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  1. Tofu time for Fat Eddy!
  2. He'll probably get his revenge on Dallas during whatever round the Packers face them in, so there's that.
  3. I'd prefer Houston as well. I'm looking every year for a reason to root for them again since the Oilers left. The going hasn't been easy.
  4. That's in the October timeframe IIRC. Tony will be wearing a sling by then. We should be safe.
  5. I won the day back on January 26th! Already dictated it into my memoirs!
  6. Not a Falcon's homer, obviously, but I completely agree.
  7. No, it's Roger Staubach. Now this thread. It's over.
  8. Don't know if it's an 'epic' rant, but I agree with him. I had ATL on the ML and was standing at the Beer Park in Vegas wondering the same thing. Fortunately the coin toss, a bet there would be a 2-pt conversion, and two bets on the over (one at 59 and a last minute one at 56.5) left me a net winner on the day. The Atlanta coaches must be absolutely sick over this. Good thing they got rid of their OC right after the game, amirite?
  9. Don't worry, I forgive you. For a minute there I was po'd that Dallas was the only team to lose at home. Kinda relieved to know that the former Dallas franchise also neglected to defend the castle.
  10. Ah yes, I forgot the vig!
  11. PP sent. Totally screwy that PP will let you send to Draftkings, etc... but light you up if 'pool' or 'fantasy football' gets mentioned.
  12. "The 2017 playoffs are going down as the greatest proof that homefield matters - all but one of the 10 games so far has gone to the home team and the Cowboys lost literally on the final play of the game." ...but the Chiefs also lost at home to the Steelers.
  13. Yeah, but, it's the NINERS, man!
  14. I just feel bad for the guy...sent from the penthouse to the outhouse. But not too bad, he's getting paid.
  15. I paid him double last year, so I promise not to judge!