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  1. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Out of Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, Jackson and Allen, 4 of those guys will be franchise quarterbacks and be in the league 15 years. The Browns will choose the 1 who is not.
  2. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    I think Andy Reid thinks he is smarter than everyone else when it comes to personnel and he just isn't. I think Veach is just a mouthpiece for him and GM in name only. Reid keeping Sutton as D-coordinator convinced me he will never go to a Super Bowl much less win one. He's just an idiot.
  3. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    I personally hate this signing. They spent a ton of money on a guy who can't stay healthy and has consistently underwhelmed in his brief career.
  4. FAs: what do you want for your team

    Doesn't matter, because Andy Reid is a big dumb idiot who will never fire his dumb idiot defensive coordinator and will also keep calling stupid games and not win a damn thing.
  5. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    Heard on the radio this morning driving to work.
  6. One song

    Sorrow - Bad Religion. Beat THAT sky!!!!!!!!!
  7. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    He's not even better than Sammy Baugh.
  8. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Hunt may have to play. Charcandrick West out with the flu. They only have Akeem Hunt on the roster as another rb.
  9. You may have won this one, but the fantasy football gods will smite you for the rest of eternity.
  10. Washington earned this loss

    It was a lateral back from Crowder to Cousins. He never grabbed it, but Reed picked it up and then tried to lateral it back to another player. That's when Houston picked it up. So nobody from the Skins ever recovered a fumble, because there really wasn't one.
  11. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    Philly's D line is no joke. This game is going to be a defensive battler I think. I could see a TON of screens from the Chiefs in this game. I think gil is dead on for this one.
  12. What constitutes collusion?

    I see this one differently. This is exactly collusion. One owner is colluding with another owner to better their team. Yeah, the trade is fair in that in won't raise suspicion, but if the next move COULD raise suspicion because all of a sudden one owner moves the player to acquire another. And this collusion doesn't benefit both parties, but it could REALLY benefit one of the parties if she makes a trade with the player you guys colluded to get (specifically a Steelers player). Especially when both owners are husband and wife. Now, your owners may not care. But to me stuff like this can lead to issues down the road for a commish.
  13. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Bump for today.
  14. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs