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  1. AB to New England

    I understand AB has a problem paying people, period.
  2. Indians Starting Pitching

    I think they'll all be home watching the playoffs on TV in about a week and a half! Go Sox!
  3. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Bears! Bears! Da Bears!
  4. One year later....

    Wait and see. Except for maybe LJ! Thanks for the reminder though guys!
  5. One year later....

    Watched the Viking game sunday, and Perry was all that. Acceleration, elusiveness, speed. And not too many touches early in the season, making him a late season infusion of talent, potentially. Looks like he is going to get his touches too, even with Rudi shining so far. I just picked him up in my league, and the dude can play. Might be the best backup RB I know of in the league.
  6. Best RB option this week?

    T. Jones L. Johnson S. Davis I think TJ will either run effectively, or see a ton of touches if the Bears fall behind as a safety valve for Orton. LJ looks for real, but Denver shut down Ladanian pretty good. Davis is an old favorite, but he's seeing end zone, not much yardage.
  7. Trade T. Jones for J. Porter

    That was my thought that eventually his touches will be reduced. I have other live options at RB, and I am trying to add upside receivers in primarily passing offenses, which the Raiders definitely are. If I thought TJ was a season long lock, I wouldn't even consider it. He made it happen last Sunday though. Don't know what the real Lions Defense looks like.
  8. Trade Offer Need Advise

    Like Porter and Deuce, but I'd stand pat.
  9. Have an offer to upgrade my WR's for the price of Thomas Jones. I think the Raiders will do nothing but continue to throw throw throw, with more looks for Porter, especially with Curry gone. Thoughts?
  10. Drop Faulk for Shipp or Perry?

    Having watched the Vikes game over the weekend, the Bengals seem to be making opportunities for Perry to contribute, and that guy has a serious motor. Looks like great acceleration and elusiveness that Rudi doesn't neccessarily give you, although Rudi is a stud himself. I've got them both, and Perry might be the best backup RB I can think of at the moment. Shipp might give you more production immediately, but I think Perry has got some upside.
  11. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Time to load up on all the Laverneus you can get!!!!
  12. packer fans

    Lose at Lambeau to the lowly Browns, incomparably quarterbacked by Trent Dilfer? This is the season we have been waiting for Bears Fans. Lions, Vikes, Pack NOTSOGOOD................................................................
  13. Bears RB's

    Bears coaches and players keep dropping soundbites about needing to respect Thomas Jones, and all that he means to the team. I take that to mean that a gradual shift over to Benson-time is coming, and they are trying to soften the blow when it comes. Word around here is that the O Line underperformed last Sunday, and that TJones wasn't to blame. Turner's Offense is more tailored to Benson, we hear, and the McCaskey's don't want to pay anybody $17MM and not see some immediate gratification. I'd say its Jones/Benson 60-40 this weekend.
  14. Cedrick Benson

    A week or two more of inability to run the rock, and they'll decide that if they can't run the ball effectively, they are better off running ineffectively with Cedric rather than Thomas. I just hope he picks up the blocking schemes, for Orton's sake.
  15. It Is Official...

    I hope the Packers hand the reigns to Aaron Rogers, let him fiddle with the keys to the offense for a year or two, then let the Pack try to plug in free agents/questionable draftees, waiver wire graduates and Canadian league candidates for, say, the next ten years or so. That way we can bring back the old "Forrest Gregg Era" in style.