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    I know hindsight is 20/20 but the 'breakout players" were kinda off the mark No harm meant, maybe they were thinking outside the box
  2. Volek

    There goes my profit of selling Voleks rookie cards on EBAY :eek: Wait, there never was a profit there unless his family is buying .. my Super Bowl opponent started him so I may just keep them myself as a reminder of what brought me the Trophy if things fall right today.. I had Larry J.- Gonzo and Nate "skate and donate" Burleson Musta been Champ Bailey??? did he do any good?? just had the game on the computer
  3. The ESPN Knuckleheads....

    WELL CRAP, We watched a movie and I had the game on the computer after the 1st 3 minutes because I didn't wanta waste all the food I ate yesterday.. They actually announced a good game??? They musta been drunk and didn't give a shiat.LOL..
  4. FFL Championship Trophy

    You could always give them a tampon
  5. Wow ...

    WOW, Now I don't have to go rent DODGEBALL
  6. I just know Bell is going to go off

    JUST REMEMBER, SHANNYHAN is in the mix here.. I would HATE to buy a used car from that guy :eek: You have SOLID choices otherwise
  7. WDIS RB and QB

    Rudi has been doing good and can bull it over inside 5 yards.. No Vick makes Dunn kinda spooky
  8. Collins or Hasselbeck

    Not stopped a team in 2 years, I see a trend I also think Seattle will be padding Shaun's stats.. JMO
  9. Carter to Nets?

    Carter was probably THE most overhyped guy in basketball.. So he could tomahawk dunk.. BIG DEAL.. Why the Nets gave up so much for a broken down player is beyond me..
  10. Does Vick deserve Pro Bowl ?

    Vick has the biggest crappy shoes from spammers contract so he goes!! on field stats suck
  11. Superbowl game this week!

    Kennison, Oak DBs are depleted and I'm playing the Kennison owner in our SB ..ouch,, scares the crap outta me
  12. Serious RB Issues ~ F. Taylor may not play

    wHOS PLAYING cLEVELAND??? mORRIS OOPS, wrong caps key.. Cleveland hasn't showed up in weeks and Miami hasn't quit
  13. Vikes - Pack thread

    I'll go with lots of NATE
  14. Smack Bowl

    The avatar should be all the smack he needs.. Getting beat by somebody like that is embarrasement enough :eek:
  15. Playoff Tie Question

    We pick a one player tie-breaker also.. we hate bench scoring because sometime the 'OL BENCH players hold clipboards..LOL
  16. How did you get to your SB?

    I drafted Collins as a 3rd QB (we start 2) and picking up L. Johnson when Priest went down.. Had T.O. and started him all year.. Me and my Super Bowl opponent spent the most on WW moves so I guess it does payoff in the long run!! my 2 starting QBs were Brooks and the long forgotten Tommy Maddox.. I went RB,RB WR-- Priest Rudi and T.O... That and ALOT OF LUCK..
  17. I'm going against Volek and I hope he has a bad game
  18. It is unethical to split the SB pot?

    You don't have to completely split but if you want to get the money closer that still leaves bragging right besides the ring.. our payout this year was 1st--$1050.. 2nd -$650.. we agreed on 950/750.. Plus the other guys still see the name on the trophy and don't remember 2nd place!! LOL.. It sucks when 1 or 2 big plays steal the prize from you.. my example, I played the Manning owner and won because of Kerry (5TD) Collins.. What the 2 Super Bowl guys do is between them.. For the guys who complain, tell them WHEN they get there they can make their own rules decisions..
  19. Yo were right on the money!

    I had to deal with Brooks all year also, its the Jim Everritt effect. TRASH TIME to go along with the few points he puts up during the game.. Now if he can find Stallworth again this week it will make the T. Owens injury a little easier to take..
  20. I played the Manning owner (top scorer all year) and won as I started Kerry "Jim Beam" Collins this week , with a little Larry Johnson thrown in.. I drafted Holmes and got the KC scraps with diaper pins taken off. Guarenteed $750 for being in the Super Bowl.. 1st pays $1050.. Needless to say, I'm happy
  21. If I hear these Announcers say

    Please. PLEASE don't give them any ideas and put Stewart Scott in DA BOOTH. Has he ever announced any games? OF ANY SPORT??
  22. Wow ... just look at all these questions

    Is there any way we can get JRICKs pic to bounce up and down(short of shaking my monitor) to see how firm the buns are??? I would rather keep this thread going for that reason!!!
  23. P Price Ball Repellant Spray!

    You would be amazed at what these guys buy when they sign BIG contracts!! If they all signed one year contracts we would see 100% effort every year
  24. If I hear these Announcers say

    What they need to do is pick a fan from each side and put them in the booth with Dumb and Dumber So when they make a classic statement there could be the possibility of a left hook or a kick to the shin (in Joe T.s case) and after a few beers the BETTER possibility of a "shut your piehole" statement.. Joe and Paul get to attend the games for free, lets here from the guys who had to pay $75 to watch the game.
  25. For you weather watchers out there

    Here, let me turn this into a KICKER thread My 2 kickers are Kris Brown (Texans) or Phil Dawson (Brownouts)!! needless to say, I haven't been getting many points from either this year and today willbe nastier than usual.. OK, end of that thought : Didn't it say 8-12 inches of snow in Cleveland, will LT2's hammy hold up in cold nasty weather? I did see the hi-light where he broke free but couldn't score last week.. I like LT because he looks like a team first guy.. Maybe it gets so cold today that mole on Brees' face falls off