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  1. Arrington - #3 RB?

    I'm holding on to him for now!!!!!
  2. They're BACK

    The bye weeks!!!! I HATE THE BYE WEEKS!!! I'm doing some fancy waiver wire moves this week already! I need a QB in one league (dropping Boller) and a TE in another (dropping Boller there too). (So much for Boller being a good sleeper pick in the draft!! )
  3. Greetings

    The Huddle has added "Waiver Wire Warriors" and "Training Room" features. Check them out!!!
  4. Which RB do u trade away>?

    There's alot of info that you didn't include in your question, but in general Davis looks great right now because his offensive line is blocking well for him. Lewis has had no holes to run through because poor QB play has allowed defenses to stuff the Ravens running game. I'm also convinced that Jamal's ankle is still not 100%. Therefore, I agree that you should keep Davis.
  5. Terry Glenn or Kevin Curtis

    I don't have both teams schedules in front of me right at the moment, but I think Terry Glenn has more potential to produce than Curtis. That's why every draft cheatsheet that I saw at the beginning of the season had Glenn rated much higher than Curtis. The first two weeks of the season haven't done anything to make that any different, IMO.
  6. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    What bothers ME is the poor play of the Bolts offensive holes for LT to run through and no time for Brees to pass effectively to ANYBODY, LT included. Now the Giants defense comes to town, and they looked VERY GOOD against the Saints on Monday night. I don't have a good feeling about the Charger offense this week unless the O-line can figure out how to plug the leaks!
  7. HUGH Trade

    I would do the trade. You get two solid RB's, and Mason has shown he has a pulse this year. Priest is in a RBBC in KC, and I agree with you that Detroit is in disarray so getting rid of KJ and Roy makes perfect sense right now.
  8. Trying to sugar-coat a turd

    Hey, Hook, he's just trying to be NICE! I think Theisman's got aspirations of going into politics when he's done in the booth!!!
  9. Arrington

    Shipp didn't exactly take advantage of his opportunity (50+ yards rushing). My guess is that J.J. will get his job back at least for another week.
  10. Anyone see Horn just "fumble"?

    Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen THAT one before. The ref was on it and made the right call!!
  11. Horn just lost the ball out of the endzone

    It's a fumble in the endzone for a touchback.
  12. In case anyone has missed it....

    Yep, he can still get it done!!!
  13. Speaking of worthless TE

    The guy is having a bad night! :doah:
  14. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Got it! But now I need Eli to stop throwing TD's and stay under 300 yards passing, otherwise I lose in the league I commish!!
  15. Just Won/ Just Lost

    I still need 1.46 points out of Tiki Barber to beat Gunther in the 4983 League! It's the end of the third quarter.