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  1. Cowboys and Redskins

    It's crazy. They probably miss 20 holding calls a game typically, but 40+ when it's the Cowboys.
  2. Cowboys and Redskins

    The Cowboys are back!!

    And the tears of Cowboys fans anoint the earth.
  4. Monday night - Panthers/Dolphins

    Just gave up a 40+ point lead. WTF.
  5. Ben McAdoo

    just fire his moustache
  6. Winston out....

    Perhaps my worst draft pick of the year.
  7. Ertz inactive

    I have run out of starters in ATAP. Crap.
  8. DJ available in your league?

    The only...AND worst 1.01 evah. He will be kept as a 1st rounder next year has killed me in my local. It will make me reconsider ever taking a 1.01 in the future.
  9. Will Fuller

    I sat him in one league and started him in another. He has to start now until Buddha crushes his value.
  10. Kiko Alonso

    Sendejo has been head hunting for years. Alonso should sit for sure.
  11. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    The last 15 yards by Thompson got me a .5 win in my work league. Crazy.
  12. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Playing against this performance really blows.
  13. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Yup...ASJ, Adams, Thomas. Looking like another blowout loss.
  14. Murray vs Henry

    Henry was on the wire but after losing David Johnson, I have been desperate. Better than Smallwood or Charles. I won't be starting him this week but I should.
  15. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Nice Photoshop program there.
  16. Jameis Winston injured

    Blown out by 100+ - fun Sunday for sure.
  17. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Stupid call for sure.
  18. Jameis Winston injured

    This sucks so bad. My local is pure carnage starting with DJ in week 1. This hobby blows sometimes.
  19. Rodgers hurt

    That's what Glazer is saying.
  20. Will Fuller

    I sat him in 2 leagues this week. Bummer.
  21. Murray vs McKinnon

    Murray looked slow and awkward and I am sure the film exposed that big time. Hoping for 75/25 for McKinnon.
  22. Time to drop Cohen it appears

    You try to sound like you know what you are talking about. Good effort. The Bears were trailing, his usage did not go to up. They were trailing against GB, his usage did not go up. His usage is going to be his usage, regardless of game conditions. His touches haven't been dump offs but designed plays to get him the ball. At this stage, the kid is bye week filler like Riddick is. Pretty much like Thompson is...although the latter has blown up to make him seem like a starter. He shouldn't be dropped in a 12+ team league, but not started either. Howard still has this shoulder thing nagging him if people haven't noticed and that does not appear to be going away so there's that to consider as well.
  23. Best WW RB to add this week?

    I like McKinnon quite a bit and played him last week. Mack is a guy that will help teams win in the playoffs. Like those 2 the best.
  24. Bears Vikings thread

    Mitch is in for some rough sledding. Not sure when he'll win his first game and although he looks OK because he's mobile, he is far from ready.
  25. Bears Vikings thread

    Hate bogus calls like that.