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  1. Gronk possible trade?

    For the right price, I will unleash my bot army to lend as much credibility as he needs! ...well, my bot army of one, that is.
  2. RIP Dwight Clark

    I wish his fingers were just a little shorter... By all accounts, a great guy. Tough way to go.
  3. Jason Witten to retire?

    No way Romo is ahead of Aikman. Aikman was all business when it came to his job. Romo definitely lacked Aikman's drive and professionalism. Remember the little trip to Cabo with Jessica Simpson during the playoffs in 2008? Not that I blame him, mind you....but still, man, there's plenty of time for those shenanigans after the season.
  4. Jason Witten to retire?

    My opinion on that play is that there were still about two minutes remaining (maybe a little more?), and Dallas hadn't stopped Rodgers all second half. Their defense was gassed, and as we've seen in two games since, Rodgers would have had no trouble slicing them up one more time.
  5. Jason Witten to retire?

    Witten, definitely. Romo at best #3 behind Staubach and Aikman. I'm not sure I would put Romo much above Danny White. Fair or not from a statistical standpoint, playoff wins and Super Bowls bear consideration when you're talking about NFL QBs.
  6. Redraft Playoffs: Manually Reseed Or Just Abide By The System?

    Where's the fun in that?
  7. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    As a Zeke owner in two leagues...I hope he misspoke!
  8. Jason Witten to retire?

    I do like this guy. Lanky, basketball background. He's got to stay healthy, though. Also, I think Schultz might get more playing time than you might think because he's a dual threat to block and catch.
  9. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    I like it too. And it freed up Switzer to allow us to get a DT. We're going to wage Jihad on the NFC!
  10. Jason Witten to retire?

    Yeah, man. He should have told us yesterday before we drafted an LB!
  11. The 2018 NFL Draft

    What's not to like about that! Soon enough, it'll be bombs away in Vegas!
  12. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Like it. Solid choice.
  13. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Yeah, that was a curious move. I guess time will tell on that one.
  14. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Well well well!
  15. The 2018 NFL Draft

    I think I just went 0-12 in the Huddle Draft Contest. WURD.
  16. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Yep good point
  17. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Another perfect fit, Cards did well.
  18. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Let's play golf at the Russian. My treat.
  19. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Sometimes? I guess it doesn't suck once every two years....
  20. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Great pick for Buffalo. I regularly golf fifty miles from where J Allen plays. If you can throw in Wyoming, you can handle it in Buffalo.
  21. Roger Goodell will have human boo shields Thursday night

    There's one. Good for the kid. Dirty dirty pool by Goodell. Touche, Roger, touche.
  22. The 2018 NFL Draft

    They're already up to "Hold my tequila...I (hic) got thiss"
  23. Roger Goodell will have human boo shields Thursday night

  24. The 2018 NFL Draft

    On a better note, listening to the Dallas faithful booing Goodell every time he walks up rocks. Wish I bought more beer, gonna be a long and festive night!
  25. The 2018 NFL Draft