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  1. Sam Bradford expected to sign with Cardinals

    Agree. He is a capable backup. Someone to rely on? Nope
  2. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    Do I have to agree with you again? Yeah.. I do. Solid work by the Jags.
  3. Bridgewater to the Jets

    On the same page as you. Not sure what folks see in this guy.
  4. Free Agent Thread

    Cowboys will continue to do what they do...rot in cap prison. No need to pay attention until the draft. Even then, it's a first round plate of Soft Taco.
  5. Cleveland trades Danny Shelton to Patriots

    Never heard of the guy
  6. Ever since my son capped off his senior year of HS last year by driving for Pizza Hut, and we packed him and his twin sister off to college, I've happily avoided having any of the industrial pies mentioned in this thread enter my home.
  7. Superbowl 52 Chat

    Glad he didn't. That kick won me 250. Also I was heavy on the Eagles. There will be a new driver and pistol in my future. Aw hell yeah!
  8. Congrats to the Eagles

    Foles was one cool customer. Wow.
  9. Superbowl 52 Chat

    That won me a prop. Would have been a sweet triple dip had it worked out.
  10. Betting Thread - What You Got?

    That shiz is looking good! Like the way Pederson is keeping the petal to the metal.
  11. Betting Thread - What You Got?

    Brother in law is in Vegas and with his help I dropped dough on the following....Eagles (+4.5), Over 48, and the Iggles ML (+165). Also on a 2 pt conversion attempt and making more dough if it's successful. What do you guys have?
  12. People actually believe this

    I didn't get past the title...just trolololololing....
  13. People actually believe this

  14. Superbowl Proposition Bets

    Thanks man...that reminded me to check my BETUS account...had a free bet there. Went against my Vegas money and took the Cheatriots. Can't lose!
  15. Betting Thread - What You Got?

  16. Are You Eagles Fans Look Forward to the Superbowl?

    Well, I could come here and complain about my wife and kids...
  17. Are You Eagles Fans Look Forward to the Superbowl?

    We never win...that's the problem!
  18. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Hey, that's my line!
  19. Alex Smith

    Do they make any other kind?
  20. XFL 2.0

    Sounds legit. Any openings?
  21. Are You Eagles Fans Look Forward to the Superbowl?

    yes...and you SHOULD be embarrased! Even Michael Irvin agrees.
  22. XFL 2.0

    How did you compile the stats?
  23. Are You Eagles Fans Look Forward to the Superbowl?

    I'm with you here. If we cannot have a huge sinkhole open up under these two teams, then I have to swallow my bile and root for Philly. I'd prefer the sinkhole.
  24. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Sent you 40 just now from 'darthvegas'