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  1. Streaming defenses

  2. Up in Smoke

    That'll stick in the old craw! Not quite sure, though, which one I would have swapped out.
  3. effing Browns

    We're easily amused. That's what keeps us here.
  4. effing Browns

    Interesting. The Browns seem to get publicly owned every week!
  5. Wentz Injury

    ....while Charlotte McKinney brings me another beer. A fella can dream, right?
  6. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    In one game, 52 pts from Kenny Stills in a non-PPR and I'm golden! In the other, I'm down 50, done, and he still has Cooks and Pats D going. Playoffs effectively over at this point.
  7. Up in Smoke

    Ouch....who did he start instead?
  8. Up in Smoke

    Ugh. I got utterly destroyed in both my playoff games. The only thing left to watch at this point is the Cowboys. At least there's a thread of hope there...technically speaking, anyway.
  9. Up in Smoke

    ...and you got the Shaft
  10. Up in Smoke

    He's got the gold mine...
  11. effing Browns

    I'm surprised they still wear white pants. If I'm buying Christmas gifts for the team, I'm going with brown bedsheets.
  12. Up in Smoke

    Ha ha well, two of them from Adams.
  13. Up in Smoke

    Well, the real punishment was that I started Garrapolo over Prescott. I did get a token TD from Adams, however.
  14. It's Playoff Time!!!!

  15. is it Tion time?

    I picked him up but started Perine instead. Not going to matter, I'm getting dusted.