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  1. I have to agree about the cost vs content.. Best $25 (or whatever it is, I always do the auto-re-up) I spend for Fantasy info. The in season articles are top notch and use them as a helpfull tool setting my lineup each week.. Just remember, YOU are in control of your weekly lineup, don't blame DMD if a player goes off when, on paper and the numbers support a bad matchup, does a Jonas Gray and THE HUDDLE doesn't forsee it.. Bill Belechick is a fantasy chalupa anyway !!!

    I will ALWAYS use THE HUDDLE as my first reference for weekly advice

  2. NO PPR league.. I have Bush and Daniel Thomas going against Buffalo as I wait on Sproles to get healthy. First reports on Sproles is he "drill" practiced today but the Thursday night game in handcuffing me.. 1 point for every 5 yrds rush/rec.. 6 points for a TD.. My initial thought was Bush for the breakaway run and possible TD because Thomas does have some competition for goal line work with J. Lane.. Just read where Thomas has had more carries than Bush over the last 3 games though.. I can start BOTH against Buffalo and let Sproles heal one more week in the crowded Saints backfield.. Sproles usually outscores them both by around 8-10 points.. Do I take a flyer on Sproles actually playing a 3 pm Sunday game? If he doesn't, my only other choice would be Ben Tate at noon Sunday.. Just to be safe I am leaning towards both Miami RBs..


    What would YOU do?

  3. I have Jordy,Julio Jones, Decker and James Jones.. my bench consist of Mike Williams, Simpson or Nate Washington.. With two guys going tonight, if I don't start either it would leave me with Nate Washington to replace Jordy.. Simpson is like the LAST option right now and Mike Williams has been decent so far.. How good is the VIKES pass coverage (MIKE'S VIKES JUMP ON IN HERE !!) Long TDs score more in out league.. any suggestions?

  4. Neil "Doogie Howser" just seconded the motion but it sounded kinda muffled.. :tup::wacko:




    But I do remember when they broke in on regulary scheduled programs when Michael Irvin "supposedly" got caught with cocaine and hookers and he got all Miami Hurricane mad and yelled "juss wait til da truffff come out"





  5. Found this on an old Yahoo post..


    To plop down $100 on a team I woulda took the SAINTS or for a what the hell bet the Bears


    2012 Super Bowl Odds Pre-Free Agency




    Green Bay Packers: 7/1




    New England Patriots: 7/1




    San Diego Chargers: 10/1




    Pittsburgh Steelers: 12/1




    Atlanta Falcons: 14/1




    Baltimore Ravens: 14/1




    Dallas Cowboys: 14/1




    New York Jets: 14/1




    Philadelphia Eagles: 15/1




    New Orleans Saints: 16/1




    Indianapolis Colts: 18/1




    New York Giants: 20/1




    Minnesota Vikings: 25/1




    Chicago Bears: 28/1




    Houston Texans: 30/1




    Detroit Lions: 35/1




    Kansas City Chiefs: 35/1




    San Francisco 49ers: 40/1




    St. Louis Rams: 45/1




    Miami Dolphins: 50/1




    Oakland Raiders: 50/1




    Tennessee Titans: 55/1




    Denver Broncos: 65/1




    Washington Redskins: 65/1




    Arizona Cardinals: 75/1




    Cleveland Browns: 75/1




    Jacksonville Jaguars: 75/1




    Seattle Seahawks: 75/1




    Cincinnati Bengals: 80/1




    Buffalo Bills: 125/1




    Carolina Panthers: 150/1

  6. You can youtube a 1000 "fight in stands" at (insert any major sports city) and there will always be jerkoffs that can't handle their spirits.. Well, maybe everywhere except Jacksonville... The out-a-towners start the fights so the team can see how to put up a fight :wacko:

  7. Just checked out the new song and even though it didn't really float my boat I looked at them doing a few of the old ones at Cafe Wha? and when they played "everybody want some" it just took me back to the high schooliish days where I REALLY enjoyed life.. NO, I didn't expect the old VH for the new album but they blew the doors off back them so I give them a pass for 2012..

  8. I got soooo tired of the Jets saga this year.. Listening to Rex explain why they lost each week and those freaking stupid pepsi commercials.. Sanchez stunk it up this year.. made me happy

  9. 5 different people carry the ball so far in the first half and after I dropped Helu four weeks ago to rid myself of ALL Redskins I had to pick him back up because of injuries.. Skinny bastard knows its the playoffs and he is throwing no-names out there.. I HATE ShannyBrooklyn Decker!!





    Now I know where Brooklyn Decker comes

  10. 6. Teaching Math In 2010


    Un hachero vende una carretada de maderapara $100. El costo de la

    producciones es $80. Cuanto dinero ha hecho?



    I love pressing 2 on the phone just to try out Rosetta Stone for free..


    Actual story today... Stopped in Subay for the $2 sub offer.. young girl rang it up for $5.28,......... I thought they were $2? OH, I messed up ,sorry I don't know how to fix this.. NEXT......................... Needless to say, I can't go back to THIS store again