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  1. Weekly Blitz

    Car Cin Jac SDC TBB
  2. Gamble Picks

    That is what I'm doing also (in another league) I keep reading about the TE scoring against Indy and the Bills defense does scare me.. Just look at my money leahue lineup. I'm actually considering Frerotte this week.. Jones is tall and REDZONE material.. I watched Clayton drop ALOT of balls last week af=gainst the Vikes so he is in my doghouse right now.. I mean CATCHABLE balls
  3. I think it was on here somewhere that he had a top % of pass completion over 30 yards. Kinda of a WDIS question, .. T.J. Housh or Clayton (TB). Palmer does throw a nice catchable deep ball doesn't he??
  4. Weekly Blitz

    Cleveland Dallas Miami Pitts Tampa Bay
  5. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    I made it past week 1???? Eagles now
  6. WEEK 2 MATCHUPS Griese vs Buffalo Frerotte vs Jets Looks like a toss-up in my book, I went RB heavy with LT2, Dillon, Steph Jackson and Cadillac at Flex. Our scoring system credits longer plays (i.e. 10-20=2, 21-30=3 and so on) Tampa at home, Miami on the road?? How good are the Bills corners?
  7. Big Bench Pts

    Bench Points-- Frerotte.. but we start 2 and I had Griese and Hassleback. and I DID start the Cadillac!!! Other than that no bad picks
  8. San Fran up 21-6

    Martz is fixin to go 90/10 on play calling.. Bulger to Holt should be good in my ESPN Gridiron now!!!
  9. WHO was better last year at picking?

    I knew the winner would come out with both guns blazing!!!!
  10. Opening Sunday!

    As always, My DAN MARINO.
  11. WHO was better last year at picking?

    Please share your top 10 crisp!!! I need the help..
  12. I remember one guy was WAAAY better at picking the games last year.. Since I'm getting older and the old noggin doesn't retain knowledge like it use to, help me out.. Plus, its always fun to get a little $hit started between 2 huddle execs on the message board
  13. Does Madden Have A New Lover?

    I think Madden has lost his man crush on Favre because of the overnight graying of Brett's hair. As we ALL know, Madden and his Adonis looks can get ANY QB he wants!! My worst nightmare is visualising Madden and his hand motions explaining to his wife the art of sex.. EEEWWWWWW