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  1. Zach Ertz bust

    Has he been targeted tonight
  2. TNF: Eagles/Packers

    Williams being taken off on the cart
  3. Week 3 Injury Report

    Being helped to the locker room
  4. Week 3 Injury Report

    Barkley is in the tent being checked out
  5. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Diggs, Watkins to start
  6. Brown released by Patriots

    Looks like my Edelman stock is going back up.
  7. SNF

  8. Who are you done with?

  9. Week 2 Injuries

    I think the Eagles need their own injury thread. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Week 2 Injuries

    Heard Jeffrey is also questionable to return & Goedert is out too
  11. Saints Screwed Again!!

    7 hour games lol
  12. You do know that you'll be chasing that monster game all season right. The odds of him putting up numbers like that again aren't good. Plus the entire Falcons team were terrible and better times are on the way.
  13. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Vance McDonald
  14. Where does AB end up?

    And the Oscar goes to Antonio Brown...