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  1. Reset Password?

    Finally saw a reset mail today. Funny how we all go straight to torches and pitchforks.
  2. Reset Password?

    Nope, tried resetting and looking several times.
  3. Reset Password?

    Go to It's free and has the same content. Fantasyindex for your draft needs. Fifteen bucks for six weeks of solid preseason content. Kept that in my back pocket for many years. Since this site has become a subject of USATODAY, I don't feel bad about sharing. I won't even look for my PW reset.
  4. Reset Password?

    So far it didn't work for me. I never got the email.
  5. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    With the constant threat of CTE, and rapidly improving AI + CGI (or robotics perhaps?), we could be closer to that than you think. Full blown holograms competing, the owner with the strongest IT wins.
  6. Garrett is Zimmer's B!tch

    I agree with this 100%.
  7. Garrett is Zimmer's B!tch

    Zimmer schooled Garrett. He knew what to do and it worked. Garrett is a fool.
  8. Garrett is Zimmer's B!tch

    The clapping carrot needs to go. Now.
  9. Cowboys vs Giants (MNF)

    I'm feline like it's more of a catastrophe for the Giants.
  10. Week 9 Gameday Thread

  11. Week 9 Gameday Thread

    I devastated one opponent with the Wilson/Lockett connection yesterday! He's done and I have Zeke and Saquon going tonight to add insult to injury.
  12. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    Lockett owner in two leagues here, coupled with Wilson in one. I actually had Gordon and dropped him. Found him on the WW this morning in both leagues and scooped him up. What the heck, right? Not too worried that he will put a dent into Lockett's numbers, but there might be some impact on Metcalf. Once Gordon gets going, though, it will be a tough call to decide where I can start him. Likely, he'll be bench depth for me at this point. One of my team core lineups would almost be 50/50 Hawks and Boys if I start him, e.g.: Prescott Elliott Henry Gordon Gallup Lockett Witten Lambo SF Week 10 doesn't look optimal (Opponents are SF and MN). In fact most matchups through week 15 aren't walks in the park. If I can survive until Championship week, though, oh my... (ARI @ SEA and DAL @ PHI)
  13. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    Being forced to watch Denver games is one of the top reasons I invest in the ticket!
  14. Kamara is NOT expected to play

    Oh yeah! That trade may have saved my season!
  15. Kamara is NOT expected to play

    Indeed. I traded Stafford for him back in Week 1. That move paid off. Need him to go big today!