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  1. Worst fantasy bust of the year ( for my team). took him in the 6th round and 3rd RB after he ran tough last year. I knew SF would kinda suck this year but GEEEZ, he made an impact last year. Now he sits on the bench behind Julius Jones and Larry Johnson for my team. Both WW pick-ups.. my 1st 2 were Priest and Rudi.. can't complain there.. I'm in the playoffs
  2. How to pick the right kicker?

    OK, I'll bite on a kicker thread!!! try and start a kicker whose team STILL has playoff hopes, if they are out of the picture they tend to go for it on 4th and 2 at the 33. its a trend, (backed up by only my feeble mind)..LOL.. kAEDING OR kASAY.. Think back guys, in Kasays' 1st year did ya'll pronounce it kAsee or ka-say???
  3. Griese or Leftwich?

    I am considering the same here.. Griese will still dump-off to pittman and that should account for at least 1 TD.. I say Clayton pulls in 2 this week. Its just time for Tampa to score 40 this year and they need a game like this
  4. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 15

    OK HUGH, Tony Gonzalez against Denver, they triple teams him last time or Donte Stallworth against Tampa???
  5. Attn Bronco fans

    His nickname in high school was BOOPEE.. No lie, he is from my hometown and his cousin stops by every so often.. Don't ask ME how he got the nickname but I will ask his cousin, also I played softball against guys he played football against and will ask them. He was the QB at Arkansas High..
  6. How would the NFL rule on someone

    I remember the Cowher thing, that was the old defensive player coming out of him.. He woulda jumped up and screamed and spit "thats how you F$#@*ING TACKLE
  7. WDIS-befudding rb situation

    Barber, the other 2 just dont cut it..
  8. WDIS @ QB

    tough choices.. Vinny vs NO-- JJ will bring up help and Whitten will exploit that.. Keyshawn is hurt.. and Vinny was hurt but he plays well on Vicodin but if all else fails.. IT IS NEW ORLEANS!! Lefty vs Chicago-- should be a slow, low scoring game. he has ONE WR to throw to, I know the other did good last week but other than that he hasn't showed up this year. SOOOO, Go with Vinny because it should be a higher scoring game.
  9. Is Priest Holmes the Terminator?

    I would draft him again next year.. you can't predict injuries so go with the best playe available.
  10. Rudy or Holt

    Chandler looked to Holt alot last week, I agree with tboogs about Cincy playing from behind also..
  11. Brooks or Hasselback

    Brooks gets you some good trash-time points. The Cowboys can't stop the pass to save their lives. I have Brooks so I know these stats!!! There WILL be a long score, Horn will toast them at some point and Duece on a screen will break one. Hassleback has both his receivers hurting this week and Rice only scores if he gets to push off. They also say that Minny plays better at home. It may look bleak at halftime but I think Brooks will score more in this match-up..
  12. Did anyone else find this NOT surprising?

    As far as a consumer goes, it makes everything less spectacular in my eyes. Anytime something amazing happens now in Baseball whether the athlete is clean or not I assume he's not. Thats called watching a triple A game That spot they did about Boston last year showing him bulking up was the nail in the coffin. I'm grouping Bonds with Pete Rose on this denial thing..
  13. Julius

    Now if only Priest could make a miracle comeback for weeks 15-16 I could start both JJ and Priest and sit William Greens sorry ass on the bench.. I know Priest won't return but JJ is easing the pain as I just clinched a playoff spot this week and believe it or not Collins has been a good thang the last few weeks.. The deep ball is working..

    Nate Burleson @ Chicago Brandon Lloyd vs Rams I keep hearing C-PEP doesn't do well against Da Bears and SF just sucks but the Rams let EVERYBODY score!! we get more points for longer TDs..
  15. Please help out a commisioner!

    our set-up is the same 3 div 1 WC and we DO go h2h first tiebreaker.. it has only happened once in 11 years. we have the same 3 tie breakers and the 4th being a coin flip.. head to head woeks in NFL doesn't it??? slam me later, you guys who are more involved than I.. if those are the tie breakers you set at the 1st of the year you gotta stick with them , then vote again next year.. there is ALWAYS one crappy division and a team with a worst record than the wild card gets in.. thems the breaks.. STICK WITH THE RULES.. This is our 1st year for waivers (not listed as out) and it is a TOTAL CLUSTER...
  16. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 12

    OK HUGH, you picked the right one a few weeks ago when I asked so lets go 2 for 2.. I gotta start 2 QBs. Brooks vs Carolina Collins vs KC Griese vs Atlanta we get more points for longer TDs. How good is Carolina D match-up wise?
  17. Pittman or Rudi?

    Pittman, if he's not runnung he plays heavy in the passing game. They are finding ways to keep him involved the whole game. I have Rudi and HAVE to play him this week (thanks alot Priest). Baltimore has given up some good running efforts but IT'S BALTIMORE after a loss, pissed off and wanting to kill people..
  18. After watching Monday Nights Game...........

    When they were winning (against a soft schedule) he was an offensive genius and now he is an idiot.. All sports are a "what have you done lately" show.. LATELY, he IS an idiot..LOL..That fake kick never had a chance.. You can tell his ego is bruised in the post game news talk..
  19. We will be right back in a SCHIZZY??? Dang, I wish I understood the kids today and yes, the Favre luvquest has begun.. They had his top 10 moments
  20. Come back victories

    They always show the QBs 4th quarter and O.T. comebacks, which I'm sure have some B.S. stats in there, but which team has given up all these comebacks?? it seems like 80% of the QBs have 30-40 comeback victories. Does it count for a QB when the defense runs an INT back? I say yes. just because the team was behind and then they won. Kinda like Drew Henson won his 1st start even though he got yanked at halftime.. ANYBODY here like doing this type of research??
  21. Commissioners lend my your ear ...

    This is what I'm asking also.. Do you have to set a line-up EVERY week? Looks like they were tinkering with it Tuesday and Wed if this is the case.. We had a similiar situation where the guy didn't hit "submit" and left a stud on the bench (after a bye week). we KNEW he MEANT to start him but he wasn't in the line-up so SOL..
  22. D-JAX injured ankle

    Ya'll remember last time don't ya??? Sure you do.. I had him on my bench that week and started him the next just to spite MYSELF.. I'm not gonna let him screw me twice, I'm gonna KEEP him benched cause there still might be a DILFER effect involved..
  23. Hasselbeck or Feeley

    Like they said, it's San Fran and they are giving up points in bunches. Travis Minor is suppose to start and dump-offs will work also.. Also, who wants to end up with the worst record?? Thats not a stat you want on your resume
  24. BIG Commish Problem!

    We had this happen and after bugging him for 6 straight weeks we had a vote and deducted some money from each winners share.. He won it the year before and we changed his name on the trophy to Basturd Jimmy ( and I hope you are reading this JIMBO!!!). i EVEN WENT TO HIS HOUSE AND HE HID IN THE BACK WHILE i TALKED TO HIS WIFE.. He was in the playoff hunt up until the last 2 weeks then didn't make it.. Tell him you are giving him ONE LAST CHANCE and then posting to everyone about the situation.. Nobody should fault you for not collecting the money up front since this hasn't happened in the past. No way should he make the playoffs and the next best record gets in. even if its 4 from 1 division (depending on how many division games everybody plays) our league has 3 divisions and a wild card so our situation is different.. put it to a league vote.. that way everybody has a voice. Next year he doesnt get in plain and simple..