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  1. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    sorry wrong forum, can someone move it for me please.
  2. Palmer has been great so far, no doubt, but a Monday night game vs. the Chiefs D is very tempting. Everyone steps up for MNF right? Also, I’m not buying that KC’s D is so improved. Not yet. Collins should have had 3 TD’s against KC last week (if not for that terrible call against Moss) But, I’m also not that sure about the CHI D either. So far CHI has played 2 very week offenses (Wash&Det) so are they for real? It's really hard to bench a guy that hasent done anything wrong, but if I dont start Plummer this week, I dont know when I ever will. Most of the predictions I’ve read so far have Plummer getting better stats this week. Who would you start?
  3. Tough RB Choice This Week

    I'm a big Wille Parker believer, but I also would go with Jackson this week
  4. Housh!

    Good info, I wasn’t liking the Chicago Def match up. But last years Balt&NE were much more intimidating than 2005 CHI, I may need to reconsider. I did start Housh the first two weeks of the season and for a #3 fantasy receiver he's been great!!! But I planned on benching him this week in favor of Michael Clayton who is playing @ GB. I'll probably stick to my instinct and go w/ Clayton but those numbers are great to see.
  5. I have a Cadillac on my bench

    If you can get Moss or Owens for him, then do it. But chances are you wont get a top tier WR. I would say his value is that of a 2nd Tier wideout like a D.Jax, Horn, R. William or one of the Smith's. It dosent seem worth it, how much of an improvement is that over Coles/Branch? not enough in my opinion. Maybe you can package up one of those two WR in the deal and then get TO or Moss.
  6. I think those projections are dead on. You need to hope Portis get an early TD because Dallas should win this game. They should have a decent lead by the 3rd quater and therefore Washington will be forced to mostly throw in the 2nd half. Horn will get his #'s, I wouldnt worry about him. Portis is your wild card. If he scores you win , if he dosent you'll lose. Good Luck!
  7. SIMTT

    Im very high on Willy Parker. I just traded away D. Davis for TO, because of Willy Parker and my belief that he will start and be productive all year. But in your case this trade makes your team better. Your very deep at RB w/ Martin and Caddy as two very solid 2nd RB's , and your week at QB ( espically if the Lefty injury turns out to be anything serious) This deal makes your team better, I would jump on it.
  8. I just picked up Battle off the WW myself, but I dropped Travis Taylor to get him. As long as you have all your bye weeks covered, I think you should go with the guy that has more upside. We’ve all seen what Lloyd can do, somewhat unimpressive even for a bench guy. Battle has more upside, his upside could be well above Lloyds becuase nobody really knows what he brings to the table yet.
  9. WDIS----Lelie or D Jackson

    That’s a tough one. I have a similar/tough one also. Check out my poll. http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=109825 I would go with Lelie. I just don’t like the Jackson match up. ATLl shut down Owens& company last week, their pass def is looking really tough. Lelie should have an easier time than Jackson. Also, Bledsoe thru for 3Td's against SD last week, so Plummer should get at least 2 this week, I think one of them will hit Lelie.
  10. #3 receiver

    I need to decide between Lilie, Engram and Porter. Right now I'm leaning towards Lilie. This is a very good match up for him. I would go with him over Engram. Please vote on my poll. http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?act=...sult_type=posts
  11. Quick Poll

    I like both matchups this week. who would you start?
  12. Leftwich or Plummer?

    I have the same problem. I'm leaning towards Lefty. Plummer just looked terrible last week. He threw over 50 times and his numbers were average at best. You gotta think Indy will have a decent lead in the 4th quater and Lefty will be forced to air it out alot late in that game. Just look what Boller did last week by needing to play 4th quater catchup and Lefty is a better QB w/ better recievers . I just cant see him getting less than 280-300yds and 2td's even with an improved Indy D See my post for similar problem http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=108716&hl=
  13. Trade Advise

    It's done, did the deal. I gave up Housh not Porter. I feel really good about this deal. I've been on the Parker bandwagon since day 1. I started him over Davis last week and was gonna do it again this week. I know Davis schedule gets much better starting next week but between LJ, Parker and Brown I should be able to find a match up I like every week anyway, and man if Priest gets hurt and LJ goes full time.....
  14. Trade Advise

    Team 2 on sig I would be getting Terrell Owens and Chris Brown, I would be giving up Dominick Davis and either Housh or J. Porter I think having Willie and LJ on my bench gives me the flexibility to make this move. Also would you rather give up Housh or Porter? It’s my choice. I'm leaning towards Housh only cause I have him on both my teams and I also have CJ on the team involved in the trade and I don’t really like starting 2 WR on same NFL team.