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  1. I am starting Corey Clement over ___________?

    David Johnson
  2. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Still here. Don't post much but still hanging around.
  3. Congrats to the Eagles

    Parade was epic, had my 9 & 7 yr-olds with me. Kelce speech
  4. Congrats to the Eagles

  5. Are You Eagles Fans Look Forward to the Superbowl?

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES 30-17! Go Birds!!
  6. Dede Westbrook?

    I added him 2 weeks ago to my Dynasty roster. I like the upside a lot.
  7. Ameer Abdullah

    Nice over reaction to one game against a good rush D. Not saying he will be a stud or anything, but damn.
  8. Ameer Abdullah

    From Eisenberg (CBS): This could be a big year for Abdullah, who is being projected for at least 200 carries and 35 catches. If that happens, Abdullah is a candidate for about 1,300 total yards, and he could easily score about five touchdowns even if he's sharing work with Theo Riddick and Zach Zenner. I plan to draft Abdullah as a No. 2 Fantasy running back in Round 5, and I expect his ADP to climb into that range prior to Labor Day weekend.
  9. What are the opinions regarding Kirk Cousins in this forum?

    Love him this year. Everyone points to his slow start last year and think the end of year was a fluke. But, they actually gave him more freedom to run the offense toward the end of the year and you saw the result. IF Reed stays healthy, sky's the limit. He's playing for a contract, too.
  10. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Please...These men know that it's a business. As I said, he played his hand and lost. They can all respect that. He missed a week in shorts of VOLUNTARY workouts. BIG DEAL. Had he missed real work and cost the team a chance to win games, things would be different. But, he didn't. Much ado about nothing.
  11. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Who cares? He gives the Eagles their best chance to win this year. If, by mid-season, they are 2-6 and look horrific then they make a move. If not and they are competitive, he stays as the starter. I really don't understand why everyone got up-in-arms in the first place. Also, I don't think he was worried that he couldn't beat-out a rookie because he wasn't competing with a rookie. He has zero competition; he is the starter. He wanted a chance at long-term security and felt he wasn't going to get that chance; with the investment the Eagles made in Wentz, Wentz WILL be the starter within 2 years. Had they drafted a rookie in rnds 3/4, I think Bradford felt he could compete and beat-out that guy as there would have been no significant investment in that guy (no more than the 2nd they gave up for Bradford, anyway), so he signed the deal. He played his hand and he lost. Moving on...
  12. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Bradford isn't going anywhere. I get why he's upset, but he really has no leverage. When training camp rolls around he will report and play. Plenty of guys skip the voluntary programs.
  13. Who's your teams 1st rder? Who do you want?

    It will be Wentz. If I could pick any one player out of the entire draft, Tunsil. If they had stayed at #8 Stanley. If they had stayed at #13 Stanley/Elliot or BPA.
  14. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Then why sign a 2-year deal? He knew he was still in a prove-it contract. Drafting a rookie changes nothing. If he plays well, he's getting a new deal with a new team. Coming to off-season workouts improves his chances of playing well. He's being a whiny baby..
  15. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    If Wentz turns into a franchise QB, absolutely. It's a win-win. The Eagles seem to be all about getting that franchise QB and grooming him properly (let him sit, Pederson/Daniel as mentors). Bradford will be gone after this year. If he falters/gets hurt, they have Daniel. IF Wentz is a true stud/franchise QB it's a very good move for the team.
  16. Star/Bench Tool Comment

    "Philly opened last season giving up 110 and 2 to Allen Hurns, and they closed the season giving up matching 100-yard games to Odell Beckham Jr. and Rueben Randle. In between they gave up nine more 100-yard outings to opposing wideouts. New season, same Eagles secondary. That bodes well for Julio." While I agree Jones will be a stud this week, the Eagles revamped their entire secondary with the exception of M Jenkins. 2 new CBs and a new S. NOT the same secondary at all...C'mon man!
  17. Guys I like more than you

    Disagree that Murray has to go down for Mathews to have value. They will be shuttling this guys in and out throughout the game. Will he stay healthy? Who knows, the same could be said for Murray. Still stand by passing on Murray early, grabbing a different top-rated RB and grabbing Mathews late. Little to no downside and BIG upside potential.
  18. Guys I like more than you

    I agree with Mathews. here's what I wrote in the Are you Worried about Murray thread: You make a good point about late in games that they are well ahead in, too.
  19. You worried About DeMarco Murray?

    I think the split will be much closer to 50-50 with Murray and Mathews than people think. The coaches LOVE Mathews. He looks very decisive and explosive through the hole. I could see Murray getting more yards and Mathews getting more and longer TDs. I would rather take another top RB early and grab Mathews later.
  20. **** 2015 NFL Draft Contest ****

    1.QB Jameis Winston Florida State 2.QB Marcus Mariota Oregon 3.WR Amari Cooper Alabama 4.DE Leonard Williams USC 5.DE Dante Fowler Florida 6.WR Kevin White West Virginia 7.LB Vic Beasley Clemson 8.DE Alvin Dupree Kentucky 9.OL Andrus Peat Stanford 10.OL Brandon Scherff Iowa 11.CB Trae Waynes Michigan State 12.DT Danny Shelton Washington
  21. Taliaferro

    I stashed him in my dynasty league. As a Temple alum I loved Pierce while he was there, but he has looked sluggish in the Pros. Forsett is old.
  22. Refs, Really?

    The refs were horrible all night, not just on those 2 plays. How about at the end of the game letting the benches come onto the field and TRULY ice the kicker. Nice composure by the ex-colt Parkey. Refs sucked tonight.
  23. The $$$ or the Bragging Rights?

    Both In my main league we award top prize for total pts, 2nd for SB champ,3rd for 2nd in pts, 4th for SB runner-up Total pts = Sense of accomplishment for a year's worth of drafting/moves, etc. This is the best player in the league for that year SB Champ = Guy who's team got hot at the right time, get's name on trophy I shoot for total pts as it positions you for the best chance to win both, as they have separate appeal.
  24. Bears-Gmen thread

    No mas, no mas
  25. Isaiah Pead, any Rams fans?

    Yup, I dropped him on a Dynasty team for Stacy(have Richardson, too).