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  1. Start Bench List Hyperlinks

    The links at the top of the Week 3 Start Bench List point back to Week 2. http://www.thehuddle.com/x5/season/03sbl1.php#4
  2. I'm looking for a little depth at QB. Who's the better WW pickup? C. Penington or B. Griese? 8 team league, standard scoring. Thanks, 10g
  3. Hear Them Bengals Growling!

    WHO DEY!
  4. Dallas Clark

    Maybe for a Gonzo owner, Clark ain't the best. Check the bye weeks man. doh!
  5. huge trade

    There is a mistake in the thread title. Don't you mean "HUGH trade?"
  6. do i have a shot at the fantasy bowl

    Burglarized for sure. Really freaky. Same thing happened to me. I got a call saying "give us the 20k turds you owe us. Then I saw an SUV. Then my turds were gone.
  7. rate my team

    It's been a long time since I've seen a Dennis Hopper film.
  8. Once a junkie...

    Is Michael Irving speeding or what? How many lines did this guy snort before the broadcast? He's like a black Quentin Tarantino.
  9. Huddle Projections

    Do the makers of 'Hooked on Phonics' have a product to help Vikings fans with basic math?
  10. DMD Interview Rebroadcast

    It's on right now! http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?show...ndpost&p=934805
  11. Cincinnati-Washington

    Cincinnati will dominate their division this year. We're on the brink of a Bengal dynasty. The NFL can not withstand the Orange and Black attack.
  12. Explain Your Login Name!

    I saw them at 'Bogarts' right beside the University of Cincinnati campus. Was only in high school at the time.
  13. Explain Your Login Name!

    Scum dogs of the universe!!! Loved 'em, even saw em in concert. Their giant phallic symbol wasn't necessary, however.
  14. Explain Your Login Name!

    Oh what tan a siam?