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  1. Milk carton time

    Both of my opponents were on the carton today!
  2. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

  3. Al-a-mo has been the active cat.
  4. What Site do you use?

    Looks like Rosterwatch leverages Fantasypros.
  5. I'm in the same boat. Traded DJ for Ingram, and now Olsen is out for the year. Combine the fact that I'm winless in that league (he will be my keeper next year), and the Cowboys schedule is so tough this year, I'm glad this will come to a head this year instead of next. I fully expect the suspension to be upheld. Let's get it over with, and if he is suspended, the Cowboys can go into the tank and get a premium draft choice next year (and maybe a new coach?). I'm OK with it.
  6. What Site do you use?

    I use the huddle and fantasypros, and I'm also 0-2 in all my leagues. I perennially suck at FF. Fantasypros has one neat feature the huddle lacks, which is you can import your rosters into their site, as well as use their app on other webpages, like thehuddle, to get online updates/news on players and even see if a player is available to add to your roster. When WW asked this spring 'what can the huddle do to be better', that was my main suggestion. I don't use the 'myhuddle' features because I don't want to spend time plugging players into the interface manually.
  7. Derrick Henry

    I own Henry and Murray in one league and will start Henry there. In the other league where I do not own Murray, I'm pretty sure I'll start him and JStew over the likes of Carson, Duke Johnson, and Tevin Coleman. I'm winless in all my leagues so far. Caveat emptor.
  8. Start Wilson or Wentz

    Wilson cannot be trusted with his dogpile of an o-line. Wentz is tossing it left and right as the iggles have no rushing attack. Go with Wentz IMO.
  9. Maclin vs. Amendola

    .5 PPR, standard yardage/rec. TD scoring. They seem about matched to me....Maclin has a lower ceiling but will make it through the game. Amendola could go points or on a cart...what do you guys think?
  10. Devante Parker projection

    We just check the huddle, shake the magic 8-ball, and click submit.
  11. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    We both came up short! ...also, I left the CHARGERS out...ha ha
  12. TNF

    Ha ha but for that missed XP they would have gone over on their own. The other funny thing is that i'm in a point spread pick'em pool. Changed my pick from SF to LA at the last minute (LA -3). Holy back door cover Batman! Glad I didn't bet that one outside of the pick'em, I'd be PISSED.
  13. TNF

    Tough urge to fight. Especially when you suspect you're in for a typical TNF suckfest. Next week has some potential with the Pack and the Bears, though, lots of natural starters in that one.
  14. TNF

    Good question...I sat him, thankfully. Yeah...he's out there.