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  1. Waiver Wire pick-ups

    I dropped Suggs for Jacobs (yes, I know Suggs is a theoretical starter, but I have six better options already) and Moats for Booker (this league rewards receivers with 1pt per catch).
  2. Server issues

    Amen to that. And the "All" certainly includes our two esteemed hosts.
  3. Colts-Ravens thoughts

    All of which helps explain why I'm pretty happy about having them as my D in one league. If Billick hadn't called those stupid TOs, I'd have had the shutout and won this week.
  4. M Moore

    You and pretty much everybody else.
  5. King Of The Mountain

    Indianapolis, methinks.
  6. Willie Parker over . . .

    I'm definitely starting him over Dom Davis. They're facing each other and I can't see Davis outscoring Parker.
  7. Waiver Wire question

    Bear in mind that the NFL itself has a system that rewards poor performance. It 's called parity and is underwritten by both the draft and the waiver system. I'm in a league this year which is using option 2 above and since I top scored this week, I'm #14 in line for the WW. No problem, I'd rather play in a league that has some competition for all than have owners abandoning teams halfway through.
  8. Vick sucks

    This is true. On the evidence of last night, Atlanta have a ferocious and aggressive D and Warrick Dunn is a much better runner than he's given credit for. Vick, on the other hand, often looked a liability and was more likely to bring his D back out on the field than to sustain drives.
  9. Fumble recovery?

    When McNabb threw that backward pass recovered by the Falcons, does that count as a fumble recovery for FF scoring or what? I have an entire game hinging on this, so I'm interested.
  10. Did Chargers lose because they benched Gates?

    I'm just glad Gates is back next week.
  11. Vick sucks

    The thread title is both succinct and accurate. He couldn't pass the salt.
  12. Call me crazy............

    Yep, you're crazy.
  13. Server issues

    I've had to deal with issues like these so many times. This one really seems to point at itself - the DB is set to limit connections, or that error message is being triggered by a server timeout. I deal with contracts in the millions, and any vendor that hadn't fixed their chit by now would be an ex-vendor eventually. That said, the boards can't just be picked up and moved. Sure, you can re-contract with a new vendor, but that takes time.
  14. Fumble recovery?

    Academic now - the latest fumble clinches my game.
  15. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    How could it not be? Talent like that isn't known for growing on trees. And the "cancer" thing is pretty overstated, IMO. I don't think he was the world's best teammate, but by far not the worst either. Maybe it's just a shade too comfy in Minnesota?
  16. Peter King...

    Easiest job in the world - opinion guy on TV or in the press. All you gotta do is knock, knock, knock, never have to actually do, do, do.
  17. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    After some of the flak you took for this, you deserve a Well Done. I wish I'd done the same......
  18. Brandon Jacobs inquiry

    Based entirely on my worthless opinion, he'll be used on obvious goalline situations and/or to spell Tiki on run-heavy drives and/or to run out the clock. Definitely not a one-week wonder, though.
  19. JJ Arrington

    Sure, but apparently he's busy right now.
  20. You know.....

    Good advice here. At least, I hope so.
  21. If this weekend was Like Christmas

    That one win came at my expense. Can't you try for more consistency?
  22. So who needs what?

    Westbrook to have a low scoring game (100 yards and no TDs would be good) and the Atlanta D to have anything but a disaster will give me two league wins.
  23. Why I hate fantasy football

    Yes, but do you have to be playing me at the time?
  24. How bout that Colts D

    I picked the Colts D for my local league. I have every confidence in them. They brought me within 0.8 points of a win tonight.
  25. JJ Arrington

    Arrington finished with 8 carries for 5 yards and 4 catches for 22 yards. I may have to start him next week. Any Cards homers think he'll get any better? Surely he can't be worse.