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  1. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    Man, that is bad! No wonder you want to trade for a defense! For this week, I would pick up the Seahawks and start them against the Cards. I'm not sure what you should do after that though.
  2. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    Now THAT I like! McNabb is going to put up some insane numbers this year. Everyone knows about T.O., Westbrook and Smith, but I think Lewis and Brown are also significant upgrades over Pinkston and Mitchell.
  3. Here's one for you..

    Palmer. He just has too many options on offense. Even the fullback (Jeremi Johnson) can catch the ball and now Chris Perry is becomming a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. The Bears aren't going to be able to cover everybody and they can't afford to leave the middle open for Rudi either.
  4. Alex Smith?

    I wouldn't give up on Cooley yet. He had a score called back on a penalty in Week One and the entire Redskins offense was sputtering throughout most of Monday night's game.
  5. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    Parker has a lot more upside, but Dillon is the safest option. Even if he continues to struggle with yardage, he'll still get plenty of scores.
  6. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    That's my take as well. Westbrook is a stud, but there's not a big enough difference between him and Parker right now to be worth taking the hit at WR. DJax is one of the most reliable WRs in Fantasy Football. He's not a stud in that he probably won't give you 20 points any given week, but he will rarely give you less than 10. Given the inconsistency of the WR position, that's money.
  7. Trade Advice -- What do you think of this?

    I don't care how stacked you are at RB. That is a HORRIBLE deal. The Patriots defense hasn't looked very sharp so far this season. Take away that Vrabel INT for a TD (which was just a bad play by Delhomme) and they've done next to nothing. I think they'll get better as the season wears on, but NO fantasy defense is worth a stud RB, and until further notice, I think we have to start thinking of Parker as a stud. I was skeptical too even though I drafted him, but he's got the endorsement of the entire Steelers organization, so I'm just about sold. Are the Bengals available? They were a top ten Fantasy defense last year, they're a top ten fantasy defense this year, and they've got a cake schedule. Right off the top of my head, they've got the Bears, Texans, Packers, Lions, Ravens (twice) and Browns again. It doesn't get much better than that!
  8. Which Defense

    I think they missed the boat on that one. Take away Vrabel's INT return for a TD (which was a horrible play by Delhomme, not a great play by Vrabel) and they have three sacks, one fumble recovery and have given up 20 points two weeks in a row. I think they will perform much better as the season wears on, but not against a team like the Steelers that plays mistake free football. This week I'm benching them in favor of the Bengals. (Who were a Top Five fantasy defense last year as well, at least under my league's scoring system.)
  9. Please Help with Trade Advice

    You're upgrading your starters considerably and downgrading your depth moderately, so I think it's a great trade for you.
  10. who would you rather have?..........

    Dillon. The Pats always stuggle a bit early. When the cold weather kicks in and they can play their style of game, Dillon will start posting big numbers again. I like Jackson, but he has Martz' play calling to contend with.
  11. trade offer

    That about sums it up. Marvin Lewis has been a patient man and all of the pieces are finally starting to come together. Meanwhile, the wheels are starting to come off in Houston.
  12. Need a reason NOT to do this trade...

    Give me a couple more weeks of dropped passes and missed opportunities and I'll be right there with you! I'm starting to think I drafted the poor man's Dante Stallworth! At least I got him in the 7th round though, and as a WR3 I can't complain too much. Sorry the deal didn't work out better for you Chavez, but I think anytime you can get Duece, you're doing well. I'm not sure why your trade partner has such a thing for Burleson, but more power to him.
  13. trade advice

    It's a fair deal, but I agree with Tony. I'd rather have Bulger. Jadey - I like that deal myself. DJax is good, but Owens is a stud.
  14. Help me with my proposal

    The only problem is that it's not a TE manditory league. If it was, then Parker and Gonzo for Owens might fly, but since it's not, I wouldn't bite if I was the Owens owner. In fact, I'd rather just roll with Tiki and Owens and play the matchup game with Green and Taylor.
  15. Baltimore D

    I know where you're coming from because I'm having similar problems with the Patriots defense. Take away that Vrabel INT return for a TD and they've done next to nothing. However, like the Ravens, they are an elite unit and they will bounce back sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I dropped Kevin Curtis and picked up the Bengals defense to play this week, because I don't like the Patriots matchup with the Steelers. As far as the Bengals are concerned, their first two games are no fluke. In my league, they finished in the Top Five fantasy defenses last season as well. I think we all tend to forget that Lewis was the man that built that Ravens defense in the first place. It shouldn't be a surprise that the Bengals force so many turnovers. Oh, to answer you question, drop Franks and get the Bucs. They look like they're for real.