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  1. To DMD and 2V...

    I agree with all of the praise and gratitude, you guys do a GREAT job at The Huddle. One thing I would appreciate seeing is a look back at the draft sheet and call out winners/losers (good draft picks/bad draft picks) with maybe some reasoning for some of the players that didn't pan out or sleepers who stayed dormant. Thanks, keep up the great work!
  2. Get Ripped Off by Your Commish Lately?

    Veto your own trade??? You aren't going to find anyone who has your back on this one....sorry.
  3. Who should I pick up?

    I would go after Bush because: 1) Skins backfield is a mess unless you can guess correctly. 2) Choice expected back so now you'll have Helu, Choice and maybe some Torrain to mess with.
  4. Week 8 Monday Night Football - What do you need?

    I do realize he was covered by Revis, but VJax has had a few very weak games this year already..... Gates looked pretty solid last week, and he generally comes up big in division games when healthy. Good luck.
  5. Week 8 Monday Night Football - What do you need?

    I need 4 points from VJax in a standard scoring league, non-ppr. That isn't asking for much, but his 1 point last week now has me scared for this week.
  6. Giving up Hillis (one year wonder at this point, future up in the air) for Manning and Best is definitely worth it. Best has injury concerns, but you aren't really giving up much to get those guys so yes....he should do it. Thanks for posting on my topic as well.
  7. WRs on WW

    I agree with Crabtree, hard to find that many targets per game. I would try to trade Manningham before dropping him though, maybe package with an RB or something. I like Crabtree and Baldwin. Thanks for answering mine.
  8. WDIS

    I can't seem to pick the right lineup....J . Charles injury is killing my RB output. Any help/comments would be appreciated. Will answer yours if you have one as well. Thanks. Must start 1 of these RBs, 2 WR and 1 flex. Standard non-ppr scoring. E. Graham vs Chi (leaning towards my #2 RB spot) Flex Spot: R. Torrain @Carolina (garbage last week) Jackie Battle@Oak DeMarco Murray vs Stl M. Hardesty Vs Seattle D Baldwin @Cleveland N Washington vs HOU 2WRs B Lloyd @Dallas V Jax @NYJ D Baldwin @CLE N Washington vs HOU Thanks!
  9. WDIS at RB

    Need to start one of the three along with M Turner. Tough to start Jennings in the Super Bowl but I think he has high potential if MJD is out. Any thoughts? Will answer yours. Pick one: R Jennings vs Washington S Jackson vs SF BJGE @ Buffalo Thanks.
  10. The All-Selfish Team

    You have to include Favre on that list.
  11. Priest Holmes

    Not even close and no way Thanks for playing. Kidding....just my .02.
  12. Fish Fry

    Saban is pissed off all the time. I wonder if he is going to pull a Spurrier and call it a season mid-year? I don't really think that would happen, but 1-5 with that schedule is ridiculous. Where are all the Dolphins fans claiming the CPEP trade was the greatest thing of all time? I remember seeing their posts in the off-season....interesting.
  13. Kevin Jones

    I read way too much into the concussion from last week and injuries to his offensive line. I benched him today for M. Morris. WHOOPS
  14. Burleson

    I can't believe SEA gave this guy 7 mill/yr to be a #3. Why did they sign Branch?
  15. Mike Bell - what's his status now?

    Dealt Mike Bell for Stokley I hope you mean? If you dealt Tatum for Stokley I think you were robbed.