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  1. What did Ray Lewis Do ?

    I don't think they were unsolved. Weren't the accused acquitted on self-defense grounds or something?
  2. What did Ray Lewis Do ?

    Yeah, but apart from that you think he's OK, then?
  3. SMACK BOWL Week 3 Standings

    So with no players left and about 150 points behind, you're telling me I'm probably out of contention for this year? I see.
  4. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    Why would it be another thread? This one is entitled Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting Doesn't the wisdom or otherwise of drafting Mr Te'o belong in such a thread?
  5. SPIT Week Two standings

    Since we're all picking from just two teams, I don't find that very surprising.
  6. New Head Coaches/GM Tracker

    Yes. He will get more out of the Dallas D than that blowhard Ryan.
  7. New Head Coaches/GM Tracker

    This hire appears to have precipitated Marinelli's departure. Wanna bet we go from a great D and meh O to a meh D and great O, winding up where we started - not quite good enough?
  8. This weeks games

    NE will stuff the living daylights out of Baltimore. San Francisco will be too much for Atlanta.
  9. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    Only so we can brag about how superior we are.
  10. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    Exactly. Far worse than anything Te'o may or may not have done. A bunch of tittering simpering teenage girls. Bah.
  11. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    We are a minority of two then. I mean, who gives a flying #### about this whole thing? Other than the braindead, vicarious, gossipmongers.
  12. Manti Te'o's draft stock plummeting

    Depends on your definition of "good". If your idea of "good" is wallowing in someone else's misery, it's awesome. People in glass houses might not wanna heave too many halfbricks around though. Just sayin'.
  13. SMACKBOWL Week one standings

    This is entirely accurate.
  14. SPIT week one standings

    Miles behind but only Torrey Smith and Marshawn Lynch survive as players I can't pick. Hoping I've picked a bunch of high scoring losers for next week too.
  15. SMACKBOWL Week one standings

    Charlie the Rude is only going in one direction and it ain't up.
  16. Redskins/Seahawks Game Thread

    Who is that dozy looking middle aged bald white guy called Pitbull on the Bud ads?
  17. Colts/Ravens thread

    I thought yesterday's games sucked but this one is much better.
  18. Who Do You Want To Win The Super Bowl?

    Well, that's that taken care of.
  19. Who Do You Want To Win The Super Bowl?

    Seahawks because I really like Russell Wilson New England because all the haters heads will explode and that can only be a good thing. All the others apart from........ . . . . . . . .........The Stinking Vikings
  20. Black Monday can't come soon enough!

    OK, so now focus on the first paragraph. I am not at all a fan of over-animated coaches like that Dallas buffoon Ryan but you could have planted a Lovie Smith cardboard cutout on a stick on the sideline and no-one would have known the difference.
  21. Black Monday can't come soon enough!

    He needed to go. The players most loyal to him are almost all at or near the end of their careers so would need replacement anyway, the team always looks like it's waiting for the next thing to go wrong and it's the same bungling incompetence every time - can't get the play called in time, no clue what to do in the red zone, slipping into prevent defense and failing and on and on. Smith is devoid of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm. One playoff appearance in six years? There isn't any team in the NFL that would put up with that.
  22. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    Heh heh. Cutler actually played really well today. Our biggest problem isn't on the field, it's with the coaching and play calling.
  23. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    If you do get rid of him, there will be no shortage of teams lining up to sign him. He really isn't your biggest problem.
  24. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    Oh dear. Now THAT was awful.
  25. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    Not done yet. On a side note, why do you Dallas guys rip on your QB so much? You really think he's bad when you look around the league?