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  1. Investing in the stock market...

    Hmmm....let me guess.... 1) Charmin 2) Smith and Wesson 3) Jack Daniels 4) Coffins
  2. Drew Brees

    Exactly. Also, it's a good time not to have a social media account at all.
  3. Andy Dalton signs with the Cowboys

    Just when I thought my pants couldn't be tighter!
  4. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    Excitement...and more holes than sex island!
  5. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    YEAH BABY!!!
  6. Gronk to the Bucs

    Are Camille and Giselle hanging by the pool?
  7. Who Would You Like Your Team To Draft?

    The Cowboys have enough needs that 'best player available' really applies to them, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. SS, CB, Edge Rusher...any are needed. There are a few one year fillers on board this season, but I don't see any of them being a long-term fix.
  8. The Mitch Rule

    You Haskin me?
  9. The Mitch Rule

  10. Mock draft, anyone?

    I just caught this....count me in for the Cowboys if available and the RAIDAHS!!!! I'm sure they're available :chucky:
  11. So what new thing are you doing?

    My folks used to have BOXES of those things back in the 70s. Kept them in an old trailer, I remember going through them all as a kid. They sold them at gas stations and stores in small towns in Central Texas. Long gone now.
  12. So what new thing are you doing?

    Duuuude! The ones with the aluminum badges?
  13. Jameis Winston underwent LASIK surgery

    You are living inside a hollow ball. Your ancestors created. To take you to a new planet.
  14. Kareem Hunt speeding with Weed

    Or at least the water
  15. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    I just took care of my deadbeat ass. Wait...that didn't sound quite right...