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  1. Yeah KBS and Bourbon County are at the top of my list but you are lucky to get any at all. For a staple, Founders Breakfast Stout is in my fridge a lot. I also love Stone Imperial and I have a bomber of Stone Espresso Imperial Stout waiting to be tasted. For a chocolate stout I'm still a fan of Young's. Southern Tier Choklat is also great.
  2. Seems silly three days late (I don't come around as often anymore) but Happy belated Birthday Sky!
  3. I enjoyed that song because of you... nice job.
  4. But what about my cock size?
  5. I stand by my intial post...
  6. Difference being that most other owners don't pretend to know enough about football to be their GM. I don't hate Jerry but I root against the Cowboys. I thought Jerry was pretty funny in The League last season.
  7. I got a case of Hopslam last week. I was on a list for a couple months for 2 cases but they wouldn't let me have 2. Enjoying one now. Still good but as the years go by and I try so many different beers, I'm not as blown away by it as I once was. Not complaining at all just an observation.
  8. Wow...D3 does have a nice lead over the rest of us bunched up behind him. Lineup for next week set. Not too excited for it as I was saving my Broncos and Packers
  9. I can only hope he gets a year off. It would be nice to watch a game without the 25 cuts to his flowing locks on the sidelines.
  10. I created an account for Kroger and registered my card. It looks like I can't link your organization to my card as it only brings up organizations in the Michigan area. Even when I enter the number 82572. Do you know if I'm simply doing something wrong or do I need to live in the Cinci area?
  11. Meh...we've played 11 games and the dude has one off-side penalty all year.
  12. Through 8 games - 847 yds from scrimmage and 11 tds. Top 3 RB in pretty much all league scoring systems. Can you imagine what he could have accomplished if he kept clogging his colon with red meat?
  13. They've given up 308 points to date. A full 60 points more than the next worst team. I realize they haven't had their bye week but man is that pathetic. I will be bumping up any player I have that plays them going forward. Jeff Fisher is probably laughing his ass off.