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  1. Manning vs RB

    what is the typical score of your games?? 345-340!!! darn, them some big numbers.. Manning all the way
  2. Bench players

    This is in a typical Yahoo auto draft.. my bench WRs are D. Patten and D. Branch.. on the WW are McDonald and Curtis (St. Louis), Engram (Seattle) and both Raider 3rd Receivers.. would any of those be an upgrade? my starters are Horn, H. Ward and J. Porter.. D. Stallworth and Braylon Edwards are out there also but I have lived through 2 years of Stallworth and Clevelands offense just doesnt excite me... Just read the Jamal Lewis thread and that has me a little worried, I have Lewis Duece Mcalister and Westbrook..
  3. Julius Jones Top 5 - Benson "screw loose"

    PLUS, Peter King can't pick a game if they offered a free hoagie.. He picks underdogs and if they do happen to win he thinks he did something special.. Maybe if he laid REAL money he would realize he sucks at picking also!! HEHHEHEHEHE
  4. Edge vs. Priest

    I have had both in seperate years.. Holmes was more solid in points.. Both are going to score 1st rounder points anyway so flip a coin and blame it on that if it comes out bad!!!!! LOL... Holmes gets hurt every year so the handcuff is a must, Dom. Rhodes will come cheap and has good potential.. As you can tell, I didnt answer your question with a DEFINITE answer.. Both will be good it will just depend on little intangibles that happen during the season.. I do think the contract year thing will give EDGE the EDGE!!!! PLUS, Holmes wanted to retire for the last 2 years.. advantage EDGE
  5. Aaron Brooks

    Brooks' year end numbers are pretty good.. He always seems to throw a 4th qrt. CHEAPIE TD thats has won a few games for me.. and as someone stated earlier, I somehow always end up with him as a starter (we start 2 QBs).. I wouldnt be scared to take him again.. BTW, I did win my money league last year.. he contributed
  6. the expert auction draft?

    Just realized it was an AUCTION draft... drunks WITH money, that makes it even worse
  7. McNabb tells TO to shut it

    T.O. is just a cancer..plain and simple.. He is only a victim of his own selfish ways..
  8. the expert auction draft?

    They left out the expert "really got drunk" league part..
  9. Starting 2 qbs in new league

    we start 2 QBs in our league and in a 12 team league usually 4 QBs go in round 1. I went RB, RB (Priest 1.1 and Rudi Johnson 2.12 then T. Owens in rnd 3) I ended up with Aaron Brooks and Maddox-Pitts. but ended the season with K. Collins and Griese.. I won it all but the guys with Manning and Culpepper had best season records they just tanked in the playoffs. Its all about 70% luck anyway.. I do expect Collins to have a really nice year with Moss, Porter and the threat of a running game... ANYWAY, IF I get 1st pick it will be Manning after that I will go RB.. AND screw T.O. I just can't root for him anymore.. total BS from him and I dont want that on my or lose
  10. Probably not the right forum but this gets the most traffic.. do you get recruited or what? I would like to join one one at the bottom and go against fellow Huddlers..
  11. waiver wire picks

    we tried weekly pick ups last year on CBS, set it up as worst record gets 1st choice on Thursday waivers and then if you missed out on your choice Friday was a "1st come , 1st serve" deal.. this didn't work out well. we are having a pre-draft meeting soon and I am looking for options that actually work.. like-- when you make a pick you move to the bottom regardless of your record (but how does CBS record the picks as far as 8:30, 8:35) or we have talked about just bidding on players starting at $10 and high dollar gets him.. dont even know if CBS is set up for this.. what works in your league???
  12. waiver wire picks

    It basically had to do with the restrictions CBS had on our breakdown-- record, then points scored then head to head.. you couldn't use a list of tiebreakers on waiver order.. it just went by record.. it was a little confusing.. we are going to bring up the bidding thing..
  13. Billy Casper - Hang It Up

    Just wondering, how many balls are the PROs allowed to carry in their bag??? Is there a limit??
  14. Dayne will go for 1500 and 10 this year

    Dayne is basing his decision on his purchase of Madden 2004 (EASY LEVEL)!!! The fun part will be Skeletor telling the press that Dayne will be the starter going into week 1..
  15. DMD and WW split the sheet!

    If we all are the jury, the 1st one to offer FREE memberships next year will get my vote in what looks like a NASTY split..
  16. Early Prediction for 2005 / 2006 SB

    I saw the odds for winning the SB in USA Today and Miami was 1 million to 1.. We were in Vegas 2 years ago and they were 8-1.. RICKY made THAT much difference????? Amazing.. :bigshock:
  17. The START/BENCH list has some funny stuff in there!!! Jim Harbaugh QB IND MIN What the heck. Danny Kanell QB NYG DAL The 'Boys have given up Captain Comeback and Private Twisted Helmet..LOL..
  18. Dead Man Walkin'

    Just think of all the other "Freddie" things that have sucked.. Drop Dead Fred. Freddie Got Fingered Freddie Krueger I see a PATTERN.
  19. Superbowl Score predictions

    Just as long as the Pats get a 5 somewhere at the end of a quarter I don't care!!! I got stuck with crappy numbers on a $10 board.. N.E. 35-27 or 35-17.. Still don't know my numbers on the $50 square board so my prediction may change..They draw Tomorrow
  20. Superbowl Squares

    4 different boards.. TOO MANY numbers to list.. My big board..($50 a square).. went in half with a buddy, they draw new numbers before every quarter, plus we write down total score for $5 a head before the game.. Got 2 different partys to go to with a travel time of like 3 minutes between them.. Texas Hold'em starts at 1 pm. start pregaming at 11 am and probably calling in for vacation Monday
  21. Edgerrin "backs" out of Pro Bowl

    Do they still get their "BONUS" if they DON'T play?? I agree the game has become a farce.. I don't even watch it anymore. They might as well bring in Tommy Chang to lead the AFC..
  22. Dan the man

    The BEST pure passer and did you see how he stole the show in ACE Ventura .. Being that I have close to 1000 of his football cards I MAY be a little biased
  23. Do you forgive a player you dont like

    I drafted T.O. this year even though I didn't like his ME FIRST attitude but he did help me get to (and win) the playoffs!!! I dislike him for 6 days then cheer him on the 7th.. hehehehe.. Other than that I don't have any hate for players.. I guess I have a ME FIRST attitude in fantasy football. so maybe I hate myself 6 days a week also...
  24. Madden

    I was a Tecmo fan myself.. I bought the Madden 2004 (cheap basturd that I am).. Tecmo--run 15 seasons on autorun than have some badass players WOOOHOOOO..
  25. Random Observations

    The Randy Moss article was right on target.. How can the league let a player get away with blatant lip-reading cuss words?? I know it happens fairly regulary and ,granted, the fans start alot of it. BUT, the fans don't get paid 35K per snap.. Being a Marino fan, I remember late in his career, he screamed at the N.E. fans (maybe) after an INT. but that was frustration.. In moss' case he was just being a 'hood ornament.. GEEEZ, This turned into a rant!!! and a rambling one at that..LOL.. I just have much use for Moss anymore.. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last week