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  1. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Finally, a bit of testosterone makes its way into this thread.
  2. Blue Field?

    Every freeeaking time I happen across a Boise State game on TV, I think my screen is kabutz -- then I remember the dopey idahoians have a blue field. Who thought THAT was a good idea?
  3. Is R Williams wr Jac going to pan out?

    I'd drop RegWill for Engram ... but then again, years ago, I'd have dropped Jacquilyn Smith for Kate Jackson in a heart beat.
  4. "Advice" and "Advise"

    AMEN!! There is a HUGH difference betwen these words!!
  5. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    I'd do it ... Hey, and if a video store can be a blockbuster, so can this trade.
  6. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Has this been confirmed? I saw this gizmo in a catalog ... Anyway ... Start NO vs Minn ... and quit yer whiney hiney post titles!
  7. Need Help

    You have a decent team -- but not a lot of trade bait. With Arrington stalled, he's got little value. Duckett & Henry aren't real attractive compared to who you'd want to upgrade this team. I think you hold tight until Arrington breaks through and then deal him. Improvement might come through a seance to get Deuce and Edge into the endzone -- and prayers that Balt finds a QB who has met Heap!!!
  8. Blockbuster trade Help need

    I'd get Salex before the kindergarten teacher gets back and scolds that guy for being online during nap time. Rudi John would bring more than enough wr for you -- and if you package him with SMoss, you might get a very nice overall upgrade for your team out of all this and have an open spot for a waiver wire flier ...
  9. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    I love it when newbs do this. Just a great way to start a morning ... oh, and we did "Huge" in first grade at our school, so quit yer yappin, relax, and enjoy the Huddle -- Miss Spelins and all ...
  10. Greetings

    Umm, is ANYBODY coaching in Minnie?
  11. Jamal Lewis

    Always start your thugs?
  12. Does the Burger King "King" freak you out?

    Definitely horror film material. He puts the "eak" in freak ...
  13. WDIS - need 2 RBs, Davis, Droughns, R. Brown?

    DD is your stud, but he's up against tooooo studly of a defense. I think Brown can eat up the Jets ... Clearly, it's a goooood week for a Reuben.
  14. Fox game choice

    The TO factor raises its ugly head. Bet this one is a miscalculation by the network.
  15. Best Team

    The winless eagles? The ones that couldn't win a superbowl with, or without, TO? As long as TO destroys the overall chemistry through constant distraction, they won't win -- regardless of how many yards he gains personally. Is it possible that there isn't a "best" team inthe NFC? That each club of note is fatally flawed? TO's attitude? Vick's turnovers? Minnesota's unpredictability? Carolina's fragility/injuries? St. Lou's defense - or lack there of? Hmmm. If Eli can hold it together, ala Big Ben, could the GMen make some noise?