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  1. I don't think they were unsolved. Weren't the accused acquitted on self-defense grounds or something?
  2. Yeah, but apart from that you think he's OK, then?
  3. So with no players left and about 150 points behind, you're telling me I'm probably out of contention for this year? I see.
  4. Why would it be another thread? This one is entitled Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting Doesn't the wisdom or otherwise of drafting Mr Te'o belong in such a thread?
  5. Since we're all picking from just two teams, I don't find that very surprising.
  6. Yes. He will get more out of the Dallas D than that blowhard Ryan.
  7. This hire appears to have precipitated Marinelli's departure. Wanna bet we go from a great D and meh O to a meh D and great O, winding up where we started - not quite good enough?
  8. NE will stuff the living daylights out of Baltimore. San Francisco will be too much for Atlanta.
  9. Only so we can brag about how superior we are.
  10. Exactly. Far worse than anything Te'o may or may not have done. A bunch of tittering simpering teenage girls. Bah.
  11. We are a minority of two then. I mean, who gives a flying #### about this whole thing? Other than the braindead, vicarious, gossipmongers.
  12. Depends on your definition of "good". If your idea of "good" is wallowing in someone else's misery, it's awesome. People in glass houses might not wanna heave too many halfbricks around though. Just sayin'.
  13. This is entirely accurate.
  14. Miles behind but only Torrey Smith and Marshawn Lynch survive as players I can't pick. Hoping I've picked a bunch of high scoring losers for next week too.
  15. Charlie the Rude is only going in one direction and it ain't up.