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  1. flex player woes

    If you are intentionally putting these posts in the wrong forum, please stop.
  2. Univ. of Louisville

    I remember when he subbed in for Lefors last year in that intense game against one of the Florida teams...Miami, I think. He's got stones.
  3. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    OU is in a world of hurt. Didn't even seem close.
  4. I am going to puke...

    I've had bad beats, but I lost in my local by 3 pts. last week...never got Dallas Clark out of my lineup, so I was a man short. Even with that, I lost because of the sack, fumble recovery, and TD by Jason Taylor with no time left in the DEN/MIA game. IDP can do that to you...that was a 19 point play for Taylor.
  5. who to start in IDPeague?

    Brooking could go either way. I like Emmons--that's a loaded IDP.
  6. LIONS @ Bears

    The Bears don't roll their corners at any one WR, so it's a good match-up for Williams IMO. I must decide in my local between him and Chambers, but Roy has a height advantage on Vasher, and they are team mates from Texas, so that should be an interesting little side bet they've got going. I wonder what the stakes are?
  7. LIONS @ Bears

    I think Thomas Jones is a good start. I'll believe the Detroit defense is that much improved when they put it together on the road a few times. Likewise, Kevin Jones should be a solid start for his owners, too.
  8. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Geez....I don't know. Old School Football 101 You play on Sunday because of the work you put in during the week. As long as Staley and the Bus aren't practicing, Parker is going to get all the work. As long as Parker continues to produce on Sunday, Cowher will make the two slowly work their way into the lineup. This may take up to 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc. Parker is as good of an option at RB as many of the Tier 2 guys at this point, and will be that way for the month of September at a minimum. Evaluate again in October if he's still on your roster. For now, if you can get something really solid for him, I'd dish.
  9. Bears RB's

    Funny guy that yo mama.
  10. Bears RB's

    Unless you hear differently, this is how I see it. Now, I doubt they'll give him the rock 25 times...but the gameplan should have 18-22 carries and a mix of passing for him this weekend. I'm starting Jones with confidence over Barlow in one league, sitting him for Taylor in another.
  11. Bears RB's

    Lovie Smith put some optimism in his press conference saying that they were only 1 win away from the conference lead. If they are in the business of developing, I see that 60/40 split that someone mentioned, but Capt., I see an 80/20 split going Jones' way this weekend. Something like 25 total touches for Jones, 5 for Benson. IMO.
  12. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    If Akers makes a few field goals, does Hall still get looked at as a guy that shut down TO? No way. He gets looked at as a guy that kept him out of the end zone for the first time in TO's last 8 MNF games.
  13. Jake Plummer

    Julius Jones
  14. Tatum Bell

    Are you telling me that you believe Willie Parker will only be playing for a week or two? You sayin he's done after next week? LT/Bell for Dillon/Parker looks bad now? That will change and may look good in a few weeks.
  15. Jake Plummer Looks like Jake and Jared could tear up the town together.
  16. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    The game predictions and projected stats are one person's opinion. The Start/Bench List is another person's opinion. Look to see who is writing the piece.
  17. King Of The Mountain

    I've got to roll with the Eagles here.
  18. Waiver Wire Warriors

    This report should be the standard for any type of sleeper/free agent article that gets written. The bar is very high, but there's no "he should do well" or "I've got a feeling"'s all backed up with solid stats and trends. If I remember correctly, he did pretty good last year with the waiver wire warriors he pegged last year.
  19. Panthers Info

    Swampnuts, I didn't get a chance to catch the game, with the exception of the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. Which of the two CB's looked better? Which of the two look better to you? It was my hope that Lucas would provide more of a shutdown role, leaving Gamble as the guy teams would try to exploit...not because he's bad, but obviously that would generate more FF activity for one of my guys. Are they equal in your mind? I would assume the loss of Jenkins may allow the Pats and other teams to start putting some helmets on the LB's as well, which may diminish some of their numbers.
  20. Bench McNabb....

    I'm not sure this makes sense. Benching McNabb, in their home opener vs. sitting Lefty in his second game of a new offense on the road against an improved defense also making a home debut. I just don't see it.
  21. TWO broken thums?

    He could dance like Elayne did on those Seinfeld episodes...and that's about it.
  22. Miami Bandwagon

    I was thinking Ford Fiesta.
  23. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    If Peterson plays, this is easy money IMO. UCLA has no starter on the defensive side of the ball bigger than 270, and they may be fast, but OU could just pound Peterson all day. We'll see.
  24. Weekly Blitz

    I was decent at this last year...and this year.....notsogood. BAL CLE DAL JAC NYG