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  1. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Chester Rogers
  2. Week 5 milk carton thread

    +1 Ertz
  3. Yetis' 2018 Roster - Final @ deadline

    E Thomas to IR
  4. Praying to the monday night football Gods

    Lol I already chalked that up as a loss
  5. Praying to the monday night football Gods

    In one league I'm up 50ish points and my opponent still has Kelce, D Thomas & Lindsay left. It's ppr so I'm not feeling real confident. In other I have Mahomes and Kelce left down 27 points. My opponent has Hunt. Also ppr. In another I'm up 17 with the Chief's K left and he has Lindsay. Non ppr Lastly I'm up 77 points idp ppr and my opponent has Lindsay, Butker, J Houston, & V Miller. So this could get interesting if Miller and Houston go wild.
  6. Count On Losing This Sunday

  7. Leonard Fournette out

    And that's why I didn't start him
  8. Week 4 Milk Carton

    So many...
  9. yeldon/fournette this week

    I'm sitting Fournette this week just like I did with Dalvin Cook. I want to see him make it thru a game before I start him.
  10. Rams vs Vikes

    Started a team with Cousins, Woods & B Cooks
  11. Rams vs Vikes

    This is one of the best Thursday night games I've seen in quite a while
  12. Rams vs Vikes

    Yeah, so I'm getting Coppered. It's a blast. 🙄
  13. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    I'm not starting him this week.
  14. Week 3 Waiver Wire

    No my other RBs are Gurley, Collins, Hyde, & Ekeler. I guess I could've cut Ekeler, but he was actually preforming up to this point.