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  1. 60-40 chance Moss is traded

    Moss and Coughlin That would be a SIGHT TO SEE.. The infamous tight groin or some other little nagging injury the 1st time Tom yanks him from a game..
  2. I woke up with a Chubby Again!

    Why did over 100 people click on a link about a CHUBBY???? I only did just to post THIS response
  3. Isn't EVERY kicking chance affected at Heinz field anyway?? Reaching WAY BACK-- Kreskin sees Pitts. leading the whole game and winning when Brady throws a pick that goes the other way to end all hope.. Then we find out Cowher and Bill B. had a side bet where Bill has to wear a suit and a Tom Landry hat all next year opposed to Cowher woulda had to shave that funky 'stache and sport a Mullet aka Billy Ray Cirus sp?.. Atlanta beats Philly which makes T.O. refuse to report to camp until, he is traded to Atlanta, which means overrated Vick will be able to break 100 yards passing.. Other than that, I just hope the score is AFC 6.. NFC 9.. when a quarter ends!!!!
  4. Belichicks Brush Off

    That was when Parcells was telling him "Stay VERY VERY far away from a guy named Jerry NIP/TUCK Jones.. The Bas-turd can't think straight when his smile goes ear to ear from the last touchup .. and NEVER EVER let him in the draft room again..I.E. Quincy "rich man with a poor mans taste" Carter!!! PS-- Is Sean Salsbury the biggest bandwagon yes man since Howard Cosell or what???
  5. Does Bettis plan on celebrating......

    Remember, it is about 5 yards from your seat to the line when you are bowling He needs to just go ahead and pay the $5k fine and wear bowling colored shoes in the next game..
  6. Premonition for the Eagles/Vikes game?

    Salbury says the Vikes will win :eek: Rooting against the VIKES ONLY because of what Moss will do next.. He has gotten outta hand.. JMO, The media is throwing him the rope and he is taking the bait. I guess I am rooting for the Falcons just so we can see Daddy Mora's famous "PLAYOFFS" quote, followed by LIL Moras new rendition.. I see a Kenny Mayne piece coming out of this
  7. Could Martin break record?

    Curtis has always been a nice NFL "Person". no Randy moments that I can remember.. Plus, he is consistant almost every year.. Getting the record would be tough though.. RBs do take a beating every year.. It also wouldn't hurt the rookie cards I have of him.. hehehehe
  8. making it harder for FF players

    I also think LT2 will also be the top pick. Preist has been injuried the last 2 years and Jamal will do SOMETHING this off-season to screw up his chances.. Depending on where Shaun Alexander ends up will way heavy on his position... Just draft Peyton and see who he plays week 15-16!!!!!
  9. Favorite Football Comedy

    Funny stuff!!! no football stuff because I played baseball These are more embarrasing than funny BUT ANYWAY, We had a vertcally challenged guy on our softball team who got thrown out at first from a good hit to left field :eek: and it wasn't even close!!! I was the pitcher and got hit SQUARE in the cup with a linedrive that the rightfielder heard dented the dang thing in.. after the inning ALL the infielders go to their bat bags and suit up properly.. I NEVER was so happy to be wearing that thing.. Alls that came of that was bruises down to my knees..LOL..
  10. I guess if he wins the BIG ONE this year his family would make him retire... Looks like he could be back next year at this rate........
  11. Weekly 6-pack

    Since we don't have access to some.. I tried Harps today and was happy.. The BIG beer store in town hasn't even heard of the 2 ESB Beers Red Hook and Fullers.. Thanks Paul Sandy, now I have a place to spend my Super Bowl winnings..hehehehe
  12. Randy Moss?!?

    I sure wish KOBE would corner MOSS in a hotel room!!!!
  13. Moss with the

    Looks like he will be looking for the nerest crack house after the game :eek: OR, trying to make his teammates think its NOT the guy who walked out last week
  14. The Toilet

    At least we know Favre will put it in the air 25 times in the 2nd half.. On his underhand flip WAY past the line of scrimmage, the ref should have made lite of it saying " REALLY BAD illegal forward pass" or something like that .. It's the Vikings, they will find a way to blow it..
  15. Or is Peyton scared of Champ Bailey?? Looks like Jerry Rice with a horseshoe on his helmet
  16. Another Obvious steroid case....

    The NFL made him get off the juice because everytime he signaled 1st down they moved the ball 15 yards :eek: He has "slimmed down" this year..
  17. Seattles Wrs

    Rice won't retire, he is just like my boss.. 62 and won't go away..LOL.. Whoever he signs with, he will get it in his contract, you MUST throw me the ball 3 times a game..
  18. I already miss the Weekly 6-pack

    I just went back into the archives and penciled in 1. Fullers ESB 2. Red Hook ESB 3. Sierra Nevada Porter 4. Sam Adam's Boston Lager (brewed since 1918?? ) 5. Harps to try out the new flavors that got good ratings.. Just remember, BEER IS FOOD, You have your Barley and Hops and somewhere near the bottom you have your Whole Grain Wheat Breakfast of Champions.. <-- I can say this because I won my local this year and I have an extra $1000 to blow on a new Guitar and extra beer
  19. Alexander robbed

    I honestly thionk Alexander is in the top 5 backs in sheer terms of talent - easily. He will be successful no matter where he goes.. Does this count Miami??? Alexander has been a great back in his career.. send him to Denver and Shanny would pull him 3 yards shot of 2000 yds are T. Davis's record.. IT'S DENVER, I won't draft a RB from there UNLESS they are set in stone starter and then it would be scary
  20. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    Texas will make it.. as I just told my Michigan transplanted friend.. hehehehehe.. This will be one of the better games..
  21. Manning vs. Marino comparison

    OK, I'm a MARINO fan so this will be biased but he smoked the record that year by 12??? or so TDs.. and like ya'll said before, no running game.. It's week 17, no REAL football and I'm bored and getting drunk.. This is the 1st year I've actually read the message boards and really enjoyed the stuff.. 5.000 yards will be broken also but Marino did it while he was drinking boilermakers!!! so THERE..
  22. 87 Receptions 1 Td

    WOW, this is ONE BAD STAT!!! ONE hi-light all year and it was the 1st play of the year.. will Snyder discount ticket prices???
  23. Has the NFL...

    SO, I guess this means I go over to my friend with the TICKET because I will be stuck with the COWBOY game..ugh
  24. Soap Opera title

    The ONLY reason I'm watching this is because I'm waiting on football..LOL.. You know the media is going to be grasping at ANY little straw from today.. The 1st 5 minutes consisted of "I just interviewed Shaq" and "I just got felt up by Kobe"<--Michelle Tafoya.. I guess a good title would be--2 lives I could care less about unless they both gave a game check for Christmas to me..
  25. What Choo Talkin Bout Willis Mcgahee?

    I also heard GTD Spain, topic header could get a small black man to jump on your car.. BEWARE