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  1. Thoughts on P. Lindsay moving forward...

    He does?
  2. can DEN beat KC?

    Broncos will win this game. They are a desperate team that knows their division hopes are seriously on the line this early in the season. If they win, they are 3-1 along with the Chiefs. They lose, and they are 2-2 and two games back already in the division. The Chiefs D is bad - really bad. Our D coordinator thinks its fun to rush 3 all day, and just play zone. Even Case Keenum can beat that defense. If he decides to bring pressure, I think KC can win this outright. But my gut is just telling me the Chiefs come back to earth a bit this week. But dang, their offense and Mahomes is pretty dang good. I really like this kid.
  3. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    I won't ever forget that day.
  4. Interesting Mayfield observation

    Hue Jackson is an ass-hat and has no business being responsible for the career of Mayfield. Mayfield is a billion percent better that Taylor and everyone knows it. Hue is trying to power trip everyone when he has absolutely no credibility to stand on. The Browns need to fire him asap. HE is the guy who will hold them back. They have talent.
  5. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    One guy to pay attention to on the Chiefs is WR Demarcus Robinson. He and Mahomes played a lot together on the scout team, and have also developed a great rapport in the preseason games last year. I would not be shocked to see him catch a fair amount of balls this year. With the weapons they have, that doesn't necessarily mean a lot, except Mahomes likes him. Might be a guy you draft in the last round of your draft and stash for a few weeks.
  6. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    Update - Hunt has practiced today.
  7. Proceed with caution with Kareem Hunt this year. He tweaked his hamstring in OTA's and still hasn't done much, if anything, at training camp. Something to keep an eye on. If you are IDP, keep an eye out on Reggie Ragland. Hasn't practiced yet due to his knee swelling up on the plane ride in. Something is fishy about this one ICDHO.
  8. Who has been here since the 90s?

    My first username was Martyball.
  9. How do you feel about your team right now

    Chiefs will finish 10-6 and flame out in spectacular fashion again in the wild card game.
  10. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Out of Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, Jackson and Allen, 4 of those guys will be franchise quarterbacks and be in the league 15 years. The Browns will choose the 1 who is not.
  11. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    I think Andy Reid thinks he is smarter than everyone else when it comes to personnel and he just isn't. I think Veach is just a mouthpiece for him and GM in name only. Reid keeping Sutton as D-coordinator convinced me he will never go to a Super Bowl much less win one. He's just an idiot.
  12. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    I personally hate this signing. They spent a ton of money on a guy who can't stay healthy and has consistently underwhelmed in his brief career.
  13. FAs: what do you want for your team

    Doesn't matter, because Andy Reid is a big dumb idiot who will never fire his dumb idiot defensive coordinator and will also keep calling stupid games and not win a damn thing.
  14. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    Heard on the radio this morning driving to work.
  15. One song

    Sorrow - Bad Religion. Beat THAT sky!!!!!!!!!