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  1. Glennon really sucks. Not touching him.
  2. You never blow your budget...simple. If it's blown, you mismanage. In your league, if you mismanage, you pay the price, so perhaps you need to tell owners they need to not shoot their wad prematurely.
  3. They should have let him walk in the off season.
  4. Happy to have just gotten Williams in a dynasty. I don't think he'll have top rookie production this year, but do see a nice ramp for him and a good ceiling.
  5. It meant he is a huge specimen and has played against nothing. Jace Amaro sure seemed like a for sure talent as well. Bears don't need project after project and did they need a TE or defense? Couldn't be more disappointed but what do I know? Obviously nothing compared to Pace.
  6. Saying Shaheen is a monster is like saying Chad Johnson will lead the Mexican Football League in receiving yards and touchdowns.
  7. ^ No
  8. This was reported several weeks ago. The scouts knew they were going to be fired. GM probably not, scouts yes - in terms of has it happened before.
  9. A small dent, yes. They made it. OL is horrible - CB's are not good. They need to do well 2-3 more years in a row in the draft.
  10. Cleveland will need to knock it out of the park for 2-3 years straight to make a dent, but yes they did.
  11. Best drafts I've seen so far are by Tampa, SF, NYJ, Washington, and Tennessee.
  12. Could have had Budda and it would have been a great fit, but they had to trade it away because of last night's nonsense. It just got worse.
  13. Ryan Pace should be fired. Immediately. He will get run out of town.
  14. Here's one Dynasty owner that needs this kid to stay clean. Doubt it's going to happen though.
  15. It's a safe move, $3M. Peanuts. GM's are getting scared with Ross...something wrong with his medicals. Would love to see Howard land there though, a real TE who can do it all.
  16. The rich get richer....tough to like Cooks with how deep they are, but they just put a stake in the ground for a repeat.
  17. Thought I had to do analysis.
  18. You do it.
  19. Who does he think he is, Curtis Martin?
  20. That stat means nothing until you compare 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, and full game ratings along with it.
  21. Wait a second...that's it? 34 words? 3 sentences? Slip deserves way, way, way, way, way more from you. Stop slacking and let's see it...the whole feeling, an essay.
  22. I don't see it - he'll be out of the league in two years.
  23. HOTD draft

  24. That Kony Ealy is going to make them completely unstoppable on defense. Crazy.
  25. Check for sources...