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  1. Should I start Frank the tank over Jeremy Hill

    More likely time to drop Hill than put him in a lineup.
  2. Rate my team please.

    Not bad for a 12 team league, Weaker in a 10 .. you have no rb2 and no wr2 -- left with multiple rb3 and wr3/4 .. Should make playoffs with 6 teams format, maybe not with 4.
  3. Veto vote... On trade

    Why even ask? completely appropriate trade .. and even if it was lopsided, as long as it is fueled by stupidity of one owner, not collusion to cheat between two, it shouldn't be vetoed.
  4. Is The Huddle still worth the $$$?

    Somebody should send this guy some Huddle schwag .. great answer.
  5. Trade Advice?

    Wilson = Ryan. Graham might revolutionize Wilson, or the Seahawks may never throw in the red zone again!! Means targets are healthy again .. Makes the deal moot - so do it solely for the fun of rooting for Wilson, if that's who you prefer.
  6. Draft strength and roster advice

    Did everyone else take kickers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds?
  7. Who's on your 10 foot pole list

    Sigh. Wish you'd said this two weeks ago, as I was so pleased to get him in 2nd round .. now? Doh!
  8. Joining The Huddle

    I pay each year because I'm still convinced someday they'll send me tube socks. Meanwhile, the cheat sheets and article and analysis has helped me win at least one league every year I've been a member except one, I believe .. Pay up.
  9. Who's on your 10 foot pole list

    Jets WRs .. Cle WRs .. Car RBs ..
  10. Keeper Advice - Kelvin or Forsett

    Forsett is valuable in the 8th.
  11. Steelers trade for CB Boykin Hmmm .. a promising upgrade at a decent trade cost to address Pittsburgh's biggest weakness? Is he a difference maker for this year? Can they keep him for more than a year?

    The risk of Gordon doesn't do enough .. get more of an Rb if you're giving up Luck for Ben.
  13. Keeper quandry

    Dual QB makes this clear. Keep Ben.
  14. Keep your rbs if you can only keep 2 players. if you can keep 3, trade Lacey for a keep able wr.
  15. Trade A. Rodgers to get M. Gordan

    You should be able to get more for AR.