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  1. Vikes vs the Saints

    What actually happened on the game winning TD.
  2. Playoff Game Thread

  3. SMACKBOWL XXI - Accept your destiny

    AFC Team AQB1-NE-Tom Brady ARB1-NE-Dion Lewis ARB2-TEN-Derrick Henry ARB3-NE-James White ATE-NE-Rob Gronkowski AWR1-NE-Brandin Cooks AWR2-NE-Danny Amendola AWR3-PIT-Martavis Bryant AWR4--Chris Hogan APK-NE-S. Gostkowski ADEF-NE AST-NE NFC Team NQB1-LAR-Jared Goff NRB1-LAR-Todd Gurley NRB2-NO-Alvin Kamara NRB3-LAR-Lance Dunbar NTE-LAR-Gerald Everett NWR1-LAR-Sammy Watkins NWR2-LAR-Robert Woods NWR3-LAR-Cooper Kupp NWR4--Tavon Austin NPK-LAR-Sam Ficken NDEF-LAR NST-LAR Tie Breaker #1 - Total rushing yards in Super Bowl 236 Tide Breaker #2 - Total passing yards in Super Bowl 598
  4. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Hey, if mediocrity pays the bills then I say Brown did a great job locking up his guy for another 2 years.
  5. Black Monday Tomorrow

  6. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Looks like I pulled it off and won the championship. It was winner take all for $1k.
  7. Roethlisberger and Bell not playing

    Yup. This was my lineup last week. Rivers Bell Hunt Drake Fitzgerald Smith Schuster Kelce Lutz Jax Def Going to be very difficult to replace Bell, Hunt & Kelce.
  8. Nothing like playing for a championship in week 17. Nothing like scrambling to fill a lineup with people you think will play the entire game.
  9. One-and-Done Playoff Contest (Old School)

    Yes I was in. I look forward to improving on my 12th place finish last year.
  10. The dreaded week 17 championship

    It's a 10 team league with only 4 teams making the playoffs. The twist is that both the semis (week 14 & 15) and finals (week 16 & 17) are two weeks long. Plus it's winner takes all. It's the first year I played in it. Not sure I would've, if I had actually read the league rules and realized this lol.
  11. You know what really grinds my gears? Having to play a 2 week championship round, where winner takes all, and having it finish in week 17.
  12. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    Well that could be good news for me. I'm playing for $1k (week 16 and 17) championship. :fingerscrossed:
  13. What do you need on Christmas?

    I feel ya. It's been a rough postseason over here too.
  14. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    No way he can do again next week, can he?
  15. Thank You Todd Gurley

    I forgot to mention that it's a 2 week championship so I get the privilege of reliving this nightmare next week.
  16. This can't be real.. can it?

    Maybe, maybe not.
  17. Thank You Todd Gurley

    Yes thank you Todd Gurley for breaking it off inside me today. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. Got raped by you last week and then you got me again today. :middlefinger:
  18. The CLOWN SHOW

    Two straight pass plays from inside the 5 yd line, then a sack & a missed FG. Lol at the play calling from the ginger.
  19. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    I thought Murray would've done better. Hopefully benching Diggs won't come back to bite me.
  20. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    The good Ole days...a newspaper and a spreadsheet