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  1. Dave/Whitney: What are you thinking? I've known you a long time. The new skin is disgusting. Keep your damn brand for once in a while. Change it back.
  2. NE has never lost a game with Dion Lewis on the field, and I don't believe that streak will end this season.
  3. No. Nasty, vicious hit? Yes.
  4. The product has problems so there's that. Fantasy is different for each of us. You can be in one league, or 80 leagues. It's hard to be a fan when your team sucks. It's hard to be fan when a high percentage of games are poorly played. It's not so hard to start doing chores and losing interest, but that really is only going to happen when you're league dead. I stopped watching when the OAK/SD was evident it was not going to be a shootout, and the DEN/NE game was grinding away. Never saw a snap of Sunday night or Monday night as I was chasing 70 points and it was over. For me, it's a problem with the product more so than anything else. NCAA is a better product, but I will watch every NFL Playoff game I can. When it gets to one and done football, it's really good, primarily because the sh!t teams are all gone, and it's very well played games on both sides of the ball. GB/CHI - I'm watching, every time.
  5. Sooooo done. Thank God.
  6. Barkley was the reason they were needing to play catch up in the first place. Hail mary for the win...yeah - how do you get behind the D in that scenario. Brutal.
  7. The Bears always find new ways to tear your heart out against GB.
  8. Getting crushed in the early games...hope to rebound in the late ones.
  9. Yup....Vernon, Burfict. L Green
  10. Montgomery going off.
  11. Admitting it is the first step.
  12. All it does it help the amount of touches you think a guy would get toting the rock. There's no saying how effective they'll be.
  13. It is beyond freezing - I just got done shoveling. Brutal. I wouldn't touch this game. Agree with kdko - this isn't going to be a good stat game for anyone...maybe a guy or two had a decent game, but the upside is going to be severely hurt by how f'ing cold it is.
  14. I just got done doing the driveway. It is beyond cold.
  15. You are right. You should sit them all. Or play the percentages. Rodgers has thrown for 3 TD's against the Bears the last three games they played. He had one clunker, but before that threw for 4 TD's in one game and 6 TD's in another game. He's got their number, he's always had their number, and I'll bet the does again this weekend.