad...actually it may not be far off.
  16. Frank Clark to KC

    How many defensive ends does one team need to get in the offseason?
  17. Carl Spackler was a Cinderella story, out of nowhere, former greenskeeper, who become the Masters Champion.
  18. Tyreek Hill again...

    Got to disagree. If the system has determined that the child is in enough danger to remove custody from Hill, then they flat out have reason to believe the safety of the child cannot be guaranteed. They have nothing to do with money or a dispute between parents.