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  1. OBJ to Browns

  2. Bell to the Jets

  3. OBJ to Browns

    Twitter is abuzz about the Browns trying to land Earl Thomas with a 3 year deal.
  4. 2018 - important off-season dates

    When are franchise tags due?
  5. Just so you know, I'm posting this while pooping.

  6. started volek, bennett & j. smith...somehow managed to take a 1pt lead going into mnf. he has mcnabb & i have holt. as off 2 minute warning in 4th qtr...i'm still up a point. got really lucky this year. i left l. evans, r. smith, d. brees on bench.
  7. Championship game advice.

    i'm in the same delima. i've got edge, c. martin , r. johnson, & l. johnson. i'm leaning towards both johnsons. @ WR...i'd consider fitzgerald from ARI. they are up against the seahawks...whose DEF has just been plain bad as of late. hope this helps & good luck!!!
  8. need some help fellas... which RB: rudi johnson or edgerrin james and one of the following WR: jimmy smith, rod smith or lee evans thanks for your time.
  9. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    i'm still debating on who to start @ RB. me: b. volek - qb t. holt - wr d. bennett - wr j. smith - wr t. gonzalez - te l. tynes - k patriots - def and 2 of the following rb: e. james r. johnson l. johnson c. martin him: d. mcnabb - qb r. wayne - wr h. ward - wr d. patten - wr l. tomlinson - rb k. jones - rb t. heap - te s. graham - k bills - def it should be a pretty good matchup.
  10. i can start 2 RB...who would you start??? rudi johnson vs. giants edgerrin james vs. chargers curtis martin vs. new england larry johnson vs. oakland i've been relying on james & martin all season...but was leaning towards johnson & johnson in the championship because of matchups. thanks for the help.