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  1. IND-DAL

    True. They're not going anywhere. Unfortunately we'll be stuck with Jason and Dak for another few years. Blech.
  2. IND-DAL

    Good grief. We got (the really bad word)ing blasted by the colts and the zebras.
  3. IND-DAL

    Probably one of the more one sided officiating efforts I've witnessed. That said, the Cowboys should have kicked field goals on a few occasions. Knowing that they will be flagged on fourth down if they convert should figure into their calculus...or in Garret's case...algebra.
  4. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    Are you saying Flip flopped? ....sorry, I'll show myself out.
  5. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    After what happened to their last two QBs, I'd say the Redskins are doing him a favor.
  6. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Belicheat's fingerprints are all over this. Mark my words.
  7. Kareem Hunt Altercation

  8. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Dude...the leagues I'm in...the huddle's 'free agent suggestions' are last month's news. I have to chuckle when I see the list each week. Even the 'on the radar' guys are mostly gone. ...and of course, I'm 6-6, desperate for a win in one, and my opponent has Ware (he was NOT a hunt owner). WTF.
  9. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Ware has been owned all year by the sharks in my two money leagues. I went a head and grabbed Williams in one, what the hell.
  10. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Better be at least six.
  11. Kareem Hunt Altercation

  13. MNF game thread

    How bout them cowboys!! Ok I'm going to bed.
  14. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    Stop making sense, man. This is the internet!
  15. Experienced the best fantasy football moment of my life tonight

    Read the submitter's handle and had a whole different idea about what I might find here...
  16. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    Feeling better now?
  17. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    Just need a little bit from Coutee, or very little from D. Lewis.
  18. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    Just in time to save our lame-ass coaches jobs.
  19. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    Coming out of nowhere! And how bout them Donkeys today!
  20. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    I never play for wins. That keeps me out of dilemmas like this.
  21. Gus Edwards

    Let's hope this is true because it looks like Collins is going to go today.
  22. Week 12 Milk Carton - Thanksgiving Edition

    Michael Thomas. Ugh.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving, Huddlers!

    Taking ya'll up on all that! Wish you the best!
  24. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    I believe it's 'thumb's down' on Graham at this point.
  25. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    I'm SORRY Wilson!