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  1. Devy Player Tracker

    Najee Harris RB Alabama I had to use * Devy, College 9 FA QB since there were no RB slots open.
  2. Devy Player Tracker

    Devin White LSU LB
  3. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

    Sorry for the delay. I wasn't quite ready for the early start lol.
  4. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 1.3 - Bryce Love RB Stanford
  5. Lol. Pass Made the trade in the wrong AFL. Oops
  6. Trade Shisha / Yetis

    Beirut Shisha proposed a trade with Saskatchewan Yetis: Beirut Shisha will give Keenum, Case DEN QB To Saskatchewan Yetis for Year 2018 Draft Pick 6.03 Agreed
  7. MATCHED - RFA18 AFL -Thomas, Earl SEA S (Yetis)

    Match once trade goes thru
  8. Trade Footlongs / Yetis

    Once trade is approved, I'll be matching the high bid on Thomas.
  9. Trade Footlongs / Yetis

    Favre Dollar Footlongs / Saskatchewan YetisTrade Favre Dollar Footlongs gave up Thomas, Earl SEA S Saskatchewan Yetis gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 7.03 Mon Apr 16 10:26:11 p.m. ET 2018 Agreed