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  1. 14 year old league , rare opening this season Redraft $300 Entry Leaguesite - Rules -
  2. BOTH Empire League - 2 openings

    filled 1 spot we need 2 more
  3. $300 Entry - Redraft League - We have a total of 2 openings League site - League Rules / Scoring -
  4. BOTH Empire League - 2 openings

    Still have openings $300 entry
  5. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    I have nothing to add, i share many of the same feelings as most. I pray for all those who had their loved ones perish. I thank all those that sacrifice each day so i can live in freedom. I am proud to be an American. God Bless us ALL and now that things are as normal as can be, Let's get ready for some FOOTBALL!
  6. Unofficial Huddle Contest Links

    2005-2006 links to your contests: College Football Pickem'.....Contest Over and the winner is darin3 Weekly Blitz......Standings....Contest is over the winners are sarge5121976 and Ice717 Portfolio Pool Standings......Standings.....Contest is over the winner is Turf Smurf DMD's Twenty Questions].....Contest is over the winner is menudo King of the Mountain.......Standings....Weekly Picks.....Contest over and the winner is sarge5121976 Fourth Annual Edmond Fitzgerald Contest.....Contest Over and the winner is Sunysteelfly76 The Russman Challenge.....Contest is over borge007 (3), Puddy (3), Cincy_slammers (3) tied for most wins. NFL Survivor Challenge........Standings.....Contest Over and the winner is kevin4192
  7. Pick your National Champion

    I've got to go with the Buckeyes beating Texas and Michigan on their way to a NC game against the undefeated USC Trojans. OSU 37 USC 24 GO BUCKS!!
  8. King Of The Mountain

    Your PICKS by the WEEK Stll climbing the mountain 43 Fell off the mountain 114 Help our fellow Huddlers here Entries and Picks ( CHECK HERE TO SEE IF YOUR STILL IN IT) Summary of King of the Mountain Rules # Pick one team each week # Pick must be entered before kickoff of selected game , all weeks # You may use a team only once per season, including playoffs # This is a straight pick, NO point spread # If a tie were to occur, teams enter final score of Superbowl, w/o going over # Only members that enter week one will be counted througout the season # Last one left is King of the Mountain Please don't edit your entries ... if you want to change your picks quote your original and show your new picks Week 3 Matchups ATL @ BUF CAR @ MIA CIN @ CHI CLE @ IND JAC @ NYJ NOS @ MIN OAK @ PHI TBB @ GBP TEN @ STL ARI @ SEA DAL @ SFO NEP @ PIT NYG @ SDC KCC @ DEN Players Still Climbing The Mountain 3WZ alchico alexgaddis baddfish2 BiggieFries BillyBalata blaw23 blips BonehandBring Back Pat!!! chiefjay Clubfoothead Cowboyz1 Coyote CX3 gilthorp godtomsatan hotrodHugh B Tool Ice717 Itsnottatooma jaybone074@gmail.comjunkyard kevin4192 MikesVikes muck notamono PaulOttCarruth Retrograde assault RILETT Robash RokoMotion Rovers sarge5121976 satelliteoflovegm TBone TimC timberho27The Irish Doggy THE SIX KINGS The Stoner Ursa Majoris Ziachild007
  9. Mewelde Moore

    neither is throwing 5 interceptions.
  10. King Of The Mountain

    Previous selections here Need entries from the following: All have entered
  11. who would you rather have?..........

    I have Dillon in 2 leagues, but looking at his schedule and what's he NOT done so far, he may be in for a loooonngg year. I like the upside of Jackson and if i were offered that trade i may jump at it, but i'd have to consider it.

    I don't do the deal. Portis is the only offense for Washington. Cincy is a pass first offense now. I would not like to have to start Brooks or Harrington the rest of the year either.
  13. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    1.Edge 2.Duece 3.L.T.
  14. Major Dilemma

    I have same situation and am benching Dillon in favor of Larry Johnson this week
  15. J.Lewis for Davis/Foster

    I have Davis and Foster and while Davis' stock is high and Lewis is low i was looking to offer up the deal, i have Alexander and W.Parker as my other backs and wouldn't use any other backs in their place as of yet. Looking to the mid season and maybe Parker losing carries or wearing out. Would you offer up this deal?
  16. Huddle Hoops

    Mark me down as a vote for the unlimited transactions as my earlier post acknowledged i'd agreed with Darin3.
  17. Huddle Hoops

    Daily would be nice, i agree with Darin on the 40 man roster change limitaion
  18. Just when we thought it safe to start

    As much as Davis has been a staple on the Carolina running game for years, maybe the time has come for Foster to do what he was brought there for.
  19. King Of The Mountain

    I'll will try to work a little harder to fully make up for that
  20. King Of The Mountain

  21. Southern Huddler Relief Effort

    Nice work! Would be great to see this pinned in this forum as well. I know i emptied my pockets a few times and will do so again when i get the next load of bills paid. Remember everyone this is not a race but a marathon, our fellow Huddlers will endure this tragedy for years to come and we need to keep them in our prayers and give what we can spare to brighten their lives as best we can.
  22. Huddle Hoops?

    This is good for me as well, Thanks for the heads up Darin I'm in. Price is fine, could go more if needed. I would like a 12 team league if possible.
  23. King Of The Mountain

    Redskins wk 1 Indy wd 2 I will post the record of picks soon. I have on spreadsheet, need to transfer to site.
  24. Weekly Blitz

  25. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    On a serious note, when my grandmother was 63 she started showing signs of alzheimer's . I know the signs to look for and i'm telling you, he thinks that Betts is Riggins.