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  1. Twenty Questions - message board contest

    -------------------------------------------- 1. Daunte Culpepper 2. Braylon Edwards 3. Daunte Culpepper 4. Edgerrin James 5. Chad Johnson 6. Peyton Manning 7. Corey Dillon 8. Larry Fitzgerald 9. David Akers 10. Giants 11. Vikings 12. Chiefs 13. J.J. Arrington 14. Carnell Williams 15. Braylon Edwards 16. 62 yards 17. none 18. Jets 19. Vikings 20. Vikings Tiebreaker: 42 yards --------------------------------------------
  2. Heisman

    Don't forget that Sproles also led K-State in receiving yards as well as rushing during K-State's thumping of Oklahoma. If Oklahoma is half as good as Sgt. or McSooner would have us believe, Sproles' stats for just the Big 12 Championship should garner him the Heisman. Unfortunately for him, many of the votes were cast before they ever played the game . . .
  3. 2003 Doak Walker Award Finalists

    If I'm not mistaken, Davis is also the only player to reach 2,000 yards rushing in a season and not win a Heisamn Trophy. That's even more perplexing as he did it two seasons in a row. thinking Whatever happened to him, anyway?