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  1. Manning or Brees?

    Are you skipping school again? Shouldn't you be at the park smoking a Newport or some of Club's hasheesh?
  2. Harrison v. Parker

    If you can start 3 WR's, I see no reason to trade one of your studs. Parker has been awesome and even if he continues to start in Pitt his stats will level off at best. He's not getting 2000 yards and 16 TD's plus you have solid complimentary backs to your stud WR's. Don't over think.
  3. BIG QB Quandary

    I believe Palmer is facing the Bears and their secondary can be pretty darn good at times. I think Bulger is a safer choice this week and should easily eclipse 300 yards with a few TD's.
  4. Manning or Brees?

    Do you think he'll be bad all year? Do you think a home match up against Cleveland is good? JC, rediculous.
  5. WDIS

    Boldin instead of Rudy, Jackson and Wayne.
  6. RB Help

    You type like a girl. You post advice like a girl. Holmes no question, at least for this week.
  7. Do I Dare Trade Cadillac

    Pretty even I think, might give a slight edge to Team 2.
  8. Bucks/Hawks

    I like the Hawks, seriously I do. 24-19, 4 FG's for the luckeyes as usual.
  9. Huddle Hoops

    Actually I have no problem either way. I know Darin said 40 moves goes quick but I know I didn't use 40 moves all year, not really that dedicated to rotate marginal player after marginal player and did not want to danger releasing a player I wanted for the long haul. We could do the 40 game per week max, that's nearly impossible to get to unless you are trying to maximize players daily. The only reason I drop players is because they suck or because there's a better option on WW at that point, at least in my eyes. I guess I didn't understand the scenario previous about moves.
  10. They're BACK

    At this point the bye week itself is a good cover for what he's produced thus far.
  11. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    DOC ROCK, you have me down as taking the Chiefs in week one, I believe I actually took the skins. I'd like to keep the chiefs open as I think the skins may not win again this year. Thanks.
  12. Weekly Blitz