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  1. what do you need on MNF?

    Deuce needs to outscore Witten. If that happens, I'll open the season 2-0 in all three leagues I'm in. I'm liking that after last seasons 0-2 start in two leagues. Come on Deuce!
  2. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Right on, I work with a Griz alum, so the past couple of games have been painful for me. St. Maries is beautiful. We have some friends who live there. Gotta have a boat, or know someone who does. Tough to beat the boating.
  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Dude, the Vandals all time record against the Griz is something like 50-20. You can thank the Cable era for your most recent success. I'd love to play the Griz again with the coaching staff we have now. Look at who the conference champs were when Idaho Boise State and Nevada were in the Pig Sty. So, you take your cheety ass schedule with the likes of Cal Poly and Fort Lewis, and I'll take the Vandals OOC and league games any day. When was the last time Montana had the likes of Hawaii and Fresno State visit Missoula?
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: idahov, UoIdaho Alum and huge Vandal Fan (not easy the last few) What: Ecologist and father of 5yr old boy, 2yr old girl When: 32, still get carded for chew occassionaly Where: southern idaho, awesome state Why: i'm a competitve basturd who likes football Fantasy Bio: 1996 first time played local league while in college at 17th rated college sports bar in nation, "The Club". Been playing with buddies and coworkers ever since. Several top finishes and a couple of championships. Last year was my worst friggin year ever however.
  5. Braves on ESPN

    Does anyone else get tired of Braves games consistently being shown on ESPN? Every time I tune in, it's a Braves game. angry
  6. Least Favorite Team

    BYU! Living in the their region, you get force fed Cougar crap all year long.
  7. Favorite Team

    University of Idaho Vandals