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  1. Is there a weekly prize for high score?
  2. Every time someone tweets something stupid, I'm reminded of this old beavis and butt-head piece (relevant quote about 35 seconds in...)
  3. It's all about the o-line. Did the Rams do anything to improve theirs?
  4. Carrie Underwood saved it until marriage (if you believe her). Other than that, yeah. You pretty much nailed it. Pun intended.
  5. I participated in a couple of auction baseball leagues in the past (and ran one), but never football. I enjoyed the process. It was good to know that, for a price, any player could be yours. We had blind auctions for free agents in those leagues as well, with money put toward free agents going to the overall pot. I scrapped that approach after a couple of years. Owners threw good money after bad and then it was difficult to round up everything at the end of the year. I no longer participate in fantasy baseball, however, too time-intensive. Baseball is a bit more stable than football, though. A guy like AP in his prime dominated the RB position. If you shelled out for him, and he was injured, the rest of your team might necessarily be so weak (due to lack of funds), that you couldn't recover.
  6. I'm not confident that, at 32, Peterson can stay on the field even with a reduced workload. I wouldn't reach for Ingram, but I would take him before Peterson. Kamara is worth keeping an eye on, but do you think that Payton would trust Brees' protection to a rookie on passing downs? That might tell the story by the time we're drafting.
  7. Madagascar? SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING.
  8. They should change their name from the Jets to the Tanks this year, with a pic of a flaming Sherman on their helmets
  9. It's the universal 'time to crack one open' reminder on Monday night!
  10. Here's a breakdown of the celebration rule changes...the Key and Peele video is hilarious. That celebration would easily be worth the 15 yards.
  11. I like the move. The more knuckleheads in Philly, the better!
  12. Info...
  13. Gooooooood
  14. LOL...he was on my radar for sure, but I wisely steered clear by the time the drafting started.