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  1. Fantasy Hockey info?

    This year Sidney Crosby, next year Peter Mueller. All from the proud owner of Ilya the last two puddle sessions
  2. Hockey's Back!

  3. King Of The Mountain

    J E T S! Jets Jets Jets!!!!!
  4. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    It was............................................. Goals, As, PP and +/- along with.............................Wins, save %, goals against and shutouts Wow I do have some STM left........... now where did I put my friggin' car keys
  5. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    In. Sydney Crosby please
  6. Weekly Blitz

  7. King Of The Mountain

  8. Weekly Blitz

    I'm never quite sure myself, Blitz. Just took all the Home Dogs listed
  9. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    Stolen from a band with the same name Anyway the Frozen Rubbers are in when and if we get this rolling
  10. Weekly Blitz

  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LT Ownes Parker
  12. Huddle on the Diamond

    I'm in Fraz. Thanks for the invite. Team "Goin' Yard" has freshly corked weapons and untraceable roid cream that we can rub directly into our pitchers arms for extra velocity. Brand name : (M)aximum (P)hastball (H)eat.
  13. NFL Whispers

    Rumor has it that Cartman's Dad was named Bronco Billy
  14. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    No matter how you dress it up, or how nice of shed it resides in........ a tool is and always will be a tool. Pearls of wisdom from Hugh
  15. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    The Lakers, as they are apt to, absolutely took the night off :mad: Jackson was outcoached coach and as a team the Showtime was turned to Slowtime by a excellant Piston Defense wall_bas Still say Lakers in 6. Remember Larry and the Answer won the 1st game in the Finals a few years back thinking