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  1. NFL draft - 2021 = Cleveland, 2023 = Kansas City

    You got that right.
  2. NFL draft - 2021 = Cleveland, 2023 = Kansas City

    Should be fun. I'll head down there for sure. If any of you guys decide to come in a few years, send me a PM and I'll buy you a beer.
  3. Frank Clark to KC

    They are clearly following the Giants model of years ago when they kept drafting defensive lineman.
  4. Frank Clark to KC

    Not really. Dee Ford doesn't fit the mode of the defense Spagnoulo wants to run. Edit to add: and really, the Chiefs needed to clean house here. Ford played well last year because he wanted to get paid. Previous to that he had injury after injury and would always sit out a few games a year.
  5. 2019 Vegas Win Total Over/Under

    I would take the over on the Patriots. Their schedule is so freaking easy.
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    Man, you are so wrong here. KC WILL cut him. Clark Hunt will not tolerate it. As for Kareem Hunt, you can hang your hat and your shtick all you want on the lying thing, but neither you or I or anyone but the Chiefs and Kareem Hunt really know what went on between them behind closed doors. Pick apart a press release if you want - that's your personal crusade against verbiage. But enough of this crap about management styles and blah blah blah. The Chiefs took appropriate action with Hunt and they will do the same with Hill.
  7. Don't boil for 5 hrs unless ya like mush. bangshead

  8. I'm gonna boil my ribs, there i said it

  9. Greetings

    Yep. Priest Holmes' MRI: still negative.
  10. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    Yeah, she was hot.
  11. Draft tonight--Need help

    OK. I have the 6th pick in a 12 team redraft. Standard performance scoring. Any idea who might be available? Draft starts in 15 minutes.
  12. Saints/Giants game

    This is such a crock of shat. That was a KC home game for one, and NOBODY can deny the Saints got screwed. It appalls me that people would even defend this.
  13. Saints/Giants game

    I bet New Orleans really appreciates that "home crowd" they got tonight. They got royally screwed. Literally makes me sick listening to the Giants fans. You can almost see it in the Saint's players eyes. They know it's just not fair.
  14. Sterling really likes what he is seeing

    Time to make a "special" play. Gotta be ready to make those plays that are "special".
  15. Holmes is looking old!

    Yeah, Willie Roaf.