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  1. Who is GB’s WR2

  2. How many leagues?

  3. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    Season ticket holders got first crack at buying tickets. The Chiefs did it by tenure: whoever has owned season tickets the longest got first dibs.
  4. Remember Me & No One

    Still here. Good to see you again. You still chasing storms?
  5. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Agree. Thanks.
  6. how are you watching NFL?

    I save about $80 a month streaming vs cable. All I have is HULU Live, which gets me everything I need plus my local channels. The only thing it doesn't have is NFL Network, but I can live without that. All you need is your phone and a Google Chromecast plugged into your HDMI port on your TV. And streaming from a phone to a television IS the same as cable but a heck of a lot cheaper.
  7. Mike Evans for David Johnson??

  8. I would have picked Clyde Edwards-Hilarious for some reason.
  9. Start Chubb or DJ in half ppr?

    I would start Johnson. I am starting him in my league. He's going to have a big night. I think this game is a shootout, and you are going to be crying in your Coors Light when you have 25 points sitting on your bench while you watch every minute of it.
  10. Philly DST or Chiefs DST?

    I actually like the Chiefs defense tonight. They have special teams ability, and in a year where there were no preseason games to shore up special teams, I wouldn't be shocked if a veteran Chiefs special teams unit comes up big tonight.
  11. Philly DST or Chiefs DST?

    I agree. Play Philly against the Jags this week.
  12. Trade CEH?

    You would be completely insane to get rid of CEH at this point. He is going to be a FF monster in that offense. If you trade him the FF gods will smite you.
  13. Why no love for Bridgewater?

    I like the guy. He could be the bridge over troubled QB waters for you guys.
  14. Drop A Gibson add J Robinson

    Totally depends on your roster.
  15. new league forum

    The huddle has always been so generous with this. Good to see it continue.