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  1. LIONS @ Bears

    I'm starting Detroit D in a league.
  2. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Agree. Lelie had two good games against SD last year (4 for 67 and a touch and 4 for 105). I'd start him.
  3. GB Players Loyalties

    I haven't heard any such thing, and I doubt that we would. Even if we did, it's way too difficult to try to quantify in terms of fantasy. As was stated, the defense played surprsingly well. I think they're worth a shot at home this week.
  4. Shut up M Irvin

    Local media certainly doesn't think so. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel listed a number of contract options yesterday and that wasn't one of them. My guess is that Walker plays in 2006 and then opts for FA.
  5. what's up with Ferguson?

    Ferguson has always had the talent physically...that's why we took him in the second. Problem is, he's not smart enought to be a starter. Great on coverage a gunner, not enough stuff as a regular. I wouldn't count on him...
  6. Walker tears ACL

    Ugh. This day just keeps getting better.
  7. Javon Walker's Injury

    Nothing obvious on the play, seemed to be grabbing the outside of his leg below the knee. No one will know anything until tomorrow.
  8. Black and Blue Division

    Over/under on the division champ: 7 games
  9. GB-Det thread

    Barely passing as football right now.
  10. Culpepper fumbles

    Nope. Always time for one more.
  11. Ramsey Just got his head taken OFF

    In all fairness, he only called him that four times.
  12. Ramsey Just got his head taken OFF

    Yeah, that was CLEARLY a penalty...that had to hurt...
  13. It's time for a Pack/Vikes sigline bet

    A tie voids the bet.
  14. Not that I or you care

    Chris Mortenson just reported the opposite. CBS has proven to be, shall we say, "unreliable" in the past. Don't think it will be a big deal either way...