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  1. Jameis Winston underwent LASIK surgery

    You are living inside a hollow ball. Your ancestors created. To take you to a new planet.
  2. Kareem Hunt speeding with Weed

    Or at least the water
  3. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    I just took care of my deadbeat ass. Wait...that didn't sound quite right...
  4. ESPN could replace Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore on MNF

    OMG that would be awesome
  5. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    In for both...thanks!
  6. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Don't worry. Jerry has an app for that.
  7. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    You missed my post elsewhere. I'm definitely optimistic about this hire (or maybe you did and think I'm not a fan ).
  8. SMACKBOWL Week 1 Standings (revised) and DONE.
  9. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Well I like the hire. We will see how it goes.
  10. Garrett done

    Dear Penthouse Forum....
  11. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    In and PP sent. Thanks for running this!
  12. Hi Irish, finally taking a breather here. Do you have the link for the contest?  I'll make a donation :) 

    1. CowboysDiehard


      NVM....haxxed from last year's link.  Will PP ya soon.


    2. irish


      Awesome!  Good deal.

  13. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    Crazy, huh?
  14. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    In two weeks. Which is stupid. But Jerry is stupid and doesn't give a damn about anything but making money. Winning is the last thing on his mind.
  15. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    It would appear that Jones' cabana boy actually does have incriminating pictures of some sort. Sad. What a joke this franchise is.