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  1. Hey Bears fans!

    Don't think so. We all know he's just a kid that is being thrown in the deep end with a heavy weight round his neck. He did manage to exceed 50% completions, albeit with an INT. In the light of recent Bears QBs, that's actually an improvement. And the WAS defense is a good unit. See what straws us Bears fans grasp at?
  2. Why I hate fantasy football

    That's exactly what I was thinking. I lost in one league by 0.8 pts - if Stover makes any one of his FGs, I win, or if Bulger doesn't have a last minute INT, I win, or if Indy don't give up the last second TD, I win.
  3. Long year for Alexander owners

    Y'all may well have a point. I could field Kennison instead.....
  4. Big Bench Pts

    Parker and LJ on the bench, Davis and Julius on the field. Julius did OK. If Westbrook plays badly tomorrow, I might actually win.
  5. Long year for Alexander owners

    I own both of them, Dom in two leagues and Johnson in one. I'm thinking of unloading Davis on some unsuspecting owner in one league real quick, but hedging my bets and subbing Parker in for him in the other. I'll keep Johnson because the Texans are going to be throwing a lot.
  6. Who else got bloodied today?

    An awful day. I won't rewrite all the names, but they're much the same as already listed. Special honors to Denver for Anderson and Lelie. Special mention to me for choosing to keep D Davis in the lineups and Willie Parker on the bench, certainly losing me one league and probably another. Lucky if I go 3-3 this week.
  7. Willie Parker Celebration thread

    No. I thought about plugging him in for Dom Davis but decided against.
  8. Opening Sunday!

    #54 Urlacher
  9. Server issues

    Bloody nightmare getting in just now.
  10. Dallas Clark Questionable?

    I thought FJ had risen....
  11. rate my team

    He's made some real clunkers, especially when he was in Australia.
  12. lot's of upbeat happiness among the Rams

    Depends how big the anti-Martz clique is in comparison with the pro-Martz clique, plus which side the owner's on, if any. Reminds me of the situation in another midwestern city......
  13. Weekly Blitz

  14. Tice

    If he's reacting like this already, what will he be like when the season actually starts? Note - I do appreciate that it's easy to get crabby with reporters asking the same idiot questions ad infinitum though.
  15. Holy crud Batman

  16. Skybox

  17. Server issues

    Yes, I finally got the DB too many connections message. Must have been 30 minutes before I could get back on. Brutal.....
  18. Server issues

    I've had one lockup but I've only been here three times in total today.
  19. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander Holt Parker
  20. New ERA in the NFL

    Agreed. Tight ends have staged a comeback too, further diluting the points to be gained from receivers.
  21. Server issues

    SQL Server service bouncing?
  22. Broncos cuts

    Curtis Enis, Cade McNown and a whole raft of other Chicago draftees would indicate otherwise.
  23. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

  24. Server issues

    With my IT hat on, I doubt this is a server load issue per se. It seems more like an OS lockup issue to me, in that the server processor is getting pegged to 100% through some internal function or misconfiguration, which means it can't answer access requests. I've had these issues before. Could be wrong...... BTW, it is definitely getting worse. Good luck with sorting it out.
  25. King Of The Mountain