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  1. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    Cam Newton is a wanker. He is cooked as a player.
  2. Sky...when I just heard

    Was just coming here to say the same thing. RIP.
  3. So what new thing are you doing?

    I have done the following: 1. Wore a genie outfit for the first time 2. Played Chris Moneymaker poker online with some buddies 3. Played Mystery Husband with my wife 4. Went and got a SuperCut 5. Ironed my Victory Pants 6. AY2FDCBM 7. Tried to come up with One Song. Failed. 8. Tried to enjoy some new crock pot recipes. Spit them up. Left a bad taste in the mouth. 9. Bought some new furniture. My wife likes Bears. 10. Opened a kegg of beer. 11. Went to Spain. Found some bunny love. 12. Looked at a couple of well rounded beakers. 13. Fell in love with a panda. 14. Became a sarge in the army. 15. Styled my hair with a little San Francisco flair. 16. Wrote a poem. Or 352 of them. 17.Explored a cave in the New England area. 18. Watched a little Scooby-Do 19. Tried a pack of extra large trojans. Too big. 20. Went to the beach and became a bum for awhile. 21. gg whomp 22. 23. Wore a hat one of the Czar's of Russia wore in 1945 24. Make a Film 25. Did some squats to tighten my bunz 26. Cleaned some riffraff outta my garage 27. chargerzed up my phone 28. Ate some grits before I got kicked in the shins 29. nuked a burrito in the microwave 30. Painted my bedroom aqua
  4. Playoff Expansion

    Brutal? You serious, Clark? That sounds like football heaven.
  5. Playoff Expansion

    Both ideas are dumb.
  6. Official QB domino thread

    I think this is a game of chicken with Brady. Brady is only 6 TD's behind Brees. Brees has the all time yardage record by 3,000 yards. No way Brees wants Brady to take those from him. As long as Brady plays, Brees plays.
  7. Deal for Dak?

    If Mahomes is smart, he would wait on this contract before he agrees to any extension from the Chiefs. If the Chiefs were smart, they would sigh Mahomes NOW. If Dak gets anything north of $35mil/year, that Mahomes contract is gonna go through the roof.
  8. Philip Rivers released

    As a Chiefs fan, I'm going to miss his turnovers.
  9. Victory Pants 2020

    Well, the Victory Pants are going back into their glass case in the garage. They have fulfilled their destiny. Two World Championships in Kansas City within the last 5 years - impossible without the Victory Pants. I'm not sure I will ever break them out again - but they will be passed down to the children in case they ever need them. I'm 50 years old, and I've seen the impossible happen with my Royals and Chiefs. I'm good.
  10. Saw this picture of Andy Reid, had to post it.

    Indeed. This is so un-Chiefs like. So many gut punches over the years. So many failures in the playoffs by unimaginable collapses. All gone now - poof - because of this guy. Love him.
  11. Jaguars to London?

    Both of the Jags fans in Jacksonville will be sad.
  12. What defines a dynasty

    No matter how you slice it, the Patriots are a dynasty. May truly be the last one we see.
  13. What defines a dynasty

    Win 2 more and then we can talk about a dynasty. Until then, dynasty talk is stupid talk. And by stupid talk, I don't mean you. I mean talking head morans.
  14. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Yeah, I think Shanahan played this about as good as he could. There were a lot of things at play here, and the Mahomes factor is always in play. At the end of the first half, you either choose the: "I need to try and score as many points as I can to combat Mahomes" or "I need to make sure I don't give him back the ball here, especially since I get the ball the start of the 3rd quarter." Both options are essentially correct. I do agree with you that option one should have been the play, mainly because your D was shutting us down, and even 3 points there PLUS the second half kickoff would have given him so many more options. As far as the 4th quarter goes, Shanahan was in no-man's land there. His team scored enough to get the lead in the 3rd quarter, but didn't score enough to really put it out of reach for the Chiefs. So really, in the 4th quarter he HAD to still mix it up as far as I was concerned. The Chiefs were selling out HARD to stop the run, and Shanahan knew that. Some of the passing situations were on Garoppolo, but how can you blame Shanahan for going to him - he had been incredibly efficient all game. And to be honest, the Chiefs defense DID make some plays down the stretch. And made enough to give Mahomes an opening, which is all he needs. The other factor here is that the design of Reid's offense means pass rushers for the opposing D are rushing A LOT for three quarters, AND the speed of our wide-outs means those corners and safeties are chasing those guys around all day. Those two factors helps to explain why the Chiefs offense has that ability to come back. They are literally built for this and also built for tiring out that defense for later in the game. Shanahan and the niners almost played the perfect game.
  15. Victory Pants 2020

    Damn, you're good.