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  1. IThe Hype About Barkley?

    Put him behind the Dallas OL and he would be a less annoying Zeke.
  2. Rashaad Penny

    No. I didnt take into account that you simply changed your mind. My bad. Sorry for calling you a liar.
  3. Rashaad Penny

    Hey bud. Just asking. It's kind of funny to see you say things that aren't true. But to be fair. If you had the 1.2, Guice is the pick, but if don't have the 1.2 but trade up for it, then Penny is the pick. There is a difference.
  4. Rashaad Penny

    Why are you a liar?
  5. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Yup...pretty much a crapshoot after the first few picks, as always. Same as last year.
  6. The 2018 NFL Draft

    A bunch of small d!cks swinging around in this thread. Get a grip ladies. NE keeps gaining draft capital each year...every year. Great move by Philly. SD having a strong draft but they won't be good enough until Rivers is 45. Pace kicking the picks can down the road. GB might eventually draft a stud CB. Dallas should have owned this draft and are just getting pantsed.
  7. The 2018 NFL Draft

    No dog in the fight, but one reference point had Mayfield as their 4th highest rated college QB of all time and he blew away the others in this class. Jackson was rated 2nd in this class, Darnold was 3rd. The only QB in their all time top 10 that didnt have a very strong career was Byron Leftwich.
  8. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Love the Bears pick. Fantastic chouce.
  9. lmao @ PIT

    The Thomas TD's are what ended my fantasy season(s). 15 points. Going against Ingram in one so that didn't help and then got Gurley'd in the other.
  10. Cowboys and Redskins

    It's crazy. They probably miss 20 holding calls a game typically, but 40+ when it's the Cowboys.
  11. Cowboys and Redskins

    The Cowboys are back!!
  12. The CLOWN SHOW

    And the tears of Cowboys fans anoint the earth.
  13. Monday night - Panthers/Dolphins

    Just gave up a 40+ point lead. WTF.
  14. Ben McAdoo

    just fire his moustache
  15. Winston out....

    Perhaps my worst draft pick of the year.