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  1. Moron.... I am thinking of benching A Gates for J Porter this week. Can anyone give me some advice on what they would do. I have Harrison and Owens at that position but picking the 3rd wr is important because my RB suck.
  2. Password input?

    Blitz this happens to me all the time. What I have to do is reenter my username too and the password then it will let me in. Put I am also having problems with getting this password thing to come up alot. Came in here to ask about it. Nice to know I am not the only one having the problem
  3. How does this feature work?

    Yeah I just noticed that. Cool now i know thanks. [ 07-01-2001: Message edited by: Huzz ]
  4. Member rated

    I think it is for rating someone after they answer a question to your post. 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. Just so others can see how they feel this persons advice has been grated. For my vast knowledge and help I think you should give me a 5, forget that part about me giveing you a 1, I was only joking
  5. Member rated

    I am not sure but for you stupid question I gave you a rating of 1 But I am not one bit sorry for doing it
  6. Flood Control

    Flood control BLOWS? How will I increase my Average Posts per minute when I am obviously controled to 1 per?
  7. How does this feature work?

    well what happened already, don't keep me waiting
  8. Sending a private message? Does it come to an email address or what? Or does it say private to Huzz only and I would be the only one that could view it?
  9. How about those rich punk ass kids who jumped straight from High School to the NBA?