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  1. Boldin or Travis Taylor

    Yep, I would definetly go with Boldin.
  2. wdis

  3. Don't do it. You may think the same way if you sleep on it and rethink it.
  4. Start all Colts this week and don't 2nd guess it.
  5. Manning or Brees?

    You always start your studs. Besides, Brees is a disappointment to a lot of people so far.
  6. What is Holt worth?

    So... what are you wanting? A RB?
  7. Alex Smith?

    Alex Smith scored 2 TD's week 1 vs. Vikqueens, but I don't think he had much for fantasy points week 2. Not much else out there though. Go with him.
  8. WDIS WR

    Gotta go with anyone in the Indy offense.
  9. 2nd RB this Week?

    Who knows who Idiot Tice will go with in MN. If you have to choose, go with Benson.
  10. WDIS QB

    I have the same dilemma in one of my leagues. I am going with Brooks. My question is, can Bledsoe keep it up?
  11. * When listing players that you may be deciding between as potential starters for the week, include those players' NFL opponents.
  12. Here's one for you..

    Bengals are on fire right now. Palmer.