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  1. Officiating

    The NFL is a joke. It's amazing I can watch a full day of college football on a Saturday starting at 11:00 am and continue until midnight across multiple conferences and can rarely remember a controversy or an abundance of flags. For a whole day! Then I watch the NFL on Sunday and EVERY GAME has a controversy/abundance of flags. It's a joke.
  2. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Rams are in some trouble here I think. They are the third best team in their own division and Goff is not the answer long term on offense. They are going to be in cap hell for the next 5 years AND have given up a ton of valuable draft capital.
  3. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Yep. He's an ass-hat.
  4. Aaron Jones is a fraud

    I rate that trade a 1.4578
  5. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    I could see that.
  6. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    I'm hearing October 15th.
  7. I remember watching that game in college. If I remember, that was the Chiefs first Monday night game in years. That stadium was pure nuclear that night.
  8. VENTING!!!!!

    Because fantasy football is 89% luck and 11% luck.
  9. What is a catch? redux

    In my unbiased opinion, that was the correct call to reverse that play.
  10. Montgomery

    Sure he could. He could build a playoff team out of Tim Couch.
  11. Montgomery

    He's pretty much Alex Smith.
  12. Montgomery

    I'm pretty sure Reid was calling plays. He may have let Nagy have a turn now and then, and he did this some in 2017, but typically the offensive coordinator in KC has helped with the game plan, and he then relays the calls to the QB during games on the plays called by Reid. Nagy is definitely trying to use Reid's plays for the Bears though. You can see a lot of the same formations. But he clearly doesn't have the feel for the game or how to best use his personnel.
  13. My team fell apart...

  14. Trade HELP

  15. Jalen Ramsey playing status

    If they are really trading him, I'd be shocked the team receiving him wouldn't insist on getting this done before tonight's game. I'd bet money any trade is done by kickoff tonight.