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  1. Who should be more worried in Week 15?

    Week 15 Peyton owners (most should be in the playoffs) will be plenty worried about this on paper and GOOD GOD at what we will hear from all the "expert analyst" on TV.. Then Peyton will go out and throw 4 TDs and 225 yards and I bet Sallsbury sp? will forget every thing he said about the Ravens D and go knees first for Peyton!!
  2. I fell asleep

    Man, what a STINKER!! Didn't get to watch the 1st game so I guess this was a wasted football day.. I didn't realize Henson only started 10 games in college. I guess Jerry Jones was in on this pick also..
  3. Julius Jones

    picked him up this week off waivers and I get to sit BARLOWWWW. This one game has made up for Barlows sorry ass (i know he scored twice lately but GEEEZ).. Priest on my bench is what really hurts,
  4. Futility Challenge

    Sticking with the Tampa thing.. Joey Galloway...... its getting slim now
  5. Tired of NFL Sunday Ticket

    Is the TICKET NOT in high def? I don't have it but after watching some college games in Hi def the last few weeks that has about sold me on HD..
  6. Futility Challenge

    Joe JJJJJJJJJJ.. and I move on to week 3.weeeeeee
  7. Our playoffs are week 15-16 and for who wants to compete (its best to collect the money at the first of the year since the teams that stunk all year will still play). We let each team protect ONE player (that noone else can start) and then pick from the rest of the available players and make out your regular line-up IE 2 QBs, 3RBs, 3 WRs, K and defense.. People will still pick the same un-protected guys but there are always different line-ups.. Its just a nice way to finish out the year and score an extra $110.. Couple years ago I won it when Hassleback threw for 400 yards and nobody had him..
  8. Pacers/Pistons Brawl

    And Fatass #2 will probably think twice about going where he doesn't belong after the dent Jermaine O'Neal put in his grill You know this guy will be getting ragged by his friends for A WHILE!!! Just mob mentality at its worst.. Those 2 that came on the court late AKA fatass #1 and 2 will get in trouble by the local police.
  9. Get ur ass back in there Preist, we have Fantasy titles to win!!!!!!!
  10. Futility Challenge

    don't hold me to this till I research(wild F'n guess) but I'll go with: J. Jurevicious we have until Sunday right??
  11. fantasy basketball sites?

    ROTOWORLD.. One of the best
  12. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hugh, I'm playing matchups here. A. Brooks vs Denver or K. Collins vs SD. I have Collins in because they are ALWAYS behind and my opponent has at his "flex" position either Dominick Davis or J. Porter. (we call it KR spot, either a Rookie or they had to return a punt/KO last year). Longer TDs are more points (1 for every 10 yards out). He can either block me with Porter or start Davis. I know they both pretty well suck but should Collins have the better day? also, W. Green or J. Chatman?
  13. CJ asks Bengals fans to donate a dollar

    I think he makes WAY MORE than we the common folk do, so let him pay for it himself.. How about every football player sending me a dollar to support my FF habit!!! And like ya'll said, he has to fing the endzone first before he can do anything. Its been 5-6 weeks so I'm sure he has a doozy planned. Terrell ran out of things to do on the 3rd TD against the Cowboys.. and yes, I am a TO owner. don't like his self promotion but love the points..
  14. The down fall of Dallas

    Just blame it on Jerry Jones, he had his own cameras on him in the "war room" on draft day. That was the last 3 years, except last year, when Bill told him to go get doughnuts!! It seems like they try to pull the rabbit out of the hat on draft day.. The training camp show on ESPN the last few years, Baltimore and Dallas, I believe, showed just exactly how much POWER J.J. wants and needs. Eddie George was a bust from the getgo.. Did ANY problems (drugs or conduct) arise from Quincy getting let go? The only thing I can think of was his accuracy on the run..
  15. Original huddle members

    ok hit the wrong button.. the coolest thing was when they went paysite, I called (or emailed them) to fax me the draft day cheat sheet, telling them I had sent the check off but hadn't arrived yet and they trusted me enough to fax it to me. I have been a faithful member since just for that.. The start/bench list and weekly picks were what I went for then. Hardly went to the forums till this year.. just learked.. First saw the site in the back of a FF magazine.. Told a few guys in our local 12 teamer and 6 of them use it now.. I need a recruiting discount!!
  16. Original huddle members

    AAAHHH, the good old free days, I remember emailing Whitney and he actually responded which I thought was cool from a FF site. I emailed him back and got no response!!