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  1. Chiefs vs Ravens (MNF)

    Guess I was wrong about that one. Chiefs pretty much dominated this game. Wow.
  2. Chiefs vs Ravens (MNF)

    Ravens win this. Chiefs have looked pretty out-of-sorts to me. I see this as something like 38-4 Ravens.
  3. Should this trade be allowed?

    That trade is fine. The rest of the league needs to turn in their man cards for being a bunch of wussies.
  4. Who is GB’s WR2

  5. How many leagues?

  6. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    Season ticket holders got first crack at buying tickets. The Chiefs did it by tenure: whoever has owned season tickets the longest got first dibs.
  7. Remember Me & No One

    Still here. Good to see you again. You still chasing storms?
  8. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Just was thinking today about how opening Sunday this year is on September 11th. I started to reflect on the events of that day and the time right after, when America was staggering with raw emotion. And then the way America came together made me an extremely proud man. Here are my thoughts of that day and immediately after. The day of the attack, I was driving to work listening to the radio. All of a sudden the disc jockeys started talking about a plane that hit the WTC. Then several minutes later, they were watching a monitor when the second plane hit, and were describing this on the radio. I am a contractor, and that day I was to replumb a house and replace a shower fixture. When I got to the house, the homeowner had the TV on, and we sat and watched for several minutes. He left for work, and was kind enough to leave the TV on for me to watch as I worked. The rest of the day was me in the bathroom, in the living room, under the house, in the living room, etc. That was one of the longest days of my life, and when I got home all I could do was watch the coverage until the late hours. The next few weeks were unreal. I had all these different emotions coming out. Pain. Horror. Sadness. Anger. Empathy. Sympathy. Rage. Wonderment of why this even needs to happen. And then all of this gives way to getting back to your regular life. You still have to get up, go to work, feed the kids, go to movies, and watch sports. Fast forward to the week the NFL resumed football. I was lucky enough to have tickets to the game in Kansas City that week, and our opponent was the NY Giants. I have several memories of that day. 1. Pride. I will never forget the ovation the Kansas City fans gave the players and personnel of the NY Giants when they came out of that tunnel. It went on for several minutes, and as I looked around I could see tears in the eyes of my fellow fans, as it seemed like this was the way we could maybe help a little bit here in KC. I remember reading the KC Star the next day and there were several quotes from Giants players about how touched they were at the response they got from the home crowd. I will NEVER be prouder to be a Kansas Citian. 2. The National Anthem. On a normal day this song gives me the chills, so you can only imagine how it felt that day. 78,000 people singing in unison. Normally at a Chiefs game, the fans will sing at the end: "and the home, of the Chiefs", and say the word "Chiefs" really loud. Not that day. 3. At the end of the national anthem, the in house camera focused on a fan sitting on the top row of the stadium. The fan was a firefighter, decked out with his helmet, waving the American flag. To this day I get chills thinking about that moment. And that moment made me realize one thing. We are fighters. We are Americans, dammit, and we will fight through this like we have throughout our history. That moment made me happy, and proud, and appreciative of the freedoms I enjoy, made possible by those who came before me. I am a citizen of the greatest country in the world. The United States of America.
  9. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Agree. Thanks.
  10. how are you watching NFL?

    I save about $80 a month streaming vs cable. All I have is HULU Live, which gets me everything I need plus my local channels. The only thing it doesn't have is NFL Network, but I can live without that. All you need is your phone and a Google Chromecast plugged into your HDMI port on your TV. And streaming from a phone to a television IS the same as cable but a heck of a lot cheaper.
  11. Mike Evans for David Johnson??

  12. I would have picked Clyde Edwards-Hilarious for some reason.
  13. Start Chubb or DJ in half ppr?

    I would start Johnson. I am starting him in my league. He's going to have a big night. I think this game is a shootout, and you are going to be crying in your Coors Light when you have 25 points sitting on your bench while you watch every minute of it.
  14. Philly DST or Chiefs DST?

    I actually like the Chiefs defense tonight. They have special teams ability, and in a year where there were no preseason games to shore up special teams, I wouldn't be shocked if a veteran Chiefs special teams unit comes up big tonight.
  15. Philly DST or Chiefs DST?

    I agree. Play Philly against the Jags this week.
  16. Trade CEH?

    You would be completely insane to get rid of CEH at this point. He is going to be a FF monster in that offense. If you trade him the FF gods will smite you.
  17. Why no love for Bridgewater?

    I like the guy. He could be the bridge over troubled QB waters for you guys.
  18. Drop A Gibson add J Robinson

    Totally depends on your roster.
  19. new league forum

    The huddle has always been so generous with this. Good to see it continue.
  20. Help! Pick 2 for Flex

    Fuller and Sanders.
  21. Last Draft

    If you can't get a good roster in an 8 team league you should quit fantasy football and take up pickleball. That being said, you did fine. Enjoy your Super Bowl win this year.
  22. Zane dropping like a rock

    See, I like matchups like the one he has. Arizona's offense should be just good enough to get into field goal range but not good enough to score. I bet he gets 5 field goals this week.
  23. Rate My Team Please

    Glad I could help
  24. Do u start David Johnson over Mixon?

    Start Johnson so you will have somebody to root for tonight. You've been waiting months for this moment.