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  1. What does the 2.12 cost?

  2. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Or the Raiders.
  3. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Damn...too good to be true.
  4. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Ha ha ha ha ha....too funny. That is so awesome. Love it.
  5. Manning or Brees?

    A classic example of why lead paint chips should not be eaten as a child.
  6. A Johnson vs K Jones

    My thoughts are that with that trade you'll have as many as 6 starting RB's on your roster by the time Week 8 rolls around. Lots of bench points for RB's compared to subpar WR points.
  7. Opinions on this trade

    Sounds like you made the trade already. Good luck with it.
  8. Venting

    Agree 100%. It's not like most of these people play in leagues where a RB the caliber of Thomas Jones is still on the waiver wire!
  9. Culpepper Projection?

    I'm starting him over Lefty in Primetime. Bottom line: if he can't do it at home against the Saints that was a fantasy goldmine game last year, he can't be trusted at all.
  10. Waiver Wire Warriors

    Great dynasty pick!
  11. Jags D minus Darius

    Deke Cooper had 11 solo tackles in his very first start for the Jags a few years back. He's been in the system, should be able to step in, and after maybe a week or two of growing pains, they may be better off, who knows.
  12. Culpepper Projection?

    I would think those numbers are mixed up??? CPep is 29th in my local and Manning is 17th.
  13. Waiver Wire Warriors

    That is impossible Offseason, I think it was a milestone post as well.
  14. Culpepper Projection?

    Every week, there's another moran that and can't understand there are various opinions on the site.
  15. Waiver Wire Warriors

    No, I think it's the one Chargerz helped out with a bug problem.
  16. What happends if?

    If they are within reach of the Division title AND Jones continues to produce (you know close to 100 yards total a game and few turnovers), he will be their guy. Lovie Smith can not be more pleased with how he's responded this year after initially being disappointed in the team drafting a runner. That said, he can't carry the full load or he'll break down. So, he's not the workhorse they want, but yes, in your scenario, TJ is the starter, and Benson is #2.
  17. Benching Caddy...again

    Caddy may be dinged, but he's on fire and has the confidence of one of the cockiest coaches in the league...who will in turn, slam the Caddy down Green Bay's throat in an attempt to keep Favre from working whatever magic is left in his body. I don't have this choice, but I wouldn't hesitate to ride the Caddy this weekend. Take a look at San Fran's run D stats compared to their pass D stats.
  18. Benching Caddy...again

    Yes. This week.
  19. Just for fun

    Team E is the best by far!
  20. another trade question

    Hey ndg5204, make up your own mind.
  21. trade offer should i or shouldn't i

    Yes. Besides, you've got Bruce and Wayne, so you're got superhero powers.
  22. WDIS Dillion or S Davis

    Davis is questionable on the injury report this week with a neck. He'll play, and maybe even score. Hard to walk away from Dillon, but you could argue it.
  23. C. Penington or B. Griese?

    The one you think will score the most points. My personal opinion is Tampa is turning into a run first/defense with the stellar play of the rook. So, Griese will not have as good of a season as he had last year. On the other side, the Jets have an aging RB who is slowing down and getting injured and a new offense that they're needing to build more cohesion. The upside is with Pennington, hands down.