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  1. Which TE This Week?

    Troupe played well in the Titans' opener at Pittsburgh, catching four passes for 28 yards and the only Tennessee touchdown. "It didn't set me back," Troupe said. "Right now, I'm 100 percent and when I'm out on the field, I'm going to give it all I've. My foot is not going to be a hindrance to me." Troupe should be in your starting lineup since the Titans' love to use their tight ends and he is their most gifted player at the position.
  2. WR Question

    I would go Mushin. They will be behind all day. Pass Pass Pass
  3. 2nd WR help..

    I can play either Driver or McCardell. Not sure here. McCardell scored huge on my bench last week, hard to sit him again after last week. Driver is the man now, is that good or bad?? Help ....
  4. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Green Bay
  5. Big Bench Pts

    McCardell had 30 points on my bench while Driver did nothing
  6. Thoughts on this trade

    I have Bulger LT C. Williams Moss Driver Plaxico I trade Bulger Droughns Driver I get C. Palmer P. Holmes TJ. H. Thoughts
  7. FA WR

    I agree. I would keep Cooley also. I think he will do well and he is a great TD option.
  8. Flex position help

    Yea i know. I had a buddy draft for me cause i was away. Not too good. But, I do have Bulger, Moss, and LT.
  9. Flex position help

    Not sure who to play as my flex R. Droughns K. McCardell P. Burress Thoughts..
  10. New to straight draft, question

    manning Cpepper and McNabb are out there. Not sure how long they will last
  11. I kept R. Moss and F. Taylor I know i need to go 1. RB 2. Rb then do i grab QB, RB or another WR ??
  12. 4th pick

    Available might be Dillon D. Davis J. Lewis Deuce McAlister K. Jones I will get at least one of these. Who to take as 4th pick I kept Moss and F. Taylor I think DD is a good pick, so is KJ but will he get many receptions. Yahoo league.
  13. Draft tonight. Help

    I di dnot have any other option as a keeper, so I kept Fragile. I guess it is between those 4 rbs.. Jamal, Deuce, KJ, or DD
  14. Draft tonight. Help

    Okay, I am used to the auction type draft but this year im in another yahoo league. I have 1.4, 2.9, 3.4 to start My keepers R. Moss F. Taylor Most of the top RBs are kept. Here are the top players left as i see it Jamal Lewis McAllister Manning K. Jones D. Davis T. barber Culpepper McNabb Cmart Who do i take as the 4th overall pick?? It has to be a RB because i only have fragile fred and if i wait then ill be stuck. Right? Or do I go for the Stud QB, Im thinking CPep will still be there. Thoughts..