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  1. Manning or Brees?

    Thanks for the laugh!!
  2. FF Advice Forum vs NFL FF

    nfl and insights on players, teams, etc that may affect the actual game/matchup/teams chances fantasy forum....wdis & trades advice for YOUR ff team
  3. NFL Players are hip to Fantasy Football

    Holmes - "You think a guy's going to have over 300 yards passing in a game and he winds up with a 100-yard passing game and six interceptions. You just cannot tell what's going to happen on any given Sunday." [cough.....culpepper....cough] good article btw MGM
  4. RB Help

    They are both good could pretty much flip a coin because they are likely to perform about the same. I like SJax on turf at home, but Martz and # of weapons is a concern. I also like the steelers O Line, Parker, and the steelers at home to beat NE, so I think Parker will also have a nice day. Go with your gut and hope you chose right. MGM
  5. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    you betcha........ Alexander will be Great Duece will fly the Coupe LT will be last year's version of LT MGM
  6. Mcnabb, T.O. not practicing

    I'm only concerned since it's only been two weeks....usually you see the nagging little groin strains, etc midway through the season. These types of injuries tend to linger for weeks. T.O. has a history of nagging groin problems... I don't question them, as a T.O. owner I am worried about missing a few games though. I would guess 2-3 perhaps. McNabb on the other hand, that man can play through pain MGM
  7. Mcnabb, T.O. not practicing Not gonna miss any time on Sunday, but come on.....T.O. is a "specimen", but how many games is he going to miss this year? <TO owner, here> MGM
  8. Need to start 1

  9. Who else is 0-2?

    I'm 0-2 with my team.....frickin' unbelievable. My team looks dominating on paper. My team is in my sig. MGM
  10. Which QB this week?

    I, too, would also go with Griese.
  11. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    yep.......quickly, before the drugs wear off
  12. Should I look at dropping Arrington or Benson?

    precisely correct
  13. secret pick up

    off the top of my head.....(w/o knowing more info about your league, or who they are all matched up against): branch glenn MGM
  14. I need a WR/TE... should I trade

    If the Moss owner would possibly do Moss for Palmer, I would do it.....Having Bulger/Moss improves your team drastically over Palmer/Smiths. However I don't think anyone that has Moss would cough him up for Palmer. Perhaps Palmer and S. Smith or J. Smith.........Perhaps.
  15. Portis or Dillon

    Don't do it.........basically you give up two backs for one. Portis is still a question mark. he may continue to struggle. The collective upside of having two backs that could each exceed Portis production this year indicates hold pat. If your thinking of getting brown for a keeper, he has not done anything yet and could be a complete bust. MGM