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  1. OBJ to Browns

    Can't wait to see Mayfield and Beckham throwing helmets at each other on the sideline, it's gonna be epic!
  2. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    You KNOW what's in the water out here!
  3. Jason Witten is back kettle.
  4. Jason Witten is back

  5. Jason Witten is back

    Point is, he's back and will provide some stability and leadership to the younger players on the team. Plus, I can un-retire my Jason Witten socks!
  6. Jason Witten is back

  7. Robert Kraft busted!

    There is speculation that Kraft might get off....again. Partially because the deed was done with the 58YO and 45YO operators. WTF.
  8. Randy Gregory suspended indefinitely

    Good ol' Rodney. I still watch him on youtube from time to time. "At my age, it's like playing pool with a rope"
  9. Robert Kraft busted!

    ...and he'll be back in Miami to flog the dolphins again this year
  10. What is Holt worth?

    Keep Holt. At this point, I'd rather have him or owens on my roster than any RB. Seems like this year RBs aren't putting in the big numbers. WRs seem to go off more often at this piont, and guys who are mainstays of their offense, like Holt, are the ones you want to hang on to. Don't Do it man!!!
  11. Working the WW...

    Yeah, reckon that's true. Curtis is the odd man out, but he has some upside. Bryant is hit or miss and as Edwards seems to be coming on, he may slip a bit.
  12. Clark or Heiden

    Dallas Clark, I'd be all over him!! Colts sked is about to get LOADS easier! Here's my link...
  13. Collins just dropped!

    Kinda makes you consider TE Courtney Anderson as a more prominent player. I'm not sure of the WR dept on that team.
  14. Working the WW...

    And you're talking to the KING of spontaneous moves. I dropped Housh this week right before the deadline to grab Driver, who someone else just dropped. So I'm one of the fools that didn't play him last week, but still came up aces. So I jumped back in and dropped Bryant in order to pick Housh back up when the WW turned back on tonight. Now, I'm having spontaneous mover's remorse. So, the cat's out of the bag!
  15. Working the WW...

    Yeah, he's healthy, but I wonder about the guy throwing the ball to him! I remember Aikman's first year. It was U-G-L-Y, as it is for most first year QBs...