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  1. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    I'm in! Thanks for putting this together again this year.
  2. Wow...

    Lost one game by less than 0.8 and another by 2 points. The 2nd loss chaps my arse more because I'm not getting credit for Jackson's 2 point conversion return (IDP). I did manage to squeak out a win in one of my locals by less than 1 point. And won another by 20ish points.
  3. The eggs in the same basket approach

    I stacked Mahomes, Kelce, Gurley, & Cooks in a league this year. It wasn't planned. Just took who I thought was the best available player. Needless to say, I'll be getting bounced in the semis. Losing AJ Green hurt. Also lost A Jones to injury yesterday. Probably one of the best teams I've ever put together.
  4. Rams/Eagles

  5. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Even with quite a few of my players crapping the bed...I still have some chances. Slim ones, but they're still some hope. League 1 - I need McCaffery & D Jackson (CB) to make up a 25 point deficit and then outscore C Jordan. So a huge game from McCaffery is needed. League 2 - McCaffery to score 27 points in a standard league with bonuses for longer TDs & 100 yds rushing or receiving League 3 - M Thomas to make up a 4 point deficit and outscore Newton & I Thomas League 4 - I need the Saint's Def, M Thomas, Kamara, & Ingram to score less than 50 points combined. League 5 - C Jordan & D Jackson + a 22 point lead against A Okafor. This is the only game that I feel good about. So basically I need 4 miracles lol. Wish me luck...
  6. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    I need Cooks & Ertz to have a big games, but doesn't look like that's gonna happen
  7. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    Luck Hilton Brate And a host of others
  8. Aaron Jones knee injury

    Wow my season fell apart fast
  9. Chiefs/Bolts

    Nope. Picked him up to block the other playoff teams. Started Jackson instead. Between that and Allen getting hurt have more than likely torpedoed my championship hopes.
  10. Chiefs/Bolts

    Wow. Not the start I was hoping for this week.
  11. Chiefs/Bolts

    Keenen Allen still out after landing on his hip
  12. Would you bet Melvin Gordon plays or sits?

    Rotoworld is saying Gordon is inactive tonight. http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football