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  1. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/7460/russell-wilson
  2. Superbowl 52 Chat

    I haven't checked the news yet. Is Philly on fire yet?
  3. Superbowl 52 Chat

  4. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Philly will burn whether they win or lose
  5. Vikes vs Eagles

    31 to 7 Wow I never would've guessed Foles would play this well today.
  6. AFC Championship Game

    J'ville fans be like...
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    What actually happened on the game winning TD.
  8. Playoff Game Thread

  9. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Hey, if mediocrity pays the bills then I say Brown did a great job locking up his guy for another 2 years.
  10. Black Monday Tomorrow

  11. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Looks like I pulled it off and won the championship. It was winner take all for $1k.
  12. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Yup. This was my lineup last week. Rivers Bell Hunt Drake Fitzgerald Smith Schuster Kelce Lutz Jax Def Going to be very difficult to replace Bell, Hunt & Kelce.
  13. One-and-Done Playoff Contest (Old School)

    Yes I was in. I look forward to improving on my 12th place finish last year.