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  1. SPIT Week 2 Standings

    I'm with buddah.
  2. Giants vs Patriots (TNF)

    Brady. Wish he could put up studly fantasy numbers but that isnt going to happen. I will not be looking to start him any longer.
  3. Mike Evans

    But for zero? He's good but.....come on.
  4. Bears' O line

    Rotten is being kind.
  5. Rams vs Seahawks (TNF)

    Drafting Cooks...never again. His brain is too scrambled to be reliable and Cupp. Mistake on my part. Officially on the DND list.
  6. Roquan Smith

    Only rumors but some folks were saying he smashed up his Ferarri pretty good. Maybe had a good fix it man with him, who knows.
  7. Roquan Smith

    Rumors are he was involved in an automobile accident w/alcohol as a reason. Being kept pretty quiet. I think this did happen and he is freaking out because he f'd up. It should come out soon.
  8. Bengals vs Steelers

    Had a game in hand with Boyd and Ross vs. PiT D/ST. Oops. That team is screwed. Let's watch the Bengals and Dolphins play!!!!
  9. Chris Godwin

    You dont want that on your bench. Or highest ceiling trade guy right know.
  10. Bengals release Vontaze Burfict

    After all this time, with a guy fully on the ground, he is just too stupid to let up and put his hand on his helmet, shoulder, etc. As they try to coach this out of the game, he doesn't belong in the game.
  11. A.J. Green

    A little bit of research would tell you he is a safe stash on your bench because he will be back.
  12. Montgomery

    Without a broken leg of course.
  13. The NFL needs new blood

    Murray is easy to talk about. Jones is needed. Rudolph is need. Allen is needed. Minshew is needed, It's about time.