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  1. our next president

    Wake up. The World has been feeding off USA for years. Of coarse they don't like to lose the free ride. That's what is great about Trump. Trump owes these climate control moneymaking scam artist nothing. Privatizing air traffic control is great in several ways. More great things to come. Sheep just keep focusing on Russia smokescreen while the new government is cleaning the swamp. Trump tweets and the media jumps this a good thing. its common sense and will be done in 3 to 6 months. VA and DOD will be on the same data base.
  2. our next president

    Long Live King Trump! Our country is great again. He has no special interest to bow down to. I love what he has done so far. Just waiting to get the courts in line and it will be World watch America roar again.
  3. our next president

    trump rocks
  4. our next president

    I smell a lock
  5. Hi!

    Is Moneymakers still around?
  6. The Revival of the Tailgate!

    Revive the Tailgate right before a Presidential election. Let the fun begin . I foresee many of these . Yes this place used to be alot of fun. .
  7. Eye Glasses

    spend the ten grand and get robot eyes
  8. Spain

    is it fate that I decided to check and see what was going on in the tailgate today?

    contactor - getting low voltage from transformer. it on a separate breaker/fuse this is just a guess without actually looking at the unit.
  10. Quote of the Day

    "Obama did not end the war in Iraq. David Petraeus did. Obama threw away the fruits of victory." -Charles Krauthammer
  11. Happy 420

    Miller has it right. the 4 20 generation is going to be great for America. I will mow your grass 4 20.00 I will wash your car 4 20.00 ect ect
  12. I gots me some Miley cryus tickets today

    Sold my tickets yesterday.
  13. I gots me some Miley cryus tickets today

    Tickets are now worth two times the money.
  14. Shirley Temple has Died

    she did not get the big bucks the kid celebrities get now.
  15. Well if the little girl never spelt her water. none of this would of ever happened.