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  1. First Sig bet of the Season?

    QUOTE(darin3 @ 6/20/05 06:25pm) No real running game? Huh? Bennett's healthy for the first time leading into a season. Moore proved he is a borderline stud when given the featured role. Williams is a competent short-yardage guy. What's not to like here? No Moss? OK so C-Pepp's numbers dipped when Moss was out... for the INITIAL game Moss was out. The following games, C-Pepp locked on with Burleson, Wiggins, and ran a bit more. The continuance of C-Pepp to Burleson will be even more pronounced this season. The addition of a speedy Williamson will also help. There is still an advantage for C-Pepp's rushing TDs because he's the only QB that gets them with any regularity. He'll throw just as many TDs as any other QB (save Manning and perhaps 1-2 others), but it's his ability to RUSH for TDs that makes him special. He will be top 5. Probably top 3. All I got to say is 5 more ints will not get you into the top 5 lone the top 3.
  2. First Sig bet of the Season?

    hmmmm No vikings on my team. I think culpepper is on pace to shatter the all time int record.
  3. Rove is gonna get conviceted

    Maybe we ought to impeach Clinton. oh wait we already did. Did he step down or get removed from his throne. Did he go to jail?
  4. Superbowl XXXX

    I have a Barry Sanders jersey. Waiting Still Waiting : Rebuilding Another year New coach finally Getting better New season with lots of promise Detroit Lions Super Bowl Champions
  5. How do you differ from your political label?

    I am just a messenger. The Holy Spirit is what brings people to Christ. The question is how do I differ from my political label. One could say that my political label would be a believer in Christ.
  6. How do you differ from your political label?

    Yes our Loving God will forgive you/me of our sins. But you must repent and ask for forgiveness first. If you are unwilling to do that. Eternal death awaits you.
  7. How do you differ from your political label?

    Death penalty on Abortion homosexuality and child molestation and rape. DWI and DUI Free and equal education for all. funding for schools should not come from property taxes. War criminals/terrorist should be treated as property of the military. Use any means possible to obtain information. Humans rights were lost when they decided to kill/terrorize. Americans should have the right to practice/choose any worship they want. This does not include religions that contradict the constitution of the U.S. Welfare needs to be abolished and replaced with work programs for food vouchers and housing to provide incentive to get off government program. Drug dealers to be treated the same as war criminals/terrorist. Property of the military. Use any means to get info. Death row should be 1 week. Should be broadcast live on T.V. All prisoners and persons on probation will be mandatory to watch or will be in violation of probation/parole. Huddle boards should be for paying customers only. abolish the 2-3-2 format for the NBA finals and go back to the 2-2-1-1-1.
  8. Kenny Rogers

    with pay
  9. DirectTV's Superfan

    NFL Sunday Ticket Get the 2005 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for 4 payments of $54.75 (available to existing DIRECTV customers only). That's a $20 savings off the regular-season price. Get 2005 NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ SuperFan™, an optional add-on for only $99 in 2 payments of $49.50. Click here to learn more. send check and or money order to Moneymakers INC This will entitle you to all N.F.L games. even the blacked out ones. If you act now. To the first 50 customers Moneymakers INC will throw in a free HD T.V. Insert small print here: no amount of cash can fully guaranteed The NFL package. Insert even smaller print her: free HD T.V is picture of and most likely will not be mailed anyways.
  10. Koren Robinson...where is he?

    Koren has Raider football written all over him. Miami pretty could about picking up has been receivers also.
  11. What is a locked topic?

  12. What is a locked topic?

    go on for a really
  13. What is a locked topic?

    post padding threads
  14. What is a locked topic?

    I have seen
  15. What is a locked topic?

    but you never know