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  1. Crowell wipes butt with football

    Ball is brown. Cleveland fans wear brown. Team is the 'browns'. How is rubbing brown manure on the ball a problem here?
  2. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    So you're a slinger? User name checks out.
  3. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    It took an escalation from my brother-in-law (a Cricket exec) to the office of the president of AT&T, but I just received a call back and DTV will honor the second year of the deal for switching to AT&T wireless (Sunday Ticket Max Free this year) and I got $30 off per month on top of that for the next 12 months for my trouble. It's good to have family in high places!
  4. Jets / Lions

    Need a little garbage time out of Mr. Jones here.
  5. Jets / Lions

  6. Jets / Lions

    They are absolutely horrible.
  7. MNF - What do you need?

    DIdn't see this started yet, so I figured I'd go for it. Looking at losses in two leagues, but Marvin Jones can save me in a third with 16 pts in a .5 ppr format. How about you guys?
  8. Week 1 conclusions

    Love it!
  9. Week 1 conclusions

    ƌPrescott can't hit a barn from 20 yards. Linehan, Marinelli, and Garrett are straight up incompetent. Jones is a senile old coot. The entire organization is an embarrassment. Just awful. I hope these fools get blown out every week. Time to clean house.
  10. Week 1 conclusions

    Dallas will not win seven games.
  11. I probably shouldn't pull a shotgun on a 7-11 clerk for a slurpee, so you got me there. But, as you can see, I'm wearing a bag on my head. I'd probably get away with it.
  12. I said yes he can do that on both. I can also walk into a 7-11 with a shotgun and get myself a free slurpee. Theoretically.
  13. Falcons / Eagles

    I totally love the amount of laundry being thrown's about time the zebras asserted themselves. So many years wasted watching them lurk in the shadows. It's really time Vegas opened an over/under on the number of penalties accepted, not to mention penalties accepted vs each team. THAT's where the real truth is at in the NFL.
  14. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    I went with SAQUON THIS!
  15. Which players are on all your teams?

    Ravens D in all three