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  1. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Hunt may have to play. Charcandrick West out with the flu. They only have Akeem Hunt on the roster as another rb.
  2. You may have won this one, but the fantasy football gods will smite you for the rest of eternity.
  3. Washington earned this loss

    It was a lateral back from Crowder to Cousins. He never grabbed it, but Reed picked it up and then tried to lateral it back to another player. That's when Houston picked it up. So nobody from the Skins ever recovered a fumble, because there really wasn't one.
  4. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    Philly's D line is no joke. This game is going to be a defensive battler I think. I could see a TON of screens from the Chiefs in this game. I think gil is dead on for this one.
  5. What constitutes collusion?

    I see this one differently. This is exactly collusion. One owner is colluding with another owner to better their team. Yeah, the trade is fair in that in won't raise suspicion, but if the next move COULD raise suspicion because all of a sudden one owner moves the player to acquire another. And this collusion doesn't benefit both parties, but it could REALLY benefit one of the parties if she makes a trade with the player you guys colluded to get (specifically a Steelers player). Especially when both owners are husband and wife. Now, your owners may not care. But to me stuff like this can lead to issues down the road for a commish.
  6. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Bump for today.
  7. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

  8. CBS draft analyzer is correct. That team is horrible.
  9. Mixon currently #4 on the depth chart

    Depends on if he can block. If he can't pass protect, he won't play.
  10. Finding broadcasts. Help? always posts the viewing map for the whole US. Not sure if they have week one yet. They usually post it a few days before each game.
  11. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    Keep an eye on this guy. In Andy Reid's offense this dude could put up good numbers at the RB spot this year.
  12. KC fires GM John Dorsey, extends Andy Reid's contract

    Dorsey was a moron. Good talent evaluator, but terrible as a GM. Dorsey was responsible for the following: 1. The tampering charge when they signed Maclin, which cost them 2 draft picks. 2. Misjudged the market on both Justin Houston and Eric Berry by waiting and signing them to long term deals, thus costing them a ton of money against the cap when they could have signed them a year early. 3. Totally botched the Justin Houston knee injury situation at the end of 2015. 4. Pretty much screwed up the roster signing of Tamba Hali a couple of years ago, thus killing their cap situation once again. 5. Because of the above issues, had to cut Maclin just so they could have the money to sign their freaking draft picks. 6. There are grumbles now around town that Mahomes can't play and that was more of a Dorsey pick than Reid. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.