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  1. Bears

    The Bears are good but young and probably not the best team in the division this year. Nice to see them being in the discussion.
  2. Cordarrelle Patterson

    I will roll the dice with him but only out 9f necessity.
  3. MNF - Titans vs Cowboys

    Fire the Clapper.
  4. Keke Coutee out

    20 snaps in the first half or 20 snaps in the entire game?
  5. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    I picked a good week to start Duke Johnson.
  6. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    Don't be stretching the truth about the pants bro.
  7. SF starting unknown Mullens at QB

    Sneaky smart D/ST play.
  8. Eagles vs Jags Official Thread

    Good thing this is the official thread because Bortles sucks.
  9. Cooper to Cowboys

    Clap away Coach Garrett.
  10. Arizona Denver Game Thread

    Knee jerk my ass. Hard not to see what should be done there.
  11. Arizona Denver Game Thread

    I would be firing some coaches on the Cardinals. Team is dead and Rosen is garbage. Sure, he can make throws, but so can a lot of people. Wasting D Johnson's talent like they are is enough to fire McCoy at the very least.
  12. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    Looks like the Patsies might finally start catching some breaks this year.
  13. J. Howard?

    Howard doesn't fit this offense from the looks of it.
  14. Count On Losing This Sunday

    Nice. Going for the win. New punts after traded field goals.
  15. What does anyone see that makes sense as to why he is a starter in the league?
  16. Bears - Cardinals

    He really is hard to watch.
  17. Week 3 Inactives

    Why? So he can be much healthier the next time he gets hurt?
  18. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    Mitch needs to be a better QB. If this is who he is, we are screwed.
  19. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    Just dropped my only share and could care less if this comes back to bite me. Hope the kid eventually rights his ship.
  20. Jets D/ST - Week 2

    Bought them and am using them.
  21. Philip Lindsay DEN RB

    Picked him up post draft in my dynasty so it cost me basically nothing. Just elevated him from the TS out of necessity. Spent 25% of my FAB on him in my local and was considering drafting him. I was optimistic on him several months ago.
  22. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    No...the real problem is you are talking about Mark Andrews in the first place
  23. Aaron Rodgers carted off....

    So they shot the guy full of pain killers, sent him back out there, proved he is the Bears' daddy once again and what is his reward? The Vikings defense this week.
  24. Aaron Rodgers carted off....

    Toast without him...probably will win this game with him on one leg.
  25. Fournette to the locker room...

    Bum ankles if I recall.