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  1. Andrew Luck is an effin STUD!

    This. And if the Lions were a good team and they finish off that game we are saying Luck is having an up and down normal rookie season. That said, when opportunity presents itself, take advantage which he did. He will be a great QB in this league, solid already.
  2. Trout's WAR is over 57% higher than Miggy's. Trout did a admirable job turning Pujol's season around, I hear he had batting cage sessions with him.
  3. I think the media blew their wad on Trout so much that it would kind of trump their MVP pick if they covered the Triple Crown of Cabrera with full blown Jets / Favre / Tebow / Yankees / Red Sox / Lebron type coverage. Media primarily being ESPN.
  4. Bama vs Michigan

    I don't know, 8th isn't that high. If they would have played a patsy game 1 and gotten through ND in a few weeks and Air Force for that matter, lost to 2 of these three, MSU, OSU, and one misc team and won their bowl game they probably finish around 8th with a 11-2 record, assuming they didn't go the Big 10 title game. Sneaking into 8th isn't all that great either, looks good on the resume' though (Top 10 team). That said, I don't think now they'll finish 9-3 (with a bowl win). I'm thinking more like 9-4 over all. My gut tells me they'll get better as the year goes on, especially the defense and O-Line. With Fitz back the rushing game with the 3 of them will be better. Denard will be Denard, have some big games against a few patsies, be ok to solid in a few of the big games and come up lame in a few of the big games. Local radio slap is right, wish Hoke would have had the sack to move him to a Percy Harvin type role when he got to UM although I'm not sure how good the back up was. Plus maybe he bolts if Hoke is honest with that to him. This team will change a ton starting next year. Sounds dumb but I'm looking forward to next year and more so to 2014.
  5. Ryder Cup captain's picks

    Not a big Furyk fan but I think he's a good choice here. Take this CHIPS AHOY!e seriously and has been playing some pretty good golf. Wouldn't have minded Mahan but I have no idea how he's been playing. Fowler, meh, youth is good, spark is good, but we need someone golfers also. Hopefully he can sharpen his game for future events. Just hope Mick shows up this time.
  6. HBO's "Newsroom"

    This. I can watch shows where I don't necessarily agree with the political views but I had to turn this off last week. Oh and a little T&A wouldn't hurt.
  7. HBO's "Newsroom"

    Enjoyed it, not sure they didn't blow their wad with that first episode, could be a show that can only go down from this point? I enjoy Jeff Daniels as an actor and the Exec. Prod. and Exec Asst. are not bad to look at also. I'll be interested to see how the show develops.
  8. Hate for the Heat is out of hand

    Here are my thoughts after the Finals: NBA and Stern still a bit shady, just my opinion. Lebron played the way he should have been playing the past few years, with passion and conviction. Great Finals, up there with all time best playoff performances. Wade: Something not quite right there, think off the court items affecting him. OKC: I hate that teams get to the Finals and just accept that getting there was good enough because we are young. Not speaking for Durant, mainly Westbrook and the rest. Westbrook: Too much me, think he could be a candidate for a blockbuster trade. Special talent though. Harden: Needs to elevate the clutch part of his game. Finals Format: D3 pointed out on FB, 2-3-2 format is dumb, need to go back to 22111. Wouldn't have changed anything here but could in a series. Spurs: In a weird way wish they would have made the Finals, think they would have put up a better fight, possibly won it. KD: Wish more Sports Stars were like him. Enjoy watching him play and his demeanor off the court.
  9. Funny reading this now as opposed to 7 years ago with a different perspective as I lost my father 2 years ago in May, similar medical conditions as yours, although different route to the end. Reading your first post now and this most recent one and subsequent Huddler responses are so true. I was sad for my huddler friend at that time your dad passed but I didn't really know how tough it was for you until having to live it and it doesn't get much easier with time but we do move on. That's why I enjoy this place, always experiences here that you have dealt with or may deal with in the future to fall back on and read through for comfort or get advice, support, etc... Be strong today, the anniversary is so tough.
  10. Daughter going to college and needs a car...

    Yep, I succumbed last August, I enjoy the new ride though, just not the payment. I think it was time though, always difficult to know when it's time, when one of the cars could take a big crap. Just went a bit more expensive then I would have liked. :shocker:
  11. Daughter going to college and needs a car...

    Yes. Err... i mean that's not a cool question dude.
  12. Words With Friends Tourney II

    I'll say. I figured she would beat me but a few of those words lined up perfectly for her. Not sure I would have saw the same thing had I had them but they aren't even crazy words, pretty normal. I'm toast in one game, hoping for a comeback in the other.
  13. Words With Friends Tourney II

    Tell her to take it easy on me.
  14. Words With Friends Tourney II

    2 games started with Mrs. Gopher.
  15. Your Personal Triathlon

    Softball Basketball Bowling Not spectacular at any of them (especially these days) but solid at all 3.