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  1. Sam Darnold out with mono

    Probably better for the team right now to be honest. Talent wise no, but experience wise, sure.
  2. 2019 NFL Season Kickoff Thread

    If anyone truly believes Taylor Gabriel is a #2 WR in the NFL, you would be mistaken. Coradelle Patterson perhaps is the stupidest NFL player there is. He does not belong in any packages. This will be interesting to see if Nagy can duplicate his success but his D covered his ass last year and that can't be replicated. But weapons are only weapons when they are used. Cuteness of coaching makes them props and occasional gadgets. Very disgusting game to watch and kudos to GB defense for playing well. I really thought them playing possum at the end was going to end in disaster and that would be the main story line we would talk about, but it's more about Pace trading up to draft Mitch who could be the 25th best QB in the league this year, if that.
  3. Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle

    Total head scratcher.
  4. David Johnson Thread

    Zeke 4, DJ 5, so I took Bell.
  5. David Johnson Thread

    I sit at 6 tonight in a 12 team work league...low stakes, no big deal. I would like to say all the posts above were great so thank you. Pretty sure Barkley, CMac, Kamara, and Bell are going 1-4. I then assume Zeke goes. I have no issue with Johnson at 6, but would hope Zeke slips. The situation he was in last year was the worst it could get and they will find a way to get him the ball in space. It is what he needs and his floor doesn't scare me away.
  6. Nick Chubb thread

    Bell as 1.6 in non PPR is where I am at. Too early for chubb there and he won't be back.
  7. Maurice Harris could be starting Patriots receiver

    And he could not be.
  8. What does the 2.12 cost?

  9. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Or the Raiders.
  10. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Damn...too good to be true.
  11. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Ha ha ha ha ha....too funny. That is so awesome. Love it.
  12. Manning or Brees?

    A classic example of why lead paint chips should not be eaten as a child.
  13. A Johnson vs K Jones

    My thoughts are that with that trade you'll have as many as 6 starting RB's on your roster by the time Week 8 rolls around. Lots of bench points for RB's compared to subpar WR points.
  14. Opinions on this trade

    Sounds like you made the trade already. Good luck with it.