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  1. Favorite Stout - Beer

    Yeah KBS and Bourbon County are at the top of my list but you are lucky to get any at all. For a staple, Founders Breakfast Stout is in my fridge a lot. I also love Stone Imperial and I have a bomber of Stone Espresso Imperial Stout waiting to be tasted. For a chocolate stout I'm still a fan of Young's. Southern Tier Choklat is also great.
  2. Happy Birthday....

    Seems silly three days late (I don't come around as often anymore) but Happy belated Birthday Sky!
  3. For my 20,072nd Post

    I enjoyed that song because of you... nice job.
  4. Flacco: "I'm the best QB in the NFL"

    But what about my cock size?
  5. Flacco: "I'm the best QB in the NFL"

    I stand by my intial post...
  6. The haul: Sam Adams Light for when I'm having a couple on my own Founders Breakfast Stout Ommegang Abbey Ale Some IPA's: Short's Huma Lupa Licious Dogfish Head 60 Minute Dark Horse Crooked Tree I haven't had the Crooked Tree, the Breakfast Stout or the Ommegang yet. I'll report back at some point on those. I really like the Huma Lupa Licious and the 60 Minute.
  7. Cowboys Fire Ryan

    Difference being that most other owners don't pretend to know enough about football to be their GM. I don't hate Jerry but I root against the Cowboys. I thought Jerry was pretty funny in The League last season.
  8. A little beer shopping tonight

    I got a case of Hopslam last week. I was on a list for a couple months for 2 cases but they wouldn't let me have 2. Enjoying one now. Still good but as the years go by and I try so many different beers, I'm not as blown away by it as I once was. Not complaining at all just an observation.
  9. SPIT Week Two standings

    Wow...D3 does have a nice lead over the rest of us bunched up behind him. Lineup for next week set. Not too excited for it as I was saving my Broncos and Packers
  10. Cowboys Fire Ryan

    I can only hope he gets a year off. It would be nice to watch a game without the 25 cuts to his flowing locks on the sidelines.
  11. Our rescue needs some help...

    I created an account for Kroger and registered my card. It looks like I can't link your organization to my card as it only brings up organizations in the Michigan area. Even when I enter the number 82572. Do you know if I'm simply doing something wrong or do I need to live in the Cinci area?
  12. Intentional or not?

    Meh...we've played 11 games and the dude has one off-side penalty all year.
  13. Arian Foster going Vegan?

    Through 8 games - 847 yds from scrimmage and 11 tds. Top 3 RB in pretty much all league scoring systems. Can you imagine what he could have accomplished if he kept clogging his colon with red meat?
  14. They've given up 308 points to date. A full 60 points more than the next worst team. I realize they haven't had their bye week but man is that pathetic. I will be bumping up any player I have that plays them going forward. Jeff Fisher is probably laughing his ass off.
  15. Mike Thomas to Detriot?

    He's also been known to return some punts....our little guy Stephan Logan has had too many miscues this year. I could see Thomas taking over there if there are more issues.
  16. World Series: Det @ SF

    Congrats to the Giants...outplayed the Tigers in every facet.
  17. My 20,000th Post

    Cool beans noob.
  18. 35,000th Post

  19. World Series: Det @ SF

    Leyland doesn't roll that way. Verlander isn't pitching game 4 so he will only have 2 starts. Maybe some emergency relief in game 7 if necessary. We are going Verlander, Fister, Sanchez, Scherzer. I'd prefer Scherzer then Sanchez but...
  20. Amendola Practices

    Was dropped the week he got hurt in my keeper auction league. I picked him up last week thinking he'll help down the stretch. Plus his keeper value is 2% next year.
  21. World Series: Det @ SF

    I wouldn't use the all-star game as a barometer for how Verlander will pitch He said going in that he was going to give the fans what they wanted to see since he would only pitch an inning or two. They want him to throw 100 mph which he did out of the gate. That usually doesn't happen until much later in the game. None-the-less in hindsight, he helped cost us home field advantage in this World Series Well him and that Giant cheater Melky Cabrera who was the MVP of the game. Yep...Bud Selig is a genius. Go Tigers!
  22. NLCS Thread

    While I was ecstatic that the Tigers swept the evil empire, there's always that concern that a team gets rusty with too much time in between series. For that reason alone I was hoping St. Louis would win on Friday night only giving the Tigers one more day of rest. I saw a stat yesterday that sort of verifies that it is a concern. Since 1985, five teams have swept an LCS and only one team has one the WS. Two of the other four were swept and the other two only won one game. In order to 'prevent' the rust the Tigers are scrimmaging some international league guys. Looking forward to tonight's game 7 (althought admittedly I'll pay more attention to the Lions game). Don't really care who wins at this point. Both teams have had their moments but after what San Fran did to Cincinnati with their backs against the wall, I wouldn't bet against them.
  23. Kevin Smith.....?

    I've been wondering the same thing. He's been productive when healthy and I'm not aware of an injury.